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The impact of different types of regular aerobic activities on adipose tissue changes and on physical condition
Dusová, Magdalena ; Vacek, Jan (advisor) ; Matouš, Miloš (referee)
Aim: The aim of this thesis is to assess the impact of two different types of regular aerobic activities on the amount of total body fat, visceral fat and on physical condition level. Methodology: We divided the study participants into two mutually similar groups according to lifestyle and body composition analysis. We set each group to perform one of the aerobic activities (running, high-intensity interval training) 3 times a week for 20 minutes. The whole study lasted 11 weeks. Body composition analysis took place before and after the study at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport on the body composition analyzer TANITA MC-980 and the measurement of physical condition was performed using Jacík's test. The hypotheses were tested using t-tests and the data were processed using the programming language R. Results: We compared the results of high-intensity interval training with the results of running: a) The results of the addition of high-intensity interval training in the regular regimen caused a statistically significant reduction of total body fat (p = 0.0016) and an increase in physical condition (p = 0.0149), while the reduction of visceral fat was not statistically significant (p = 0.3854). b) After the addition of running, the amount of total body fat decreased (p = 0.0308) and...
Long effect of neurosurgical operation of intervertebral disc herniation in terms of pain
Rulfová, Anna ; Vacek, Jan (advisor) ; Žiaková, Elena (referee)
Lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is one of the most common pathologies and causes of pain for patients to see a doctor. Some are indicated for surgery and some for conservative treatment. The aim of my work is to point out the preoperative problems of patients with intervertebral disc herniation and to compare the pains before surgery with the pains that patients experience in several time periods after the operation. Another goal is to find common factors that could affect the development and remission of pain before and after surgery. The main research question and hypothesis is whether patients who undergo surgery are pain-free after 3 months of surgery and whether they will return to normal life. This study processes pain information from 30 probands who have undergone intervertebral disc surgery in the lumbar region (discectomy). The information is processed using a modified Brief Pain Inventory questionnaire, where patients report pain using a world-famous analog pain scale: Vizua alogue scale (VAS). Pain is recorded in general and subsequently in various daily activities. In addition, patients record information about medication consumption or whether pain wakes them up from sleep Despite small exceptions, the results of the study are very optimistic. All subjects reported unbearable...
Still Red? KSČM in Discourse and Practice
Vacek, Jan ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Mlejnek, Josef (referee)
KSČM (Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia) is considered as one of the oldest Czech political parties, as it is the direct successor of KSČ (Communist Party of Czechoslovakia). Until recently it was also a parliamentary party with strong blackmail potential, as the minority government of ANO 2011 and ČSSD was based on its votes. Even though the party has been rather in isolation for the majority of post-revolution history, it has been one of the most stable units in the country. The party itself with its programme, statutes and communication declares itself Marxist and its members, including highest representatives and ideologues, adheres more or less openly to Leninism. The aim of this diploma thesis is to identify whether these claims are based on reality and to what extent the party inclines to these ideologies. In the first, theoretical part, this thesis tries to define both aforementioned ideologies based on professional literature, especially Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin's 21 Conditions of Admission to the Third Internationale. The second part of the thesis deals with historical genesis of the party with focus on ideological position of the party and fulfilment of chosen definitions in history. The last, analytical part of the thesis is focused on evaluation of the...
Function of iliopsoas muscle
Kazda, Vojtěch ; Herbenová, Alena (advisor) ; Vacek, Jan (referee)
The main purpose of my study is to sum up the function of iliopsoas muscle in terms of present literary sources. The function is analyzed especially in course of the most frequent and common human activities, and also in the other activities typical for this muscle. That is why I try to analyze its activation during upright standing, walking, running and the other movements. I separately focus on the effect of psoas muscle activity to the lumbar spine, and then I mention kinesiological relationships of lumbar spine, pelvis and thigh-bones. I use these analyses for considerations about functional disorders of iliopsoas muscle, so that I suggest possibility of using these analyses in practice.
Evaluation of Pain in Rehabilitation of Painful Vertebral Syndrome
Pechová, Petra ; Vacek, Jan (advisor) ; Mende, Karel (referee)
This thesis focuses on evaluation a assessment of pain in Rehabilitation of Painful Vertebral Syndrome. The teoretical part briefly covers funktional issues and funktional disorders and the approach to Painful Vertebral Syndrome by autors of Prague School of Rehabilitation. The thesis covrers mainly chronical state of Painful Vertebral Syndrome, for witch purposed our inquiry. The practical part present results of survey, which was focused on evaluation and assessment of the pain in Painfun Vertbral Syndrome a how it chanages by the rehabilitation therapy on KRL FNKV (in years 2009 and 2010). The Brief Pain Inventory (BPI - translated vision) has been used as a pain assesment tool two times, before therapy and after therapy. The BPI measures both the intensity of pain (sensory dimesion) and interface of pain in the patienʹs life (reactive dimension). It also queries the patient about pain relief, pain quality, and patient perception of cause of pain (20). Overall we can say, there is an effect on the pain in Painful Vertebral Syndrome by the intensive three -weeks rehabilitation. Rehabilitation reduced pain in intenzity and it also helped pacients to manage activitities of daily living. Reduce of the pain causes, that there isnʹt necessary to use painkillers that much.
Covering sets in steganography
Vacek, Jan ; Holub, Štěpán (advisor) ; Hojsík, Michal (referee)
Steganography is a science which is interested in communication hiding. This work is focused on the most recent methods related to this topic. Mainly, it is matrix embedding, which uses coding theory, and sum and difference covering sets (SDCS). Rainbow coloring of grid graphs is used to receive even better results. This technique decrease amplitude of performed changes. It makes stegosystems less likely to be detected. Properties which describe behavior of each stegosystem are included for each technique. 1
Physiotherapeutic procedures in paraplegics after spinal cord lesion
Dušková, Tereza ; Vacek, Jan (advisor) ; Mende, Karel (referee)
Rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury begins immediately after the accident. Before begining a particular therapy, a specific neurological examination according to ASIA (American Spinal Injury Association) protocol is required, which allows to determine the level and severity of neurological damage. Specific rehabilitation procedures and methods are used to minimalize the neurological and functional deficits that occur after spinal cord injury. Procedures that are used include procedures from rehabilitation nursing, pasive and active movements, methods based on neurophysiology, techniques from breathing therapy, manipulative therapy, exercises with apparatus (MotoMed, Lokomat), FES, IMF-therapy, verticalisation, relaxation techniques, physical therapy and other. The goal of therapeutic rehabilitation in acute, subacute and chronic phase of spinal cord injury is maximal restoration of function, best use of remnant muscle potential and the formation of alternative mechanisms to reach the highest level of self-sufficiency and quality of life.
Objectivization of a postural mechanism in patients with a spinal cord injury
Mirská, Eliška ; Vacek, Jan (advisor) ; Mende, Karel (referee)
It is important to maintain a posture via equilibrial and protective reactions in all activities of daily living. There is normal neurological finding in upper extremities in patients with a spinal cord injuries in the area from Th1 to Th7, muscles of the thorax are paralysed under the level of the lesion and when there is a complete2 damage of the upper pectoral spinal cord, abdominal muscles are always paralysed. There is an important part in a therapy of patients with a spinal cord lesion, which consists of an activation of the postural system by means of sensomotory stimulation exercise according to Janda called sitting on a cylinder. The aim of this study is to objectively evaluate the impact of the exercise on a cylinder on postural system of patients with lesion of postural muscles. Surface electromyography was chosen as the most suitable objective method . Special set of testing movements on a deckchair or on a cylinder was created. Selected patients were tested by exercises on a deckchair or on a cylinder before a stay in the centre. After a ten-day stay the patients are tested by the same set of exercises and evaluation of their muscular activities is performed. Results of our measurement lead to a conclusion, that sensomotory stimulation is valuable part of kinesiotherapy in patients with SCI in...
Evaluation of patients, with lumbar vertebrogenic algic syndrome, using TETRAX
Škvorová, Kateřina ; Mende, Karel (advisor) ; Vacek, Jan (referee)
The topic of the thesis is evaluation of patients, with lumbar vertebrogenic algic syndrome, using TETRAX. The first part is theoretical. It summarizes anatomy and kinesiology of spine and describes verebrogenic algic syndrom focused on functional disorders. Finally, it includes description of basic principles of posturography and the device Tetrax, method of sensory-motor stimulation and using of 3D Spacecurl. In the practical part, I present the exercises that were tested on three probands on 3D Spacecurl and I examine their influence on movement changes of the probands.

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