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Business plan to establish a non-profit organization in the field of corporate social responsibility
Petříková, Viktorie
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to describe the process of establishing a non-profit organization in the field of corporate social responsibility. In the thesis will be evaluated the current situation of the non-profit organizations in the field of corporate social responsibility in the Czech Republic. The theoretical background of the bachelor thesis will be done using current literature and other information. The establishment will be evaluated using the SWOT analysis and according to the current needs will use relevant analytic tools.

Unconvential monetary policy adopted by ECB and FED in 2008-2015
Pörner, Marek ; Šetková, Lenka (advisor) ; Ševčíková, Michaela (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to analyse the accomplishment of the goals set, namely those of the selected unconventional monetary policies approved by the Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank in response to the last financial crisis. With the FED the attention is focused on Quantitative Easing, whereas with the ECB it is focused on the programmes called Enhanced Credit Support, SMP, OMT and EAPP. Important parts of this thesis are also the explanation of the transmission mechanism of the unconventional monetary policy, the evaluation of macroeconomic impacts of these non-standard tools, the comparison of procedures of the two monitored central banks, but mainly the analysis of selected risks related to those tools. The principal method was an empirical analysis supported by economic studies dealing with the issues mentioned above. In the thesis it was discovered that the individual goals of the monitored programmes were achieved (with the exception of the SMP). With the programme EAPP no conlusion can be drawn because the programme has not been finished yet. Nevertheless, these non-standard tools bring certain risks such as a creation of a bubble in the markets of assets, a redistribution of wealth, a spillover effect, etc. For that reason it will be possible to evaluate the overall effect of the unconventional monetary policies only after a longer time period.

Differences and similarities on the approaches of buyers from X and Y generations regarding sustainable procurement
Lacour, Maxime ; Štěrbová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Geniaux, Isabelle (referee)
Responsible procurement has become a real challenge for companies following the current trends of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and more and more ethic-oriented customers. Differing from the concept of green procurement this concept of responsible procurement supports the willingness of companies to have ethic and sustainable supplies. The usual criteria in procurement such as price performances innovation terms and time of payment have increasingly been coupled with more ethic-oriented ones. These criteria related to ethics combine both social and environmental responsibilities of suppliers and stakeholders such as energetic savings and the possession of a particular certification. Currently many call for tenders set ecological requirements for suppliers or subcontractors even in non-strategic procurement activities. The goal of this thesis is about comparing this approach to responsible procurement between buyers from the X and Y generation: do they share the same ideas and priorities concerning responsible procurement? For both of these generations are the advantages and drawbacks of responsible procurement similar?

Analysis of the decision-making factors in freight forwarder selection process
Šrámková, Eva ; Novák, Radek (advisor) ; Cempírek, Václav (referee) ; Průša, Bohumil (referee)
The thesis analyses the factors of customer decision-making process by choosing a freight forwarder in the Czech Republic market. While applying factors by other relevant research studies dealing with the decision-making process of customers in non-European countries, the research examines factors characteristic for the Czech customers. Questionnaires and in-depth interviews as research methods are applied. Within the research, a new service quality instrument TARRQUAL was developed. The TARRQUAL was proved on a survey including 250 customers of freight forwarder Kühne+Nagel Czech Republic. As service quality measurement, TARRQUAL is supposed to be applied particularly in logistics business field. The project aims at providing input for empirical research in the field of service quality in container shipping, which is lacking in the Central and East European countries.

Speculation on oil markets and its impact on commodity's price
Melcher, Ota ; Taušer, Josef (advisor) ; Baláž, Peter (referee) ; Müller, Štěpán (referee)
This study aims to analyse the precrisis period on the oil markets with a primary objective of assessing the role of speculation in the commodity's price development and its volatility. First it depicts the rapidly increasing speculative activity on the futures market together with the parallel oil price surge. The speculation is initially proxied by non-commercial traders' positions and subsequently quantified by Working's T-index. The paper then uses speculative traders' positions and both spot and futures prices to test for Granger causality within the framework of VAR models. For the sake of consistency it also evaluates causal links between speculation and inventories level. Further the study investigates the speculation impact on volatility of oil prices by employing various approaches in volatility quantification including GARCH models. Contrary to expectations we find that the speculatio's impact on both prices and their volatility is rather insignificant. In the last chapter we therefore seek for an explanation of the oil price developments by examining the market fundamentals. The interaction of supply and demand finally gives substantial evidence for understanding the price developments in the precrisis period.

Differences between men and women in the Czech labour market
Stroukal, Dominik ; Kadeřábková, Božena (advisor) ; Pavelka, Tomáš (referee) ; Němec, Otakar (referee)
This thesis consists of five articles that apply current world research on labor economics at the Czech Republic and confirms the significant differences between men and women in this market. It shows that gender has a significant influence on the preference on the labor market and, consequently, on employment and health. First, the thesis shows that preferences are relevant determinant of career and then we study the difference in preference of salary for men and women. Subsequently it shows that gender plays a significant role in explaining the relationship between homeownership, and unemployment, as well as unemployment and health. The first chapter was able to demonstrate that the preference for a career has a positive influence on the choice of career. The influence of higher education on prioritizing career proved to be positive and significant. Probability of a career choice is reduced by the presence of children, however, is not dependent on their number, which is contrary to the theory of preferences. The second chapter shows that Czech women prefer more non-monetary rewards than men. It has also been shown that people with university education are same in the preferences of non-monetary rewards regardless of the gender of the respondents, however, compared to the world's research, the Czech higher education increases this preference. It turned out that women prefer risk less than men. The third chapter demonstrates that although the housing market undermines labor mobility and employment in the Czech Republic at the regional level, therefore, that in regions with a higher rate of home ownership is higher unemployment, at the individual level, the owners of housing are unemployed are less likely. The estimates are significantly different for men and women. Men living in owner-occupied housing have a higher likelihood of employment than women. At regional level, however, this thesis shows that the high rate of home ownership increases unemployment for both men and women, in the long run only to women. The fourth chapter showed that men transition to homeownership reduces the likelihood of unemployment next year. For women, this relationship has proved to be insignificant. In addition, as insignificant showed the opposite relationship, the transition from unemployment to the newly acquired home ownership. The last chapter shows that the change in the working status to unemployment will increase in the future probability of worse health. Influence in less than two years, however, proved to be significant. An important conclusion is that men have a significantly stronger relationship between health and unemployment than women.

Proposing the financial performance prediction index for decision support of the hospital management
Hajdíková, Taťána ; Černá, Anna (advisor) ; Lieskovská, Vanda (referee) ; Lazar, Jaromír (referee)
Dissertation thesis deals with the managerial needs in the area of financial health. Managers need a tool to reveal the impending financial failure or to assess the financial quality of the organization. They link their decisions to performance, ability to pay, employee productivity, financial resources and financial risk. In the theoretical part of the thesis it is necessary to explain the non-profit sector and its connection with the hospital environment. It is also necessary to introduce models used both in the Czech Republic and abroad, which share common elements. The basic aim of this thesis is to propose a financial performance prediction index for decision support of the hospital management, the owners of hospitals and insurance companies. To achieve the basic goal, three sub-goals must be accomplished. The first goal is to divide the hospitals into healthy and unhealthy by using the multi-criteria methods. The second goal is, based on an expert approach with the support of statistical methods, the selection of indicators appropriate for the hospital environment and the third goal is to find a suitable method for the determination of weighted representation of individual indicators in the proposed index and to assemble the final form of the new financial index for the hospital environment.

Analysis of the marketing activities in nonprofit organization INEX-SDA
Müllerová, Michaela ; Procházková, Markéta (advisor) ; Polcar, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze marketing activities of nonprofit organization INEX-SDA and make recommendations relating to the marketing mix which would increase awareness of this foundation and also increase voluntary help from the public. The thesis is divided into two parts. First part deals with theoretical definition of marketing and its specifics related to the nonprofit sector. The theoretical part is followed by a practical part in which organization INEX-SDA and the individual elements of the marketing mix are specified. In this part there was also done marketing research. With the analysis of marketing activities information is obtained which together with the theoretical knowledge leads to recommendations relating to the marketing activities of this non-profit organization. The thesis ends with an overall summary.

del Corro, Elena ; Peňa-Alvarez, M. ; Morales-García, A. ; Bouša, Milan ; Řáhová, Jaroslava ; Kavan, Ladislav ; Kalbáč, Martin ; Frank, Otakar
The research on graphene has attracted much attention since its first successful preparation in 2004. It possesses many unique properties, such as an extreme stiffness and strength, high electron mobility, ballistic transport even at room temperature, superior thermal conductivity and many others. The affection for graphene was followed swiftly by a keen interest in other two dimensional materials like transition metal dichalcogenides. As has been predicted and in part proven experimentally, the electronic properties of these materials can be modified by various means. The most common ones include covalent or non-covalent chemistry, electrochemical, gate or atomic doping, or quantum confinement. None of these methods has proven universal enough in terms of the devices' characteristics or scalability. However, another approach is known mechanical strain/stress, but experiments in that direction are scarce, in spite of their high promises.\nThe primary challenge consists in the understanding of the mechanical properties of 2D materials and in the ability to quantify the lattice deformation. Several techniques can be then used to apply strain to the specimens and thus to induce changes in their electronic structure. We will review their basic concepts and some of the examples so far documented experimentally and/or theoretically.

Parallel single-cell analysis of active caspase-3/7 in apoptotic and non-apoptotic cells
Ledvina, Vojtěch ; Klepárník, Karel
Caspases are proteases that play key role in the process of apoptosis, the programmed\ncell death. Among them, caspase-3 and -7 are main executioner caspases that cleave\nmany vital proteins during apoptosis and after their widespread activation, the process\ncannot be reversed. To analyze caspase-3/7 activation within single cells, a miniaturized\ndevice for parallel analysis of eight samples was developed. The assay is based on the\nmodified luciferin-firefly luciferase bioluminescence (BL) system. Individual\nsuspended cells were collected and transferred into detection microvials using a\nmicromanipulator. The bioluminescence was detected using a photon counting head\nwith cooled photcathode. The LOD suitable for detection of active caspase-3/7 in both\napoptotic and non-apoptotic cells was reached.