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Daň z finančných transakcií a jej uplatnenie v Českej republike
Forróová, Eliška
Forróová, E. Financial transaction tax and its application in the Czech Republic. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2023. This thesis deals with the tax on financial transactions and its possible application in the Czech Republic. The work discusses the international experience of countries with tax on financial transactions, namely Great Britain, France and Italy. For individual countries, tax structures in these countries, their tax revenues and also the effects on the economy and mainly financial markets caused by the introduction of the tax were analyzed. On the basis of these experiences, a tax proposal was created, which could eventually be introduced in the Czech Republic, and then the revenues from this tax were estimated directly for the Czech Republic. Based on the analysis of international experience and also the estimated revenues, which were relatively low, the author ultimately did not recommend introducing such a tax in the Czech Republic.
Disinformation in France: A Strategy of Information Warfare in the Digital Age
Bourdas, Annabelle Marie Amelie ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Scotto, Thomas (referee)
Political elections are a fertile ground for disinformation campaigns to prosper as have shown studies on Brexit and the 2016 US elections. The 2022 presidential French elections took place in a particular setting due to the social and political context marked by the rise of far-right parties and movements as well as the succession of crises such as the 2015 terrorist attacks, 2018 yellow vests movement, the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. This context and the health crisis in particular have given a new lease of life to far-right movements. Indeed, they spread disinformation, mainly on social media, on the pandemic and fuelled anti-system feelings to advance their agenda. In this context, the far-right political candidate to the 2022 elections, Éric Zemmour, a famous polemicist, thrived and managed to impose himself in the national political landscape. He did so notably by using discursive practices and his media presence. As a result, there has been a banalisation of far-right rhetoric and conspiracy theories in society. This has two major consequences: first, the undermining of democratic and electoral processes and second, the risk of a resurgence of domestic terrorism. Therefore, disinformation is a threat for democracies as they exacerbate social tensions and divisions which can...
France's Influence on Its Former Colonies: A Case Study of Morocco and Algeria
Celerová, Adéla ; Kučerová, Irah (advisor) ; Plechanovová, Běla (referee)
This diploma thesis examines the topic of France's influence on its former colonies. Using the example of Algeria and Morocco, analyzes what influence France has on its former colonies at the present time, whether the influence persists, and whether this relationship can be characterized as a form of neocolonialism. Using the analysis of the relationship of the two selected countries with France, and the subsequent analysis of cooperation in four selected areas, the work examines and compares whether the possible influence of the former colonizer on the selected countries is the same, or whether it is different (eventually what are the reasons for the asymmetry of the ongoing relations in favor of one of the countries). The work is based on the theories of realism, which considers power to be the core of international relations, and in this case it is not hard power, but rather soft power. Other main important theories are colonialism and neocolonialism, as the countries were long time under French colonial rule, as well as orientalism or dependency theory, which also deals with the topic of influence. Based on the analysis of relations in the fields of foreign policy, economic cooperation and security cooperation, the influence of France on the two former colonies is compared in the theoretical...
Augustus - Napoleon - Mussolini - Hitler
Porsch, Michal ; Kepartová, Jana (advisor) ; Foltýn, Dušan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to acquaint the reader with historical parallels between the reigns of princeps Augustus, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. The thesis is also focused on the propaganda and self-presentation of these politicians and on the inspiration of the Roman state in modern history. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to the lives of all the mentioned personalities, their rise to power and to the main political acts and procedures they used during their reigns. The cultural development of states under the reigns of these politicians is also mentioned here. An important element that is present throughout the work is Augustus's reference to later political and cultural history, on which princeps' reign had a significant influence. Subsequently, based on the studied sources and literature, the thesis includes the comparation of individual reigns, looks for similarities and differences, evaluates whether it is a conscious use of August's political acts. The main objective of this thesis is to present whether August's legacy was used intentionally in later history and his political practices become inspiration for future generations, or whether it is more of a coincidence. This work also traces the ways in which Augustus' personality and rule were reflected...
Chancen und Herausforderungen einer deutsch-französischen Kooperation im Kulturbereich
KLUTHE, Lena Theresa
This Master's thesis focuses on challenges and opportunities of a Franco-German cross-border cooperation in the cultural sector. Therefore, this thesis proposes to take a closer look at the Franco-German festival of performing arts PERSPECTIVES, which is organised within the Greater Region and has existed for a comparatively long time. With the help of semi-structured interviews, the thesis aims to answer the following questions: How successfully does the cross-border cooperation work? Which aspects have already developed a successful mode of operation? Where is still need for action? Which challenges are cross-border cooperations in the cultural sector facing?
Mass protests in Romania and France: a comparison of contemporary anti-establishment movements
Boudová, Kristina ; Bauer, Paul (advisor) ; Matějka, Ondřej (referee)
Mass protests in Romania and France: a comparison of contemporary anti-establishment movements Author: Kristina Boudová Abstract This thesis examines the divergence and convergence of two populist social movements: The Yellow Vests in France and #rezist in Romania, both of which emerged in response to political and economic grievances. The movements converge in their critique of elites, corruption, and social inequality while defining said elites differently. Through a comparative analysis of the movements' origins, goals, strategies, and outcomes, this research identified similarities and differences between the two movements in terms of their populist features. The findings shed light on the complex nature of populism as a political phenomenon that can take different forms in different regions and contexts.
Presidency of a Big and Small State: the French and Czech Presidencies of the Council of the European Union in 2022 on the Example of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
Šedinová, Anna ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
This master thesis compares the presidencies of a big state (France) and a small state (the Czech Republic) in the Council of the European Union in 2022, using the negotiation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive as an example. It describes the differences and similarities in the negotiations of the two presidencies at the level of the Energy Working Group. The thesis verifies whether the influence of the size of the state on the following five parameters of the presidency was visible during the presidency: overall objectives, expertise and personnel, strategic, communication, cooperation and legislative. It is a case study of two presidencies of the Council of the European Union and their comparison. A qualitative method was used, namely semi-structured interviews with actors from both presidencies. These were analysed and then the individual parameters were compared. The research found that to a large extent the presidencies were similar in their functioning and work, but differences were also found. France, as a big state, had a greater expert capacity and a more time-consuming administrative burden in terms of the need to consult headquarters. Therefore, it was not as flexible and reactive in its communication; the presidency could be classified as a capital-based model. The Czech...
France in the Arctic
Domkář, Michal ; Romancov, Michael (advisor) ; Perottino, Michel (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the modern French Arctic policy and its gradual evolution. A crucial prerequisite is the transformation of the Arctic narrative, that is how the region is generally seen. While it had been previously understood as a place for international cooperation, global warming has dramatically changed the region. Thus, both the key points of the Arctic debate and its participants and the overall narrative have changed. The goal of this thesis is to find out whether France reflects this change of the narrative and if so, how. France has shown interest in the region for a long time and its long-lasting presence makes it an important actor. The research has been done through the analysis of relevant government documents and proclamations which demonstrate the official country's approach the best. The resulting findings confirmed the transformation of Arctic policy, which changes its main proclaimed interest over time. The emphasis is no longer on scientific activity as it once was. Although it is increasingly incorporating security and the strategic importance of the region into its approach, given the recency of the phenomenon, it cannot yet be said with certainty that this will become the central focus of future policy, although the trend described suggests that it will.

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