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Mexican illegal trade in the context of organized crime
Uvírová, Šárka ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Gullová, Soňa (referee)
This thesis focuses on the highly discussed topic of organized crime in Mexico and the illegal business operations carried out by Mexican groups of organized crime denominated drug cartels. The text is divided into two parts. The theoretical part includes definitions, characteristics and trends of organized crime and illegal trade and problems in dealing with this problem. The practical part then focuses on the specific situation in Mexico (cartels, their activities, functioning, influence and solution proposal). This paper aims to analyze the current situation and functioning of drug cartels in the country through different perspectives (typology, activities, way and cause of their origin) in order to map their impact and influence, while demonstrating that these groups fulfill the global concept of international organized crime. Partial targets will be the comparison of the functioning of these groups of organized crime and legal businesses; find out whether or not these activities affect political and economic development; based on the previous information analyze key issues and last, but not least to propose solutions to combat this phenomenon.
Norway's relations with the EU and possible cooperation with the Czech Republic
Roschelová, Iveta ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Gullová, Soňa (referee)
The Master's thesis analyzes relations of Norway to the European union. The main objective is to describe historical development of Norway's relation to the European integration and both two unsuccessful attempts to join the EU. Furthermore, the Thesis clarifies why Norway is not an EU member yet, how bis is the probability of its accession in the future and which advantages and disadvantages would the eventual membership bring to them. The second objective is to analyze the trade and economic cooperation between the Czech republic and Norway and to assess its intenzity. One part of the Thesis is also devoted to the questionnaire survey whose main task is to discover the opinion of Norwegians on the country´s accession to the EU.
The analysis of the marketing strategy of chosen airlines
Teimlová, Aneta ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Gullová, Soňa (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is the analysis of the marketing strategy of chosen airlines, Austrian Airlines, Emirates and Korean Air, and their comparison. The analysis is focused on the SWOT analysis and the marketing mix of these airlines. The result is the evaluation of the efficiency of current marketing strategies and the proposal of specific steps which could be applied to these marketing strategies. The next parts of the thesis are the characteristic and the history of the aviation, the characteristic of the marketing of services and the marketing research which helped to the evaluation of current marketing strategies and to new suggestions.
World electric vehicle market
Waisová, Veronika ; Gullová, Soňa (advisor) ; Štemberk, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the electric vehicle market, it examines main players and best-selling brands. The thesis includes aspects that have a significant impact on the market. The thesis also examines trends and perspectives of the development of the market.
S-publishing on the Czech market
Linhartová, Nikola ; Gullová, Soňa (advisor) ; Horáková, Helena (referee)
The thesis deals with marketing strategy for the product S-publishing on the Czech market. Main goal of the thesis is a creation of appropriate marketing strategy for company Sittardia, that will focus mainly on communication channels on the Internet. Part of the thesisis also segmentation of potentional customers, competition analysis and SWOT analysis.
Marketing strategy of AC Sparta Praha in Czech republic and abroad
Hanzálek, Jan ; Gullová, Soňa (advisor) ; Srbecký, Michal (referee)
The aim of this study is at first to investigate objectively and evaluate the marketing strategy of the club. With the help of various analyzes, the entire concept will be monitored and defined easily both on Czech and international scale. Not targeting solely on the current research, but I'd like to suggest some changes that might improve and strengthen the position of the team in the future.
Foreign development assistance of the Czech republic - application on specific development project
Grestenbergerová, Petra ; Štěrbová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Gullová, Soňa (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with development aid of the Czech Republic. The first chapter focuses on Official development assistance including legislative background, history, individual forms and major recipients. Subsequently, the most important organizations related to development aid. The same will be applied on the example of the Czech Republic in the second chapter. Last part focuses on non-profit organization called People in Need, its function, sources of income and projects that this organization is engaged in. Specifically, the thesis focuses on the analysis of one particular project, Establishment of sustainable drinking water supply systems in small towns in the district zone of Sidama in Ethiopia.
Czech-Korean cultural relations and trade
Fischer, Jan ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Gullová, Soňa (referee)
My thesis called Czech-Korean cultural relations and trade focuses on understanding the korean culture and mentality and how it reflects on business meetings. It also includes basic infornatiom about trade between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Korea. It is structured to give the audience an overview of South Korea. Used methodes are: comparison of own experience with available literature, questionnaire and a survey about korean knowledge of the Czech Republic and some certain products. Through these methods I come to a conclusion that even though Koreans think of the Czech Republic as a racist country, it is still a very lucrative business destination. I managed to confirm the popularity of czech beer in Korea or short stories called Krteček and Pat and Mat. At the end of my thesis I write about my own working experience for korean employers and share some useful advice.
The investment climate of India as a member of BRICS
Čípová, Tereza ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Gullová, Soňa (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the investment climate of India and the association of BRICS, to which India is a member. Its main goal is to evaluate the investment climate of India and identify its most attractive areas. Within this goal, the first chapter outlines the creation and macroeconomic development of BRICS as well as the cooperation between its members. The second and most important chapter deals with India itself. It contains the characteristics of the country including its economy, it focuses on the development and main reforms of the investment climate, on the inflow of foreign direct investment and also on the issues of entering the market which implies to the barriers of entry and investment incentives. The third chapter consists of SWOT analysis of indian investment climate comprising its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Possibilities of foreign internships for university students in Czech Republic
Fryčková, Markéta ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Gullová, Soňa (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on possibilities of foreign internships for university students in Czech Republic. The first part of the thesis concerns internships of Faculty of International Relations at University of economics. The second part makes analysis of foreign internships arranged by student's multicultural organization AIESEC. The third part of the thesis describes foreign internships arranged by another student's multicultural organization IAESTE, which is intended more for technical students. The aim of the thesis is to analyse all of the possibilities of foreign internships. Furthermore, to determine their main benefits for students.

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