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Risks and benefits of vegan diet
Brabcová, Eliška ; Chrpová, Diana (advisor) ; Pánek, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis explores the risks and benefits of a vegan diet. Its main aim is to determine whether vegans have an adequate knowledge of the topic and whether they are actively trying to prevent the risks connected to the diet. One of the author's aims was to obtain data that will serve as a basis for the subsequent development of educational material for their diploma thesis. The theoretical part presents the basic characteristics of a vegan diet and summarizes the current knowledge on the issue of macronutrients and selected micronutrients represented in the diet. It also presents the reader with the current state of knowledge in the use of vegan diets in the prevention of diabetes mellitus, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. The empirical part was carried out using a quantitative questionnaire survey. The results suggest that respondents have insufficient knowledge of the risks and benefits of their diet, despite using validated and evidence-based information sources. The data also shows that although 51 % of the respondents regularly visit their doctor to be assisted with the prevention of the risks connected to their diet, only 15 % of them consulted their diet with a doctor or nutritional therapist beforehand. Supplementation of deficient micronutrients is also unsatisfactory. The...
History of grammar school Chomutov in the years 1945-1948
Brabcová, Eliška ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Randák, Jan (referee)
These thesis deals with the history of the state real grammar school in Chomutov between 1945 to 1948. Specifically, it focuses on reconstruction of the grammar school after the World War II, how the education, situation of students and teachers looked like, what the life of school was outside, if the Fabruary coup had an impact on grammar school Chomutov in 1948. It tries to reveal what all the teachers had to deal with during the renovation of the grammar school and whether it was possible to build on the Czech grammar school, which was in Chomutov before the Munich Agreement; how the settlement of the borderland was reflected in the students - where they came from, what social category they belonged to according to their parents' profession, what can be found out about their teaching and achievement - and grammar school teachers - where they came from and what was their age where they taught before entering Chomutov and other details that can be read from archival materials - and what all these findings say about the state of the grammar school and its surroundings at the time of the study. Key words: Grammar school, education, Chomutov, borderlands, settlement, third republic
Outdoor Mathematics in the context of city Plzeň for pupils 11 - 15 years old
Brabcová, Eliška ; Kaslová, Michaela (advisor) ; Novotná, Jarmila (referee)
The subject of this thesis is outdoor mathematics education for pupils aged 11- 15 in the con- text of the city of Pilsen. The main aim was to design a series of outdoor mathematics activities for lower secondary education students. A reference is made to the space within the Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education for the use of interdisciplinary integration and cross-curricular links, for which outdoor learning can be suitable. The work summarizes the findings on motivation, identifies the specifics of mathematics as a teaching subject and highlights the constructivist principles of teaching in the context of the results of the Czech School Inspectorate's investigation into mathematics.The most important barriers and benefits of outdoor education are summarised here as well as its conception and a few of the readily available sources of inspiration for outdoor mathematics for lower secondary education pupils. The designed activities described in the practical part of the thesis are tailored to specific locations of the city of Pilsen. They refer to the expected outcomes of the Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education and combine the selected mathematical topics into one piece together with the chosen outdoor environ- ment. The thesis highlights the positives of outdoor...
Living on the outskirts of the city
Brabcová, Eliška ; Žalmanová, Petra (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis follows on from the courses “Studio creation AG 032” and “Complex project AG 036”. The main theme of the bachelor's thesis is the design of a residential building on the outskirts of the city Brno. The corner plot is situated on the very edge of the Líšeň district, near to the Mariánské údolí valley. The building is located in the northern part of the plot, in the southern part there is a garden. The main entrance to the plot is from Ondráčkova Street. The entrance to the underground garages is from the side road. A significant element of the building's concept is an exterior staircase. The staircase is used not only as a vertical communication, but also as a design element of the facade. The staircase is situated on the northern facade of the building. Considering cardinal directions, north facing orientation of the staircase is ideal. The floor plan of the building is regular, rectangular in shape. The building is not divided in any way, only in certain places the material is appropriately removed in order to create loggias. Each apartment has its own loggia, except for the “1+KK” (one bedroom apartment with kitchenette) on the 2nd floor. Each apartment on the ground floor has a secured terrace, which is accessible from the living room. It is a four-storey residential building. The upper floors are used for living, there is a total of 6 housing units of various sizes, including one duplex. The basement is used to access the house – collective garage, cellar, utility room and cleaning room.

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