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Communist History in the Czech National Historical Narrative --- A Case Study of Czech Secondary Education History Textbook
Qian, Nana ; Klípa, Ondřej (advisor) ; Matějka, Ondřej (referee)
Nana Qian Abstract After the collapse of the communist rule, how to collectively-memorize and narrate its Communist past in the contemporary context has been an urgent and critical mission for the Czech Republic. Interpretations and portrayals of the communist state have experienced a fluctuating path, from complete rejection to indifference and empathy. An examination of the re-interpretation of the Czech communist history to its younger generation could be an effective approach for a clearer and overall understanding of Czech communist history narration. Meanwhile, history textbooks are, to a great extent, representations of the authoritative narrative. Therefore, while drawing on the rich literature on both the studies of historical narrative and especially Czech communist history, the interpretation of Czech communist history narration in this research is focused on the close examination of a Czech secondary education textbook. This thesis argues that in addition to stating and explaining the general historical facts, the textbook utilizes emotionally descriptive expressions, selective depiction, and an indictive comparison to highlight a narrative of discontent and distrust towards the communist regime and the Soviet oppression while endorsing democratic values and the market economy of the West.
Conceptual History of the term Anthropocene
Bezkočka, Leoš ; Matějka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Bauer, Paul (referee)
The word Anthropocene has been used in academia in many cases in the last decade. Geologists and stratigraphers believe that man's influence intervents so much with nature that they propose to call by the term a whole new geological era. This would have far-reaching consequences for (social) science in terms of interdisciplinarity. Due to the topicality of the theme, the diploma thesis aims to monitor the intersection of the term Anthropocene using the conceptual theory of Reinhart Koselleck, and thus find out whether and how the word spreads to public sphere. The first theoretical part presents the sources, maps the reflection of the term in the literature of social sciences and puts the work into a theoretical and methodological framework from the perspective of the history of concepts. It introduces Koselleck's theory of transition phases and explanes its application to the research field using modified criteria. The methodological character of the work is a comparative case study, heuristically grasped by content (textual) analysis of a media text. The second practical part observes texts from two selected databases (Czech and British) and presents the results in order to find out the meanings the contexts around the term Anthropocene. The last part compares both geographical areas and...
Impact of the "Civic Integration Abroad" Act on Dutch Immigration
Novotná, Adéla Anna ; Lukešová, Anna (advisor) ; Matějka, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelors thesis Impact of the "Civic Integration Abroad" Act on Dutch Immigration is dedicated to the Netherlands and its integration laws. The Netherlands has gone through a big change since the year 1998 and it has completely revised its approach to immigration and integration of incomers. It has stopped adhering to the multicultural approach and has gone in an entirely new direction, which supports a civic integration. This work is particularly focused on the law of Civic Integration Abroad, which was introduced in 2006 as a new measure for the integration of immigrants. The main essence of the law is to meet certain conditions and a successful passing of an integration test before arrival to the Netherlands. This law was the first of its kind in Europe and it was intended to restrict the immigration of certain groups of newcomers. For this reason, as an integration law, it also intervenes in Dutch immigration. The first part of the work is dedicated to the immigration to the Netherlands, to Dutch approach to immigrants and to the development of new integration policies until year 2006. The second part deals directly with the act on Civic Integration Abroad and its development. The main part of the work is research, which is based on statistics and its aim is to determine how and to what...

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