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Identification of the cervical spine's meniscoids by MRI before and after aplication of manual therapy
Píglová, Tereza ; Jelen, Karel (advisor) ; Tlapáková, Eva (referee) ; Vacek, Jan (referee)
Introduction The joint dysfunction of the spine in the sense of functional blockade is connected with corresponding painful condition, reflex contraction of the surrounding muscles and restriction of mobility in the spinal segment. Joint block has its mechanical context, which need not be accompanied by a structural disturbance but it's affecting the biomechanical properties of the spine. Several theories exist how the joints become restricted. Scientific evidence highly supports the meniscoid entrapment theory. Purposes The aim of the study was to identify the meniscoids of the cervical spine using in- vivo MRI imaging and to determine their potential role in the development of functional joint blocks of the axial system (AS). Another objective was to find out how the articular blocks affect the rheological properties of the spine by the Transfer Vibration through the Spine (TVS) method. Patient sample The MRI study was conducted on a research file of 12 subjects - two anatomical preparations and ten in vivo. Two subjects were examined in TVS experiment. Methodology Two anatomical preparations were investigated on MRI to find the appropriate sequence for imaging of meniscoids, three subjects for identification of meniscoids in vivo. Seven subjects underwent initial investigation, manipulation of...
Effect of wearing high heel shoes on musculoskeletal system with focus on osteoarthritis of the knee joint
Draksel, Jakub ; Vacek, Jan (advisor) ; Šilhavá, Sylva (referee)
The main objective: The main objective of this thesis is to provide a comprehensive summary of existing knowledge about the effect of high-heeled shoes on the musculoskeletal system and to determine the context between this type of footwear and knee osteoarthritis through a systematic review of biomechanical and epidemiological studies dealing with this problematics. Methods: Keywords in the form of search query were searched in bibliographic databases. The target group was formed by biomechanical and epidemiological studies or their reviews and meta-analyses dealing with the relationship between wearing high-heeled shoes and knee osteoarthritis. The PRISMA method, including the flow diagram, was used to clarify and categorize the data. Results: Biomechanical publications show that wearing high-heeled shoes leads to kinetic and kinematic changes of the knee joint, especially during walking. The most significant and most frequently observed changes are the varus/adduction and flexion moment and the increased angle of flexion of the knee joint during the stance phase of walking. Current epidemiological studies on this issue are inconsistent, with 2 studies not confirming the link between wearing high-heeled shoes and osteoarthritis of the knee. In contrast, 3 studies report a positive relationship,...
Categorization of functional disorders of the locomotor system in non-specific pain conditions
Drhlík, Michal ; Marková, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Vacek, Jan (referee)
Functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system are a common part of the daily practice of a physiotherapist and a doctor with specialization in physical, balneological and medical rehabilitation. Although this is a widespread phenomenon, it is not at all easy to discover the cause of their occurrence. Current practice lacks a clear key to deciphering the cause of patient problems arising without a structural lesion. This work tried to contribute to finding it by providing an overview of the current ideas of several authors on how to purposefully eliminate these disorders. key words: functional disorders, locomotor system, model, non-specific pain condition, myofascial chain
Comparison of facilitation methods in three kilometers run
Vaňková, Klára ; Vacek, Jan (advisor) ; Řasová, Kamila (referee)
The main objective: The main objective of this bachelor thesis was to present information about kinesiotaping and sport massage to unprofessional athletes, primarily to runners. The next goal was to find out if any of these methods have positive effect on performance on three kilometers run. Methodology: A group of 15 healthy runners have joined the study, age from 17 to 52. With using stopwatches and sport-watches were the results of elapsed time recorded. At first without any of these methods, by the next testing we use kinesiotaping on m. rectus femoris and by the final testing we performed a massage of the lower limbs before performance. The data were evaluated by Student's paired t-test. Results: At the level of 5%, we can say, that massage before performance has positive effect on three kilometers run (p-value = 0,00833). In contrary we cannot confirm the improvement after kinesiotaping application (p-value = 0,10861), although most of the runner got faster on the track in compare to the times of the run without facilitation. Conclusion: Both methods, massage and kinesiotaping, are today necessary part of professional athletes training. In this bachelor thesis we declared positive effect of massage before performance. However each athlete suits different methods, so it is important to have...
Analysis of accessory costs of budget
Vacek, Jan ; Výskala, Miloslav (referee) ; Aigel, Petr (advisor)
The purpose of this diploma thesis was to clarify the problematics of other costs of the construction budget and to create its own percentage tariffs for survey, geodetic and project work. The methodology used in the numerical part of the thesis was based on existing knowledge. The basis of all calculations were the budgets of civic amenities provided by the municipal authorities. The result of the work are the calculated tariffs of the relevant works and their ratio to the total ancillary and other costs of the construction budget. The work also finds out what are the most common ways of valuing work in the phase of creating an offer from the perspective of suppliers.
One-tier organisational structure of Czech joint-stock companies and British public limited companies
Vacek, Jan ; Černá, Stanislava (advisor) ; Tomášek, Petr (referee)
Thesis title: One-tier organisational structure of Czech joint-stock companies and British public limited companies The thesis deals with the comparison of legal frameworks of one-tier organisational structure of joint-stock companies under - current Czech law, the Czech Business Corporations Bill of and English law. The aim of the thesis is to gather knowledge through comparison for critical evaluation of the Czech Business Corporations Bill. The advantages or, on the contrary, disadvantages of new regulation should be shown in the context of the gathered knowledge and the solution should be suggested. And also the aim of the research the institutes of English law are and their possible appropriateness for implementation into the Czech law. The thesis is divided into five chapters. First chapter defines terms of corporate governance and one-tier organisational structure presenting them in their historical context. The second, the third and the fourth chapter describe and analyze main features and institutes which are specific for given jurisdictions. At the end the fifth chapter deals with the comparison of regulations, argumentation of disputable questions and deduction of more common conclusions. The stress of the thesis is given on the fifth chapter. Solely method of description is used in the...
Cost analysis of a smart house
Vacek, Jan ; Výskala, Miloslav (referee) ; Aigel, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on cost analysis of smart house. It describes the gradual development of technologies that have affected today's smart homes. The thesis also shows the possibilities that these systems offer to users. The use of these technologies and their interconnection is explained in more detail in order to save electricity and household finances. It also contains a description of the potential risks of attacking the aforementioned systems by unauthorized persons. The practical part deals with experimental measurements on a model of a room equipped with smart devices.

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