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Perspectives of the Merchandise Trade between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Korea and Indonesia
Málek, Ondřej ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Machala, Martin (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to analyze the merchandise trade of the Czech Republic with the Republic of Korea and with the Republic of Indonesia and to forecast possible areas of Czech export. The main indicators used for the analysis are: macroeconomic and demographic data of each economy, ratings of international organisations, specifics of Korean and Indonesian markets and values and flows of international trade with a detailed focus on the Czech Republic, the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Indonesia. These indicators were observed mainly in the period of 2001-2015.
Specifics of trading electricity in the EU
Švecová, Stanislava ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Machala, Martin (referee)
Electrical energy is a specific commodity. Energy market is specific as well. The thesis deals with these specifics. It describes the structure of the market, its participants and the process of the European energy market liberalization and integration. Furthermore, it deals with execution and settlement of trades, and risk management. In the end a case study devoted to the scandal of US energy giant Enron is presented.
Analysis of export opportunies for company Klatovské rybářství, a.s.
Hofman, Jiří ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Mrkvičková, Alena (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze export opportunities for company Klatovské rybářství, a.s. in selected countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia). The first chapter provides basic information about history of fish farming and fishing in Bohemia, Czech fish producers and company Klatovské rybářství. The second chapter gives a view on the world fish trade, the fish consumption in selected countries and activities of Klatovské rybářství on domestic and foreign markets. The third chapter contains SWOT analysis of company Klatovské rybářství, a.s. The last chapter gives an outlook to export opportunities in selected countries.
Foreign trade of Slovak republic with wood
Danková, Mária ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Šatanová, Anna (referee)
The work describes management of wood of Slovak republic, characterizes the current situation of forestry and wooden industry, policies and practices that this sector uses and that affect the foreign commerce with wood and wooden products of the country. This paper also analyses particular influences on the total amount and final structure of traded wood, as well as on the effectiveness of these transactions. It summarizes objectively the position of this commodity in Slovakia, the ability of exploitation of Slovak potential in the area of foreign trade with wood and finally, forecasts the possibility of next trends in this sector.
Marketing strategy of a shopping center
Radačovská, Lucie ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Průša, Přemysl (referee)
The topic of the Bachelor thesis is Marketing strategy of a shopping center; it is focused on a case study of the VIVO! Hostivař shopping center in Prague. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the current marketing strategy of this shopping centre, determine the typical customer and based on the situational analysis and results of the research in form of a questionnaire I will evaluate the marketing strategy of the shopping center. The thesis includes proposals of marketing instruments and recommendations, which should improve the marketing strategy.
Business Environment of the US and the EU - Comparison
Dufala, Mario ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Tsybyktarov, Aldar (referee)
The Bachelor Thesis aims to compare the business environment in the EU and the US. It is divided into four chapters. The first is dedicated to the definition of enterprise, the business environment, the standard of living and the quality of life. In the second and third, we focus on the history of the US and the European Union and their business environment. The fourth, final chapter, compares the business environment in the US and the EU. To compare, we use the results published by multinational organizations. At the end of this chapter, we discuss the relationship between the business environment, the standard of living and the quality of life.
The Position of TOKOZ Company in the European Market of Locks
Chládková, Barbora ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Valoušková, Michaela (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the current position of company TOKOZ in the german and british market and summarise, which of both markets is more suitable for strenghtening the company's position in it. For comparison of the perspective of both markets were used PEST and SWOT analysis, description of the evolution of the company's current export activities in western Europe and characteristics of the market of safety products (locks and hinges) in analysed terirories. After the comparison of all the aspects was decided that more perspective market is the british market.
Utilizing Internet tools in creating and implementing the strategy of TeskaLabs company
Pavelka, Miloslav ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
This thesis covers the ways of utilizing internet tools for creating and implementing the strategy of TeskaLabs company. The amount of internet tools that provide various services to companies has risen significantly lately. TeskaLabs is a technology company that is aware of the potential of using internet tools instead of expansive boxed products. The thesis describes what inputs were key during choice of internet tools and what tools became part of the company's infrastructure in the end. Testing of internet tools involved communicators, internet storage services, tools for project management customer relationship management and marketing tools that implement email campaigns, creation of web presentation and internet content and social networks. Overview of functionality of various internet tools is provided and it may serve as a manual for companies that want to exploit the potential of internet services for their good.
The nuclear power in Japan and selected european countries
Galková, Alžbeta ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of nuclear energy. Within thesis we focus on attitude of Germany, Japan, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. We assess their energy policy and transition to renewable energy. The first chapter deals with importance of nuclear energy in European Union. The second chapter is focused on new opportunities in the energy sector and concept of smart cities. The third chapter analyzes the energy of Japan, the fourth chapter the energy of Germany and the fifth chapter is focused on energy of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.
Potential of trade between the Czech Republic and India – possibilities of its promotion
Proch, Dominik ; Müller, Štěpán (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
In the diploma thesis, author focuses on the state of the Indian economy and the position of India in the foreign trade of the Czech Republic. Firstly, local specifics and current changes (after 2014 elections) are outlined. Afterwards, an analysis of the India's position in international relations, its foreign trade relations and the intensity of mutual trade with the Czech Republic is propounded. The third chapter deals with the Czech system of trade promotion, including a description of its institutional structure and relation to the Czech export destined to India. In the last part of the thesis, author provides readers with a case study of selected Czech companies operating in the Indian market. The aim is to evaluate the possibilities and limits of bilateral trade and investment exchange promotion.

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