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Learning with Elements of Inquiry-based Science Education Focused on Invertebrate Animals of the School Garden for Pupils of the 2nd Grade of Primary School
Sedláčková, Denisa ; Svobodová, Silvie (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
The thesis delves into teaching with elements of inquiry-based education, with a focus on invertebrate animals in the school garden environment. The theoretical section addresses the instruction of invertebrate animals at the 2nd level of primary school, characterizing representatives commonly encountered by students in the school garden. Simultaneously, it identifies the potential of the school garden for natural science education. This section also describes activating teaching methods to be implemented in the proposed educational program. The practical part of the thesis thoroughly explores the design of an educational program with an emphasis on investigative elements. This program includes the production of tools for collecting and capturing invertebrate animals, such as creating insect hotels, beetle traps, and pitfall traps. The thesis also meticulously examines the practical utilization of various tools for identifying captured invertebrates. The proposed educational program has been carefully implemented and subsequently thoroughly verified in practice. In the research section of the thesis, a systematic study was conducted using pretests and posttests to examine the impact of the applied educational program on changes in students' knowledge and attitudes towards invertebrates. This...
Characteristics of Selected Groups of Arachnids and Their Use in Teaching at the Second Grade of Elementary School
Bryxová, Tereza ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
The topic of the thesis is the characterization of the arachnid group and selected orders of this group. The main part of the thesis is devoted to the design of a teaching block on arachnids for pupils of 7-9th grades of primary schools. The theoretical part contains a general characterization of the arachnid group and a more detailed description of the five selected orders (scorpions, scorpion mites, spiders and mowers) and the representatives who were also chosen and included in the teaching block. It also addresses selected activation methods in science education. In the practical part, a two-hour teaching block with included and selected activation activities is designed and subsequently implemented in two Prague primary schools. The results of the pupils of both primary schools (Petřiny and Písnická) were very positive. In both classes there was a significant acquisition of knowledge and skills after the teaching block. Prior to the teaching block, pupils from all classes had correctly written down an average of seven concepts in their mind maps. After the teaching block, there was an increase in the number of concepts (around 10 on average each time) correctly used and written down. The pupils evaluated the inclusion of the mind map, the transformed jigsaw learning and the didactic game...
Fireflies (Lampyridae) as a Topic for the Development of Critical Thinking
Ševicová, Michaela ; Hanel, Lubomír (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
This thesis introduces the reader to the concept of critical thinking. It addresses the questions of why and how to apply critical thinking to teaching, and also presents an instructional program designed in accordance with the principles of critical thinking to examine the development of this skill in a sample of elementary students. The program can serve as an inspiration for other educators. The selected topic of the educational programme was the family Lampyridae and its representatives living on the territory of the Czech Republic. Fireflies were chosen as a flagship species because of their general popularity among students and their ability of bioluminescence. They can also represent the current ecological problem of insect extinction and its negative impact. The author has researched a review biology of this family. The work also includes a questionnaire survey on the topic of critical thinking. KEYWORDS critical thinking, bioluminiscence, Lampyridae, critical thinking methods, instructional program
Biomimetics and its Incorporation into High School Teaching through Learning Tasks
Suldovská, Eva ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
The main aim of this thesis was to create and practically test four sets of complex learning tasks intended for pupils in the second year of high school. The tasks are focused on the development of science literacy using the topic of biomimetics. The starting point for the development of the learning tasks was a literature review dealing with topics of biomimetics, subject integration, science literacy and learning tasks. Biomimetics is a multidisciplinary science based on the observation of nature and searching for inspiration in nature in order to find solutions to problems that people face in life. Due to the topicality, practical overlap and interdisciplinary nature of this field, the topic of biomimetics is an excellent tool for applying integrated learning concepts (e.g. STEM concept) into teaching or for developing science literacy. In this work, created complex learning tasks containing three subtasks each were validated in three second-year classes of selected high schools. The pupils' responses to the created tasks and the responses from the attitudinal questionnaires were analyzed using mixed research methods. Statistical methods (arithmetic mean, relative frequency, success rate) were used for quantitative evaluation. The method of inductive analysis of written gathered data was used...
Molluscs of Boulder Sites in Křivoklátsko PLA and Their Use in Education
Kebert, Tomáš ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Kocurková, Alena (referee)
The work deals with molluscs as specific inhabitants of boulder sites in southern part of Křivoklátsko PLA. It discusses related questions and information sources connected with nature protection. The thesis describes molluscs as generally lesser known, but diverse group of animals with variety of ecological requirements. It shows the results of malacozoological site research performed using collection of leaf litter samples and compares them to previous works. It also examines how the topic could be incorporated in education. The work emphasizes the ecology of molluscs, whose knowledge can facilitate contextual thinking about various organisms and also is not confined to a narrow scope of biology. The thesis discusses various means of education and describes a general proposal of excursion to the place of interest. Keywords gastropods ecology excursion nature protection didactics
Analysis of Visual Components in Biology Textbooks with Focus on Geology Chapters
Jakoubková, Sára ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the visual components in lower-secondary natural science textbooks, with a focus on chapters about geology. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate individual visual components within the analyzed sample of textbooks through specific categories, assessing their relevance and contribution to the educational process. In the practical part, the methodology from the Greek study (Dimopoulos, Koulaidis a Sklaveniti, 2003) is described, according to which the quantitative content analysis of visual components in the selected sample of textbooks was implemented. This sample includes natural science textbooks with the approval of the Ministry of Education. For each visual component, the type, function, form, vertical and horizontal scope, distance, and placement in the textbook were evaluated. The obtained results were further compared with research on the same topic. The analysis results indicate that textbooks contain a significant proportion of identical visual components. These results can be further utilized to improve natural science textbooks. KEYWORDS natural science textbooks, visual component, visuals, analysis of textbooks, lower secondary education

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