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Vliv technologie pěstování chmele (Humulus lupulus L.) na kvalitu produktu a využití produktu
KLÍMA, Tomáš
The thesis is focused on the technology of hop growing and the quality of the product of hops, i.e., hop cones. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the hop plant in general and varieties produces in the Czech Republic. It also deals with protection against insect and diseases, fertilization of hops and the technology used in cultivation. Finally, the theoretical part deals with the processing of the hop product. In the practical part, the thesis establishes generally valid rules in hop cul-tivation technology. The effect of NanoFYT Si, which contains SiO2 particles, is then tested in a field experiment. This experiment is then evaluated and discussed with previous research on the effect of silicon on field crops.
Proposal for the Development of the Employee Benefit System of a Particular Company
Peštuková, Petra ; Klíma, Tomáš (referee) ; Kruntorádová, Markéta (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focusing on the employee benefit system of a particular company. It is divided into three parts. The first part contains a theory based on professional publications that deals with employee remuneration and benefits. Follows the second part, which analyzes the current state of the employee benefit system of the company and the internal and external factors that are affecting it. Third, and therefore the last part presents proposals for the develompent of the existing employee benefit system of a particular company.
Srovnání stavu vybraných extenzivních ovocných sadů dle různého stáří od obnovy
Klíma, Tomáš
This diploma thesis evaluates the condition of grass-herbaceous undergrowth in restored extensive orchards and compares them according to species diversity and habitat demands with the reference orchards. Part of the thesis is also the basic inventory of trees and evaluation of its condition. The author describes the selected locations where both interest and reference areas are located. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate and analyze the status of regenerated orchards and to evaluate the effect of selected technology during regeneration.
Vliv osevních směsí a pozemkových úprav na travino-bylinná společenstva v NP Podyjí
Klíma, Tomáš
This bachelor thesis evaluates differences in species composition and diversity on grass -herbal locations in NP Podyjí. The Author describes the area of the national park and surrounding near the village Číţov, where it was done the phytocenological surveys. This surveys became a base for Author evaluation. The objective and goal of the evaluation is to compare the differences in localities with different sowing terms and management.
Mixed Choir a Cappella by Otta Albert Tichý
Klima, Tomáš ; Valášek, Marek (advisor) ; Stříteská, Leona (referee)
Otto Albert Tichy, a Moravian native from Martinkov was born in 1890 and died in 1973 during his visit to the St. Vitus cathedral. He was a composer (mostly of religious music), a teacher, a writer and a translator. He composed more than 300 pieces. In this text, part of his work is discussed - the mixed choirs without accompaniment (a cappella). Mixed choir records were completely digitalised and the printed materials were compared with the original autographs preserved. Thanks to the midi files created, any amateur conductor, or anyone else interested in Tichy's work can listen to his pieces, even without knowing how to play any musical instrument. All translations of religious compositions (originally mainly in Latin) are included and categorised according to the liturgical year. In the final part of the text, Tichy's composition style is shown, based on the knowledge of conductors that have worked with his compositions (including the author of this text). In some chosen pieces, the problems with interpretation and rehearsals are displayed.
Business plan. Founding of the company focused on energy-saving solutions and other services.
Klíma, Tomáš ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadrazil, Václav (referee)
business plan describes and analyzes possibility of foundation a limited liability company engaged in reducing energy dependence on centralized electrocity suppliers and servicing and inspection of operator´s telecommunications equipment
Information systems security penetration testing
Klíma, Tomáš ; Doucek, Petr (advisor) ; Čermák, Igor (referee) ; Čapek, Jan (referee) ; Štubňa, Ivan (referee)
The aim of this dissertation thesis is to develop new methodology of information systems penetration testing based on analysis of current methodologies and the role of penetration tests in context of IS/IT governance. Integral part of this aim is evaluation of the methodology. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the presentation of history and current state of research in selected area, definiton of basic terms and introduction of role of the penetration tests. This part is followed by the review of relevant sources and comparative study of current methodologies with a goal to identify their weaknesses. Results from this study are further used as a basis for new methodology development. Classification of IS penetration tests types and testing scenarios are also included. The second part includes design of new methodology, at first its history, structure and principles are presented, then its framework is decribed in high level of detail. In the third part the reader can find (theoretical and practical) validation. The biggest scientific contribution is the methodology itself focused on managment of penetration tests (which is the area currently not sufficiently descibed). Secondary contribution is the extensive review and the comparative analysis of current methodologies. Contribution to the economic and technical (practical) application we can mainly see in the development of new methodology which enables companies to improve management of penetration tests (especially planning, operational management and implementation of countermeasures).
Analysis of security access to internet banking via mobile devices
Hiršal, Michael ; Veber, Jaromír (advisor) ; Klíma, Tomáš (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to analyze and review external security of mobile applications providing mobile banking on Android operating system. The theoretical section is aimed to describe the prerequisites for security analysis and the technological design of security for this kind of applications. Related practical section is based on the data acquired by the author in which the technological security is examined. Products of the companies Air Bank, a.s. and Moneta Money Bank, a.s. were selected to be examined in the practical section. These two companies are sample of the current Czech bank market. The examined level of security of both of the applications and their comparison are covered in the conclusion of the thesis.

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