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Botany Field Trips
Brabcová, Eliška ; Novotný, Petr (advisor) ; Kroufek, Roman (referee)
This bachelor thesis is devoted to the problem of field education in botany. Based on the available international and Czech literature, the thesis points out the current change in the attitude of the academic and lay public towards botany and the related educational implications. It also presents the dichotomy in the concept of field education - the traditional Czech approach of organizing field trips and the Scandinavian model of uteskole. Furthermore, the thesis questions the benefit of the conventional division of the field trip into stages - preparation, realisation and evaluation - in the context of striving for a more regular and conceptual field education. Within the actual implementation of field education in botany, it discusses selected aspects of nature walks, visits to botanical or school gardens. It bases the value of field-based botany education on the positive results of monitoring the achievement of cognitive and affective learning goals. It also emphasizes its importance in the relationship between the teacher and the group of students. At the same time, the thesis takes a critical look at field-based botany education through the general and individual barriers to its realization. In the context of the contemporary world, it focuses on the implementation of digital technologies in...
Pictograms of plants as support for a visual learning style in teaching botany
Drozdová, Anna ; Slovák, Marek (advisor) ; Poupová, Jana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with pictograms of plants as a possible support for the visual learning style in the teaching of botany. It contains a cross-section of learning style topics and a cross-section of biology teaching topics. In the chapter on learning styles, it focuses on methods of research of visual learning and on pictures and pictograms used for learning. The work assumes that the visual style of learning is the most effective for learning, and that its better integration into biology lessons can raise interest even in less popular thematic units belonging to this subject. In the chapter focused on the teaching of biology, the thesis then focuses on popular and unpopular topics in biology classes, with a special focus on botany and the problems associated with its teaching. The thesis offers a solution to this situation by using plant pictograms in order to increase the popularity of botany, which could be through the application of plant pictograms in the teaching of botany in primary and secondary schools. The final section summarizes and discusses knowledge about the visual style of teaching, the use of pictorial materials, and most importantly, pictograms in streamlining the teaching of botany, supported by arguments from an array of scientific sources proving the usefulness of...
Určování terestrických forem lakušníků (\kur{Ranunculus} sect. \kur{Batrachium})
Ranunculus sect. Batrachium is one of the most intricate groups of aquatic plants. Apart from typical submerged plants, they may grow also terrestrially and determination of the terrestrial forms is very difficult. The aim of this thesis was to establish whether the terrestrial forms of Ranunculus trichophyllus and Ranunculus peltatus differ in their morphology. The species were determined by flow cytometry and the morphological features were measured and analysed.
Medical Herbs in the Czech Republic and their Use Depending on the Contained Active Substances
Casková, Petra ; Soldán, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
This thesis is focused on the use of medicinal herbs from the ancient past, starting with the world's earliest history of medicine, through the earliest evidence of the cultivation and use of medicinal herbs in the Czech lands, to their importance in contemporary pharmacology. The main aim is to create a concise, comprehensive overview of the methods of obtaining medicinal plants, including their collection and cultivation, their processing and subsequent possibilities of use. This thesis also includes ways of protecting plant species on the basis of regulations and laws within the European Union and in the Czech Republic. It also introduces individual species of the most commonly cultivated or collected medicinal plants and contains data on production, export and import within the Czech Republic. A list of substances contained in the drug and their effects on the human organism is also included in this thesis. In the next section, the most used medicinal herbs in the Czech Republic are listed, sorted accoding to their effects. The appendix contains a glossary of the most frequently used technical terms related to this subject. The second part of the appendix contains 33 photographs of selected medicinal plants mentioned in this thesis. The conclusion is dedicated to a summary of current trends in...
Suburban park Bažantnice (Kladno) in Botany and Dendrology Instruction
Veverka, Vojtěch ; Novotný, Petr (advisor) ; Hrouda, Lubomír (referee)
The topic of this thesis is forest park's Bažantnice mapping. The thesis suggests the way of aplication of botanic terrain education. Botany and dendrology is one of the main educations question on elementary and secondary school. Park Bažantnice can be used in science lesson for its hight potential. The thesis i s divided into two parts. The first of them summarizes differents types of the terrain education and focuses on didactic using of the park Bažantnice. The second one deals with the station mapping and describes way of data colecting and adapting. Accompanying pictures and generated maps are included in appendiced at the back of the thesis. Keywords: dendrology, biology, botany, education, park, Bažantnice, Kladno, mapping, herbs, woody plants, terrain education
Botanical (Dendrological) Walks on the Territory of Děčín
Reimerová, Pavla ; Pavlasová, Lenka (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
In this thesis, we are introduced to terrain-style (on-spot) approach to teaching botany and dendrology subjects on high school or high vocational school. The main goal of this thesis was to point out interesting spots in the city of Děčín from the dendrological point of view and design optimal walk routes for them. In the introductory part, the terrain-style approach in teaching is described, including its various types, goals, specifics of preparation phase and possibilities of using mobile applications as a tool for botany and dendrology teaching. We also wrote up about the topic of including terrain-style teaching of botany and dendrology into curricular school documents. In next segment, we described interesting spots in the city of Děčín from the dendrological point of view, such as: Zámecké zahrady (Palace gardens), Mariánská louka (Mariánská meadow) or Lesopark Kvaderberg (Kvaderberg forrest park). Overall, we designed eight walk routes.
Phylogeography of temperate plant species with the focus on Central Europe
Daneck, Hana
Phylogeography of temperate plant species with the focus on Central Europe Hana Daneck Charles University Prague Faculty of Science Department of Botany Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Karol Marhold, CSc. Consultant: Mgr. Tomáš Fér, Ph.D. Praha 2012 Abstract This thesis presents contribution to clarification of postglacial history of temperate plant taxa in Europe with the focus on especially interesting region of Central Europe, for which diverse roles in postglacial plant histories were suggested. The first part of the thesis summarises general phylogeographical views and methodological approaches with the respect to species history after the last ice age in Europe. Further, the most important aspects of phylogeography of European temperate plant taxa are discussed. The second part contains a set of papers dealing with selected European temperate plant species, for which phylogeographical patterns throughout their present distribution area were inferred, including assumptions on the origin of their contemporary Central European populations and comparisons with another previously studied species.

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