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Burnout Syndrome in Assisting Professions
This Bachelor work deals with the burnout syndrome in assisting professions focusing especially on the personality of the special educator. The introductory part defines the concept of the burnout syndrome and describes its historical development. It also presents the risk factors participating in its origin, approaches the symptoms that may occur during the burnout syndrome and distinguishes it from other mental conditions. The issue concerning the possible prevention and treatment of the already identified burnout forms also an important part of the work. Finally, it deals with the characteristics of assisting professions and with the occupation of the special educator. The practical part is devoted to the research of the burnout syndrome at special educators who have had at least ten years of experience. It is based on qualitative research methods conducted through the semi-structured interview and completed by questionnaire enquiries. The task of this section is to bring current information about the situation concerning the burnout syndrome among special educators. The aim is to find out originating signs of the burnout in the above mentioned profession, and how workers realise their possible symptoms. Not least, the aim was to find out foreknowledge of special educators about possible prevention of the burnout syndrome. The research results showed that foreknowledge of special educators about the burnout syndrome is at a good level. The research also revealed that the symptoms of the burnout appear in cases of individual respondents but the risk is low-level. It was also shown that the respondents are aware of their symptoms. The only danger can be seen in the prevention of this phenomenon because the foreknowledge in this course is not sufficient. This Bachelor thesis can be used to inform both future and existing special educators about the burnout syndrome and its possible consequences. Furthermore, the work could serve as the basis for the burnout prevention or as an outline of treatment options for the burnout syndrome which has already developed.

Risk group of persons with disabilities on the labour market in Prague from 2005 to 2015
Hošková, Laura ; Maule, Petr (advisor) ; Lukášová, Tereza (referee)
The theoretical part of the Bachelor Thesis comprehensively illustrates the status and representation of persons with disabilities (PWD) on the current labour market in the Czech Republic. In a general manner, the Thesis looks at the employment policy as well; especially its legislative basis in the legal framework of the Czech Republic and selected EU countries. Furthermore, the legal obligations of employers of PWD and the possibilities of fulfilling the mandatory share of PWD employment are stated. Findings of two qualitative employment studies are presented showing that PWD enter the labour market equipped with specialized competencies, which they are willing to complete by retraining programmes in case of need. The employers perceive the employment of PWD mainly as a financial profit, granted to them by the state; and the legislative conditions are a sufficient incentive for them. The questionnaire survey pointed out that the weakness in the employment of PWD is the lack of part-time jobs, which are highly demanded among them. Therefore the Thesis presents a solution, which could be the creation of shared work positions.

Analysis of the russian investment environment focused on foreign direct investment in the selected countries of BRICS
Tuktamyšev, Eduard ; Gullová, Soňa (advisor) ; Klosová, Anna (referee)
The aim of this Master thesis is to analyze investment environment of the Russian Federation by focusing on foreign direct investment in the selected countries of BRICS cluster. First chapter is dedicated to the theoretical definition of the investment climate, observation methods such as PESTEL and SWOT analysis, indexes of the multinational organisation (Global Competitivness Index, Ease of Doing Business a Index of Economic Freedom). This chapter also defines investment incentives and foreign direct investment together with typology of this two terms. Second chapter focuses on the Russian investment policy especially on legislative and administrative investment regulation. Last part of this chapter focuses on development of special economic zones, which parcipate in alocation of the foreign direct investment in Russia the most. At the end of this thesis there are strenghts and weaknesses of the russian investment environment together with opportunities and threats described.

Multicriteria games
Tichá, Michaela ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Lachout, Petr (referee) ; Čičková, Zuzana (referee)
Theory of multicriteria games is a special field of game theory, when one or more players have at least two payoff functions and want to maximize simultaneously. The work introduces a number of new findings. It examined the concept of finding equilibria in pure strategies in noncooperative multicriteria game. It is possible to find all the equilibria in pure strategies by full search and solving two linear programs for each point. Furthermore, two linear programs are formulated for verifying that a selected point is the equilibrium of the game or not. In the noncooperative games is also introduced the concept that with knowledge of the equilibrium of bimatrix game determines preferences of the players. Although finding the equilibrium point of the bimatrix game is nonlinear problem, finding the preferences is linear problem. The latest findings in the noncooperative games is a generalization of the concept that solves multicriteria game by assigning weights to each criterion of each player. The work demonstrates that it may not be necessarily linear weights, but it can be more general function that describes the player's preference. The remaining part is devoted to knowledge in cooperative games. There is considered that the players know their preferences and are able to express them by weights. The game with known preferences is defined and solved with the use of bargaining theory. Then it is generalized to a case where players have more payoff functions, from which they can choose. Finally, the multicriteria case of voting game is defined. It is designed completely new concept, which selects the winning coalition in the voting game. This concept is then applied to the real situation after the elections to the Chamber of Deputies in 2013.

Business plan for setting-up of language school
Kahánková, Andrea ; Chylíková, Hana (advisor) ; Matysová, Kamila (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to develop a business plan for a set-up of a company specializing in English language tutoring. The theoretical part defines basic rules of doing business in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, it explains the recommended structure of a business plan and provides an alternative model for its development called Lean Canvas. Theoretical part of the business plan is subsequently applied in the practical part for elaboration of a business plan for the chosen field of activity. The financial plan is provided in three versions (realistic, optimistic and pessimistic), which have all been subsequently evaluated. Lean Canvas for the planned business in language tutoring has been developed at the end of the practical part. The conclusion provides summary of the findings of all business options and provides recommendations for the prospective project implementation.

Evaluation of the educational systems in the companies in the Czech republic
Daňhelková, Barbora ; Křečková Kroupová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Cetkovský, Pavel (referee)
Employee education alongside with skilled employees motivated to further development is currently becoming both an important part in the development of companies and a significant competition advantage in all markets worldwide. The aim of this thesis is to analyze educational systems in Czech companies and to evaluate the educational process of employees. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical one and practical one. The first part deals with defining theoretical concepts related to education, the theory of corporate education and trends in corporate education. The second part is focused on the research of corporate education in Czech companies. The research is based on the internal documentation and interviews with the HR representatives in the company HOCHTIEF CZ, and interviews with experts in the field of corporate education from the company DMC management consulting.

Dance education of preschool hyperactive children
Lacková, Ivana ; LÖSSL, Jiří (advisor) ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is Dance education of preschool hyperactive children. Goal of research is to describe teaching of hyperactive children especially dance lessons. There is described Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the first part of thesis. There is written about special needs of children with ADHD focused on education. Second part is focused on practical dance lesson of ADHD children. There is described example dance lesson based on theory and practical experience of experts. The result of research is that supply of special lessons is very limited and it is big pity. In the diploma thesis was recognized that the education with special program should help to children with ADHD and it can be good supplement to standard medical therapy.

The Role of Nurses in Colorectal Surgeries
Theoretical basis: The problems in rectal and anal diseases have had rising tendency, especially haemorrhoidal diseases, on which we put emphasis in our bachelor thesis. 37% of adult population suffers from this disease so we may line it up to civilization illnesses. Their treatment involves wide range of medical methods, from the conservative therapy to semi invasive ways of treatment. The semi invasive treatment is well withstood by patients and it can help up to 90% of clients. This bachelor thesis is concerned with specifics of nursing duties in a colorectal surgery. It links with topics like taking faecal specimen, basic methods of endoscopy, communication with patients and giving them information about lifestyle. The theoretical basis describes haemorrhoidal disease and gives brief introduction into causes of its developing, most common symptoms and possible treatments. The aim of the thesis: From the practical point of view we set two tasks. The first one is aimed at specifics of nursing job in a colorectal surgery and the second one tries to monitor how nurses in colorectal surgeries inform patients about healthy lifestyle. We asked two research questions regarding these aims. The first research question is: What are the specifics of the nursing job in the colorectal surgery? The second question concerns how nurses in colorectal surgeries provide information to their patients about healthy lifestyle. Methodology: Regarding the bachelor thesis we decided to choose a form of a qualitative research with using semi structural interviews with practical nurses working in colorectal surgeries. The interviews took place from February 28 2014 to March 15 2014 in five colorectal surgeries in following towns: České Budějovice, Písek, Strakonice, Jindřichův Hradec a Třemošná u Plzně. The focus group was created of 6 nurses working in colorectal surgeries. The interviews were performed and recorded with the consent of all practical nurses involved in the research. All extracted data was arranged and categorised into groups that were consequently analysed. The interviewer´s questions were prepared in advance and some extra questions were asked during the interview. The interview was divided into five areas: Identification questions, role of a nurse, examination methods, recommendation and giving information about lifestyle. Results: The results show the specifics of nursing in colorectal surgeries. We found out that nurses working in colorectal surgeries deal mainly with preparing special medical instruments and devices needed for endoscopic examination. Then they assist doctors during a medical examination and with treatment methods of RBL (Barron´s rubber band ligation) and Hemoron, they manipulate with devices in a surgery, check hygiene measures, do administrative work and keep surgery office running. In other conversation areas practical nurses mostly mentioned sampling of biological materials, mainly blood and faecal specimen taking to be given up to histological examination, preparing patients for an endoscopic exam, communication with patients and attending to the intimacy of patients. Consequently we found out that more than half of the practical nurses pay attention to psychological conditioning of the patient before rectoscopy. The research also revealed some weak spots. More than half of the nurses in the focus group do not inform patients about preparations before anoscope exam. Barely one third of the group said that they inform patients about the natural emptying before the exam. Regarding the issue of giving information about lifestyle, we came to the conclusion that practical nurses, even though they do not have enough time, try to inform patients about physical activities, hygiene care and quality of eating and they do it in sufficient rate. But because of the time constrain they put emphasis only on the essential information.

Use of inhalation systems with asthma in connection with nursing
Asthma bronchiale is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways, connected to bronchial hyperactivity leading to shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness and cough. It effects people of all age categories and cannot be efficiently cured nor prevented. The incidence ranks this disease among the most common children´s chronic diseases. It affects a significant part of the global population - records say about 300 million people. Its prevalence has dramatically increased over the last 20 years. It is estimated that in 2025 about 400 million people will suffer from asthma. Cornerstones of asthma control are based on early diagnostics, efficient treatment, adherence to lifestyle changes and proper use of inhalation devices. Once the treatment is effective and check-ups and the use of inhalation therapy are regular, the prognosis of asthma is very favourable and it is possible to improve the patient´s quality of life. The control over asthma and its maintenance is the main objective of treatment. This can be achieved by using anti-inflammatory therapy, especially in inhalation form. This Bachelor´s thesis focuses on mapping inhalation systems with patients with asthma bronchiale. To a large extent it deals with the issue of use of inhalation systems, keeping to lifestyle changes and the role of the nurse in asthma-specialized outpatient´s departments. We see the relevance of this topic in the fact that, despite all available literature and medical advice, many asthmatics still make mistakes in the inhalation technique. Wrongly selected inhalation systems or wrongly selected inhalation techniques results in therapeutic failures and problems of patients get worse. This does not maintain control over asthma. The fact that many asthmatics do not know their exact diagnosis and underestimate some symptoms is very alarming. In the introduction, the theoretical part focuses on the definition of the disease. Other chapters include causes and symptoms of asthma, its classification, diagnostics and treatment. It also provides information about the treatment of acute asthma attacks - exacerbation and the role of the nurse in examination of an asthmatic patient. A great part of the thesis deals with inhalation systems, their types and effects. The preparation for the use of manual handheld inhalers and nursing care for the asthmatic patient in outpatient and inpatient care is developed at the end of the theoretical part. The objective of this part was to summarize the current knowledge about this issue. The objective of the Bachelor´s thesis was to map the use of inhalation systems in patients with asthma bronchiale. The following research questions were used: How do nurses inform patients about the use of inhalation systems? What type of inhaler do patients like? What is the nurse´s involvement in the examination of asthmatic patients? What are the most common mistakes in the application with an inhaler? How do asthmatics keep to lifestyle changes? The practical part of the thesis contains the results of qualitative research which was made on the basis of the semi-structured interview. Final interviews were transcribed and subsequently processed by the technique of open coding. The research sample was made of 12 asthmatics and 9 nurses working in selected asthma-specialized outpatient´s departments. With respect to the results found, an information brochure was created - see Annex 7 - which is intended for use by asthmatics. We believe that the results of this thesis will be helpful for asthmatics and increase the interest of experts in this issue and will also address other people willing to take part in its solution.

Documentation of the nature reserve Miletinska bazantnice (Czech Republic)
Stejskalová, Klára ; Skalický, Milan (advisor) ; Martinková, Jaroslava (referee)
The aim of this study is to document the floristic species diversity through research in the natural reserve Miletinska bazantnice. Documentation was carried out on the territory concerned during the growing season of 2015. There was a determination of vascular species. The research was mainly focused on endangered and protected species. The whole area is part of sites of European importance under the Habitats Directive Natura 2000 Miletinska bazantnice was declared a nature reserve in 1954 with an area of 75, 43 hectares and is part of a small-scale specially protected area. Typical features of the area are remnants of natural Podzvicinsko geobiocenosis and therefore the reason for its protection. Further it describes the history, characteristics of the territory and the natural conditions that are typical for the locality. These include soil science, climate, hydrological, geomorphological, geological and phytogeographical. On the territory of the nature reserve are recorded two memorial trees. It´s oaks (Quercus robur) called Zizkovy duby. At present territories were found in protected and endangered species and classified under the Red and black list of vascular plants of the Czech Republic (Grulich, 2012) and Decree of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic no. 395/1992 Coll. Into the category of rare taxa that require additional attention include species such as Carex otrubae, Cerastium lucorum, Daphne mezereum, Galium boreale, Listera ovata and Primula veris. The only species Platanthera bifolia is ranked in the category of endangered under both the Red and black list of vascular plants in the Czech Republic and under Decree. In the field survey, attention was also paid to invasive species, sorted by Catalogue of alien plants of the Czech Republic (Pyšek et al., 2012) and categorized archeophytes (Arctium tomentosum, Cirsium arvense, Convolvulus arvensis, Chelidonium majus) and neophytes (Arrhenatherum elatius, Impatiens parviflora) and described their risks (Mlíkovský and Stýblo, 2006)