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The role of death in human life
This Bachelor thesis deals with problems of death and attitudes of people to the death. Theoretical part focuses on the topic of attitudes, death and a role of death in human life. It is based especially on the existential psychotherapy. Practical part is created by qualitative methodology. There are interviews with a particular group of people. These are individuals living in the homes for seniors. I chose this age group because seniors look back upon their previous life knowing that its end is approaching, so they consider this issue. The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to describe and understand the attitudes of concerned individuals to the phenomenon of death and if the death plays a role in their lives.

Internal Migration in PRC: function, role and impact on Chinese economy
Čermáková, Zuzana ; Stuchlíková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Procházková Ilinitchi, Cristina (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the process of internal migration in Peoples' Republic of China. It focuses on low-skilled rural migrant workers, their overall characteristics, role in the economy and their status within Chinese society. This analysis aims to prove that despite the fact that rural migrants represent an essential element of Chinese economy, and have contributed by a great deal to China's economic take-off, they are still a very discriminated group of Chinese society and are constantly facing violations of their rights.

Serverless single page application in JavaScript
Zikmund, Marian ; Pecinovský, Rudolf (advisor) ; Suchan, Vladimír (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to design and develop a framework for building modern single- page application in the JavaScript programming language and describe this approach to development. The work also contains the documentation for a more comfortable use and customization. The content is divided into eight chapters. The introduction is followed by the retrieval of information resources, including the specifics of the JavaScript programming language and explanation of the formation of single-page application. The description of the basic principles of their functioning, motivation and justification, when and why this approach is appropriate is also included. The work is primarily focused on the issue of single-page application, for which the use of the JavaScript programming language is crucial. For this reason, this work provides a whole chapter about this programming language, also including a description of its history and role in the context of others. Below are the common characteristics of single-page applications frameworks, built on top of the library ReactJS, whose formation is engaged in the following chapter. The developed framework also contains the user guide. The practical outcome of this work is an open source framework for creating serverless single-page applications, which is due to its architecture and documentation appropriately adaptable.

Role of the chancellor in the foreign policy of the Federal Republic of Germany: Angela Merkel
Farská, Kateřina ; Druláková, Radka (advisor) ; Dubský, Zbyněk (referee)
This master thesis is concerned with the role of the chancellor in the foreign policy with respect to the institutional possibilities that the German political system provides him, and also with respect to the personality of the chancellor - it strives to answer the question, if it is possible to identify the personality impact in the chancellor foreign policy positions. As the case example the current chancellor Angela Merkel has been chosen, who serves for a period long enough to carry out the research and who is at the same time well-respected personality abroad. The thesis comes to the conclusion that the chancellor has the rights to intervene in the foreign policy and uses those rights. By means of the discourse and content analysis of chancellor's speeches it has been possible to identify foreign policy preferences of the chancellor which can be associated with her personal life experience.

Information systems security penetration testing
Klíma, Tomáš ; Doucek, Petr (advisor) ; Čermák, Igor (referee) ; Čapek, Jan (referee) ; Štubňa, Ivan (referee)
The aim of this dissertation thesis is to develop new methodology of information systems penetration testing based on analysis of current methodologies and the role of penetration tests in context of IS/IT governance. Integral part of this aim is evaluation of the methodology. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the presentation of history and current state of research in selected area, definiton of basic terms and introduction of role of the penetration tests. This part is followed by the review of relevant sources and comparative study of current methodologies with a goal to identify their weaknesses. Results from this study are further used as a basis for new methodology development. Classification of IS penetration tests types and testing scenarios are also included. The second part includes design of new methodology, at first its history, structure and principles are presented, then its framework is decribed in high level of detail. In the third part the reader can find (theoretical and practical) validation. The biggest scientific contribution is the methodology itself focused on managment of penetration tests (which is the area currently not sufficiently descibed). Secondary contribution is the extensive review and the comparative analysis of current methodologies. Contribution to the economic and technical (practical) application we can mainly see in the development of new methodology which enables companies to improve management of penetration tests (especially planning, operational management and implementation of countermeasures).

Determinants of Industrialization in sub-Saharan Africa and Possibilities for their Development
Sejkora, Jiří ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Šaroch, Stanislav (referee) ; Fárek, Jiří (referee) ; Adamcová, Lenka (referee)
Sub-Saharan economies need structural changes that would enhance their productivity, increase economic growth and development. In this regard, industrialization plays a key role. Using regression analysis, the aim of this dissertation thesis is to identify main factors (determinants) of industrialization in sub-Saharan Africa. The results indicate that infrastructure and economy size (measured by population size) represent main determinants of industrialization in the region. The thesis also deals with possibilities for development of those determinants. Case study of infrastructure development in Mauritius emphasizes privatization, cooperation with external subjects etc. Negative consequences of small economy size can be overcome by preferential trade agreements (under certain circumstances), as shown by analysis of the three smallest economies in the region.

Differences between men and women in the Czech labour market
Stroukal, Dominik ; Kadeřábková, Božena (advisor) ; Pavelka, Tomáš (referee) ; Němec, Otakar (referee)
This thesis consists of five articles that apply current world research on labor economics at the Czech Republic and confirms the significant differences between men and women in this market. It shows that gender has a significant influence on the preference on the labor market and, consequently, on employment and health. First, the thesis shows that preferences are relevant determinant of career and then we study the difference in preference of salary for men and women. Subsequently it shows that gender plays a significant role in explaining the relationship between homeownership, and unemployment, as well as unemployment and health. The first chapter was able to demonstrate that the preference for a career has a positive influence on the choice of career. The influence of higher education on prioritizing career proved to be positive and significant. Probability of a career choice is reduced by the presence of children, however, is not dependent on their number, which is contrary to the theory of preferences. The second chapter shows that Czech women prefer more non-monetary rewards than men. It has also been shown that people with university education are same in the preferences of non-monetary rewards regardless of the gender of the respondents, however, compared to the world's research, the Czech higher education increases this preference. It turned out that women prefer risk less than men. The third chapter demonstrates that although the housing market undermines labor mobility and employment in the Czech Republic at the regional level, therefore, that in regions with a higher rate of home ownership is higher unemployment, at the individual level, the owners of housing are unemployed are less likely. The estimates are significantly different for men and women. Men living in owner-occupied housing have a higher likelihood of employment than women. At regional level, however, this thesis shows that the high rate of home ownership increases unemployment for both men and women, in the long run only to women. The fourth chapter showed that men transition to homeownership reduces the likelihood of unemployment next year. For women, this relationship has proved to be insignificant. In addition, as insignificant showed the opposite relationship, the transition from unemployment to the newly acquired home ownership. The last chapter shows that the change in the working status to unemployment will increase in the future probability of worse health. Influence in less than two years, however, proved to be significant. An important conclusion is that men have a significantly stronger relationship between health and unemployment than women.

Freedom of Expression and Censorship on the Internet and Social Networks
Reindl, Jan ; Čermák, Radim (advisor) ; Sova, Martin (referee)
This thesis is focused on freedom of expression and censorship on the internet and social networks. Its goal is to evaluate current situation of censorship of the internet, to describe the most often used methods of censorship and suppressing free speech, as well as methods of its circumvention. The thesis is focused on the progress of internet censorship in its shift from a tool of governmental domestic network control into a tool in the hands of multinational organizations. Some focus is also given to the importance of anonymity as a way to freedom of speech, and to the analysis of current situation and possible future outcomes. This thesis is divided into five chapters. The first one serves as an introduction into the problematics. Second chapter describes methods of internet censorship, the third one describes its circumvention. The fourth chapter looks into the current situation regarding the role of social media in terms of internet censorship and possible results of censorship as well as future evolvement. Fifth and last chapter is dedicated to research of anonymous parts of internet community that could otherwise face censorship.

Informedness of stomia patients before the surgery
In this bachelor thesis, we discuss the awareness of ostomates prior to an operation. The awareness and education is considered an integral part of quality and professional care for the patient. If the patient receives sufficient and comprehensible information, they become part of treatment, diagnostics and overall health care process, thus assuming a proactive role in their health care. The objective of our thesis was to find out how ostomic patients are informed prior to an operation and map the education process and compare information for a planned and acute operation. A quantitative method was selected to achieve the objective, using an anonymous question form. We approached ostomic patients as respondents. The results show that even though awareness has quite improved since the past years, deficiencies are still seen in many cases. Some information is not understood or sufficient for the pacient. As we expected, patients coming for a planned operation are better informed than patients arriving in acute cases. But in spite of an acute operation, the patient should be briefed and educated. The education process prior to a resection operation is again Better quality for planned operations. Unfortunately, pacients coming for an acute operation are deprived of such education. The education process can make the patient less afraid and their vision of future life is clearer.

Analysis of Financing Research and Development in the Czech Republic
Vacek, Jan ; Hnilica, Jiří (advisor) ; Sieber, Patrik (referee)
The topic of this bachelor Thesis is an Analysis of Financing Research and Development in the Czech Republic. Research and Development (R&D) plays an important role in improving the competitive ability of the Czech Republic, for it constitutes a source for increasing productivity, economic growth and employment. The results of R&D lead to creation of new products and services, which in return increases the quality of life of the Czech citizens. This bachelor thesis focuses on analysis of financing R&D in the Czech Republic. The objective is to find out who finances R&D in the Czech Republic, where do these funds go to, and what they are used on. This thesis also focuses on R&D employees and R&D departments in which they work. The bachelor thesis is concluded by comparison between the R&D data for Czech Republic and other countries form the Europian Union.