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Welfare state and indebtedness
Šnapka, Jakub ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Žamberský, Pavel (referee)
With respect to the eurozone debt crisis, the topics of public finance, chronic deficits of public budgets and sustainability of public debt came to the foreground of public debate. Due to that the discussions on legitimacy and sustainability of the welfare state in the form we know it today. In the discussions on public finance health, it is practically impossible to avoid the biggest public expenditures component, which, no doubt, the systems of social security, healthcare and other public services are. The thesis is dedicated to relationship of public indebtedness and public expenditures on welfare state of the old member states of the European Union. In three chapters, it analyzes theoretical grounds of welfare state and public indebtedness, public expenditures on welfare state and their influence on the public debt, influence of other budgetary components and ability of the state to collect taxes. The main question is whether countries which are spending relatively more on welfare state, are at the same time relatively more indebted.
Cuban economic transformation and normalization of relations with the USA
Jenáčková, Monika ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Bič, Josef (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the economic system of Cuba which worked for nearly fifty years on almost unchanging principles of central planning. Since 2007, measures have been put in place to change the functioning of Cuba's economic system towards lower state participation in the economy and an emphasis on market values. The aim of this diploma thesis is to find measures that support the statement that the Cuban command system is being transformed into market economy, and to describe the characteristics of the Cuban transformation. Another objective is, based on knowledge of the historical background, to assess possible implications of normalizing relations with the US. The work is divided into three parts. The starting point for the analysis of the Cuban economic system is the theoretical definition of economic systems and the transformation process in the first chapter, followed by a description of the long-term functioning of the Cuban command system and the historical development of relations with the US in the second chapter. The third chapter presents and evaluates the measures implemented in Cuba since 2007, which are closely related to the transformation to the market economy. In addition, the possible implications of normalization of Cuba-US relation are analyzed. At the end of the diploma thesis, there is a SWOT analysis of the current Cuban economy that concludes the issue.
The Czech Textile and Apparel Industry in the World Context
Špírková, Petra ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Straková, Eliška (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to create an overview of the development in the world textile and apparel industry between the years 1993 and 2015. The first part describes the history of these two sectors and provides theoretical information essential for understanding of the following chapters. The second part of the bachelor thesis provides data regarding the most significant textile and apparel exporters. The last chapter characterizes the position of the Czech Republic and the situation in this country - the development of exports, the global 2008/2009 crisis from the perspective of local textile manufacturers and strategies how to preserve textile and apparel industry in the Czech Republic.
Vietnam's Position in International Economic Relations
Doan, Thi Ha Van ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Sankot, Ondřej (referee)
This study investigates the international economic relations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The aim is to describe the political and economic situation from the 1980s to the present, to explain the process of transit from the planned economy to the planned market economy and to analyze the membership of Vietnam in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and current foreign trade relations. The first part of the thesis concentrates on the political system and the transformation of the economy from the beginning of the Doi Moi reforms to the present and financial institutions, whose loans have contributed significantly to the development in the last few decades. The second chapter analyzes the modern history of Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region, formation of the ASEAN and its influence on Vietnam's integration into international politics and the world economy. The third chapter focuses on the analysis of Vietnam's relations with other countries and other economic entities.
Latent Comparative Advantages as a Source of Economic Growth and Development in Case of Togo and Benin
Kalibová, Markéta ; Šaroch, Stanislav (advisor) ; Jiránková, Martina (referee)
Goal of this thesis is to estimate possible latent comparative advantages of selected developing countries. The estimation has its foundation in methodology of New Structural Economics. The first chapter therefore contains theoretical basis of the New Structural Economics. The next two chapters contain the estimation of latent comparative advantages and analysis of economic environment of selected countries.
World Bank priorities during the slowdown in economic growth
Hrabar, Vasyl-Mykola ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Hasík, Gabriel (referee)
The paper examines the impact of slowed economic growth on the World Bank's priorities in the energy sector. As sub-Saharan Africa is a critical area for the sector, the work will explore the development of the World Bank's approaches and policies for energy in this part of the world. The first chapter deals with the World Bank Group and the economic conditions in which the World Bank must carry out its mission. The second chapter identifies the World Bank's priorities in the electricity sector in Africa in the transformation of economic conditions.
Position of Developing Countries in the Global Economy and Possibilities of Their Further Development.
Hrubcová, Gabriela ; Sirůček, Pavel (advisor) ; Palatková, Monika (referee) ; Jiránková, Martina (referee)
The thesis aims to analyze the issue of the position of developing countries in the global economy and suggest the possibilities of their further development. Such a broad topic is progressively specified with focus on the group of Least Developed Countries. The key area of research in terms of the growth alternatives and poverty alleviation is tourism, due to its considerable potential. Dissertation briefly presents issues of growth and development, its context, trends and the significant development indicators. Consequently, the thesis deals with the group of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and their potential, current position in the global economy, outlook and trends. Moreover, it focuses on the topic of development in relation to the current concept of the international organization agenda and the Unite Nations decision to declare 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. In this context, it is determined whether tourism can be considered as a main driver of growth and development and as a tool for poverty reduction. A case study aims to analyze the economic effects of tourism in LDCs according to the Economic Impact Research and uses the cluster analysis. As a result, countries are grouped into a number of clusters based on the specific components. The final chapter presents a proposal for the model of further (tourism) development in LDCs.
Argentine financial crisis
Klapková, Jana ; Žamberský, Pavel (advisor) ; Jiránková, Martina (referee)
Diploma thesis on Argentine financial crisis deals with the biggest financial crisis in the country's history, which took place at the turn of 2001/2002. This paper examines economical and political development before the crisis, what caused it, its impacts and how it could be prevented. The aim of this paper is to analyze the causes of the crisis. The secondary goal of this paper is to assess whether and how this crisis could have been avoided or at least how the effects could be mitigated.
The model of Chinese state capitalism and its position in the world economy
Čechura, Tadeáš ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Bejkovský, Jan (referee)
The strengthening position of the system of state capitalism begins to represent an equal counterpart to liberal-minded market economies. In this power distribution, China plays a significant role as a powerful and innovative representative of this strengthening system that combines the unchallengeable power of the state apparatus with free market functionalities and the benefits of capitalism. The impact on the distribution of forces in the world economy and the position of China is changing essentially through the system of state capitalism. The thesis analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of this system for the domestic market of China as well as for its position on the global market scale.
Social protection in India
Danielová, Kateřina ; Sejkora, Jiří (advisor) ; Jiránková, Martina (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to define the weaknesses and strengths of the social protection in India. The first chapter defines the concept of social protection on the basis of internationally recognized definitions of international organizations. The second chapter contains general characteristics of India with an emphasis on demographic, social and economic indicators. The third chapter defines the weaknesses and strengths of India's social protection, including defining the main challenges and evaluating its current form. Then comes reccomendation how to make social protection more effective when taking into account mentioned facts.

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