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How Polyglots Learn Languages. Methods for Language Acquisition by Multilingual People
This thesis aims to find out what methods polyglots use to acquire languages; what the time horizon of that is; what the reason for a particular choice of a language is; and how to actually become a polyglot. Therefore, the thesis will deal with polyglots and methods of language acquisition in multilingual individuals. The theoretical part will explain the terms relevant to the topic. Assumptions that may affect language learning will also be discussed. Subsequently, the types of learning styles will be analyzed, while the last part of the thesis will focus on methods of language acquisition. A questionnaire will be used for practical analysis, which will be filled in by multilingual individuals. The questions they will answer concern their nationality, mother tongue, the number of languages they speak, the order in which they learnt them, etc. Furthermore, the questionnaire will examine different types of language learning methods and based on that, the interviewers will evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. The completed questionnaires will be further analyzed and interpreted.
Quantum dot luminescent probe for Caspase 3/7 imaging inside cells
Procházková, Markéta ; Klepárník, Karel
Two step synthesis of luminescent probe based on ligand-exchange in the first step and the specific reaction of amino group in the second step was optimized. The luminescence properties of the final product were checked by time course of\nactive recombinant caspase protein reaction under the model conditions in fluorimeter. The novel luminescent probe enables long-time imaging of active caspases in living cells or tissues.
Bioluminescent probe for caspase imaging inside cells based on Foerster resonance energy transfer between quantum dot and quencher
Procházková, Markéta ; Klepárník, Karel
In this work testing of novel quantum dot luminescent probe is presented. The quantum dot FRET-based luminescent probe enables long-time luminescent imaging of active caspases in living cells under microscope.
Old stories in the service of new society: Bai She zhuan
Procházková, Markéta ; Lomová, Olga (advisor) ; Andrš, Dušan (referee)
This thesis will focus on The Story of the White Snake (Baishe zhuan) written by the modern playwright Tian Han for a production in the genre of Peking Opera in the 1950s. We can understand this adaptation as the implementation of the cultural policy of the PRC of this period, which, among other things, turned to local traditions and pursued to reinterpret them in the spirit of the ideology of the new society. Reinterpretation of the local traditions in the perspective of new values was common even in earlier times, as we have documented in Chinese literary heritage of several centuries. The author will focus on the concept of the topic of love as a social relationship, which came to the center of attention of Chinese intellectuals during the process of modernization and which was followed by the ideology of the Communist Party of China. Based on the analysis of Tian Han's adaptation the author will present the concept of the main characters and the approach to the love theme and religious motifs, she will also confront Tian Han's adaptation with older versions of the story and observe enforced values and attitudes. The author combines the analysis of the libretto with the period reflection of the story and its promotion in the press. Keywords Tian Han, Baishe zhuan, Peking Opera, 1950s China, theatre
Loyalty program of clothing shop
Topičová, Kristýna ; Procházková, Markéta (advisor) ; Špunarová, Monika (referee)
At present, a theme of loyalty programs is very popular. The valuable loyalty programs can be considered as some kind of competitive advantage that helps company to grow. However, business organization has to do its activities with regard to its customers. This Master thesis attempts to create a complex concept of loyalty program for clothing shops according to customers wishes. The results indicate that customers want loyalty program of clothing shops based on permanent discounts. The findings also suggest that even though people do not want to share personal data they are willing to exchange those data with companies for rewards when loyalty program benefits seems to be attractive to them. These finding have major implementation for marketing managers who want to build successful loyalty programs.
Marketing Plan – Information software for veterinarian
Liška, Martin ; Procházková, Markéta (advisor) ; Trnka, Vít (referee)
The subject for the Diploma Thesis is Marketing Plan for a company whose core business is development and sell of the Information software for veterinarian. The framework is focused on strategic marketing management and preparation of Marketing plan in theoretical way. Practical part consists of the marketing plan for the company.
Marketing of the luxury brand Dior
Sedláková, Pavla ; Procházková, Markéta (advisor) ; Horáková, Iva (referee)
The main topic of this bachelor thesis is the marketing of the luxury fashion brand Dior. The aim is to describe and analyze marketing methods. This thesis describes which tools Dior use to gain customers and how these tools work. The theoretical part of my work is focused on introducing marketing, marketing mix and marketing strategy. I was also devoted to luxury. The methodological part introduces selected methods of bachelor thesis and hypotheses. On of the part of the thesis is an analysis of questionnaire survey on the perception of the Dior brand and the term luxury. The practical part also includes interviews with fashion bloggers and their look at luxury, luxury brands and the Dior brand.
Marketing activities of music band
Fantová, Tereza ; Procházková, Markéta (advisor) ; Ťoukálek, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis is divided into practical and theoretical part. Its aim is the analysis of the marketing activities of the band TEREZA FANTOVÁ & STAFF, the interpretation of the results and subsequent suggestions of the own solution. In the theoretical part I describe the methods and tools, by which I processed the data for the analysis, it also presents the basic pillar of marketing, which is the marketing mix. In practical part I introduced the band, its current marketing activities and their success on the basis of research. The main benefits of this thesis are the concrete results, from which I drew suggestions for improvement and, with regard to them, suggestions for new marketing activities.
Applying digital marketing for start-up development
Zadáková, Diana ; Procházková, Markéta (advisor) ; Čermáková, Senta (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is devoted to digital marketing and its use for the development of a new fitness portal The theoretical part deals with internet marketing, or digital marketing and its influence on marketing strategy and tactics. The work focuses on online communication, which, due to massive use of the Internet and digital technology, has created a separate communication mix. The work deals with all online communication tools (advertising, PR, sales promotion, direct marketing) and evaluates its benefits for the company. The practical part describes application of content marketing and PR in social media for the development of the start-up Two main targets were to increase on-line traffic for the portal and to broaden awareness among population. In the conclusion chapter the fulfillment of the goals using Google Analytics is discussed and recommendations for the future direction of the development of the portal are outlined.

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