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Droplet-borne infections: knowledge, attitudes and behavior of pupils of the lower secondary school
Kašpárková, Kateřina ; Pavlasová, Lenka (advisor) ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with droplet infections and finds out what knowledge, attitudes and behavior pupils of the lower secondary school have towards them. The theoretical part focuses on educational documents in the Czech Republic, including the occurrence of topics about droplet infections in RVP ZV, didactic game as a teaching method and a detail description of selected viral and bacterial droplet infections. In the practical part, the diploma thesis finds out what knowledge, attitudes and behavior students have about droplet infections. Subsequently, a didactic game is performed and the effectiveness of the didactic game is evaluated by comparing the pre-test and the post-test on the basis of changes in the knowledge, attitudes and declared behavior of the interviewed pupils. The results showed that due to the didactic game there was an improvement in the students knowledge and a desired change of attitudes. The declared behavior of students remained unchanged, as the entry level of students in this area was already at a high level.
Systematic and ecological concept of biology teaching
Matoušová, Pavlína ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the comparison of two selected concepts of science teaching at primary school. The theoretical part of the thesis summarizes the classification of science as an educational field, explains the possible concepts of its teaching and compares the advantages and disadvantages of two selected variants with reference to the fulfilment of educational goals and respect for didactic principles of science teaching. The available materials suitable for teaching, the degree of their use and the comparison of teaching methods depending on the success in scientific testing are also outlined. The practical part of the work brings a comparison of the results of a questionnaire survey between individual groups of ecologically and science-taught pupils. Individual tasks and questions were created on the basis of established hypotheses. The results of the research bring a comparison of the knowledge and skills area, but also the area of students' attitude towards the subject. The established hypothesis was confirmed partially, the attitude section brings in results to the research questions. Students taught ecologically were indeed more successful in the task that led to the connection of knowledge and derivation from the relationships between organisms, but the differetence were not...
The Teacher through Eyes of the Public
Koutníková, Šárka ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (advisor) ; Němečková, Linda (referee)
The diploma thesis "The Teacher through the eyes of the public" is focused on analyzing public opinions and attitudes towards the teacher personality. In further detail, it is focused on a teacher of the sciences, specifically science lessons and biology, and its educated subject. The diploma thesis is divided to two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part describes the relation between the school and society, defines the term Teacher, and maps the teacher career with problems they can meet with during their career. Teachers of natural science/biology are described in their dedicated chapter, where the teachers themselves and their achieved educational background and selected teaching elements are analyzed. The practical part provides a questionnaire survey by method of quantitative research with a total of 144 responders. The collected data is presented in columnar graphs together with its word characterization. A Z-Score test was used in an attempt to prove the hypothesis. The first part of the survey is focused on teacher personalities. The results show that the responders perceive teacher personality as very positive and that professional experience is definitely preferred within the subject. In the second part, the results introduce that the addressed public recognize teaching...
Viruses in Biology Teaching at Upper Secondary School (ISCED 3A)
Blahnová, Anežka ; Pavlasová, Lenka (advisor) ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (referee)
1 Abstract The diploma thesis deals with the educational topic Viruses at a higher level of grammar schools. The theoretical part deals with the inclusion of the topic during school year, analyses available textbooks and other teaching materials, focuses on the theoretical side of the activation methods, and suggests teaching units. In the teaching units it mainly uses activation methods and methods targeting on critical thinking. In the practical part of the proposed teaching unit verifies in teaching, and evaluates their success in terms of the degree of remembering pupils.
Bacterial and viral diseases - project for the lower secondary schools
Krupičková, Markéta ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to create a proposal of a project entitled Viral and bacterial infections which can be used for biology education at upper primary schools or at the corresponding levels of gymnasiums respectively. The demands of the society evolve dynamically. As a consequence, the needs emerge to equip pupils not only with knowledge but also to nurture the development of their practical skills and to shape their sets of values. The project method is an example of an educational method wherein the potential resides to cultivate a broad spectrum of key competencies with a view to enabling pupils to find their subsequent use in the society. In the theoretical part, the history of the project method is presented. Moreover, the various arguments in favour of and against this method are discussed. Furthermore, this part of the thesis contains characterisation of the contemporary educational system as well as the fundamental descriptions of selected viral and bacterial infections. The practical part concerns the achievement of the main goal of this thesis, that is the creation of the project proposal entitled Viral and bacterial infections. The proposed project is shaped in accordance with the requirements of the Framework Educational Programme, bearing in mind the acquisition of the key...
Use of ICT Technologies in the Biology Teaching
Semencová, Barbora ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (advisor) ; Němečková, Linda (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the practical use of information and communication technologies in the educational process, especially in the teaching of biology. It is divided into theoretical, research and creative parts; In the introduction, the theoretical part defines the key concepts related to the issue, further maps the development of educational strategies in the context of ICT, summarizes and points out the possible pros and cons of using digital technologies in the school environment and provides a list of selected ways to use technology practically at school. The research part of the thesis deals with the opinions and attitudes of Czech teachers of natural history or biology at different types of schools in the area of using ICT technologies with a focus on the above mentioned subjects. The research was carried out in the form of a questionnaire survey, which was attended by 168 respondents across the Czech Republic. The creative part is based on the results of the research part of the work and presents the educational program Virtual around the School, which brings together all the materials for teaching a specific topic - systematic plant biology using digital technologies. This program was piloted in November 2019 in cooperation with Petra Strozziho Primary School in Prague.
Using of Natural Park Podyjí in Botanical Education at Basic School
Lengálová, Renata ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to prepare, implement and evaluate an excursion as one of the organization forms of fieldtrips for lower secondary pupils from schools in Znojmo benefiting from the natural site of the National Park Podyjí, in specific the location called Kraví hora. In this case, it is a botanical the med field trip. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with general characteristics of the National Park Podyjí from various nature views highlighting its specially protected areas. This is followed by a description of specific field trip aspects and the most frequently used teaching methods together. The practical part contains, among other things, methodological instructions for teachers and pupils as well as didactic materials (worksheets, didactic test), included in the appendix. Questionnaire surveys for pupils and teachers are part of the last empirical chapter. The aim of the questionnaire was to record and evaluate thoughts, feelings and attitudes of pupils from the lower secondary school to the specific field trip, its implementation and overall organization. The aim of subsequently submitted didactic tests was to observe and reveal the effectiveness of the field trip teaching. The aim of the questionnaire, given to teachers, was to monitor their standpoints in relation to...
Knowledge and Opinions of Students on Genetically Modified Organisms
Semencová, Barbora ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (advisor) ; Vojíř, Karel (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on topic of genetically modified organisms and their use in the practical sectors of human life. Theoretical part of the thesis defines general terms GMO, plasmid, genetic engineering, biotechnology. It also records historical milestones relating to the problematic, deals with individual techniques of genetic engineering and briefly states legislative procedures in context of dealing with GMO. It gives examples of transgenic organisms and summarizes advantages and disadvantages of their use.Practical part of the thesis contains educational program called "Genetically modified organisms", which was conceived by the author and includes a draft of a lesson inclusive of teaching materials - powerpoint presentations, worksheets, interactive worksheets, auxiliary text for teacher and written preparation. Research part deals with high school students change of view about using GMOs after completing the educational program. Due to analysis was proven that most of the attitudes and knowledge about GMO was changed after completing the educational program (for example in issues of willingness to consume GM food and animal products, perception of advantages and disadvantages etc.) Data was still unchanged in questions which cannot be affected by the program (control of food packaging or...

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