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Vývoj poptávky na trhu s domy na stromech
Přibyl, Vojtěch
The bachelor thesis focuses on the development of demand on the market for tree houses, including the demand for renting such houses for recreational purposes. The thesis also presents the most used type of tree house construction. Furthermore, the thesis describes the costs involved in the construction of tree houses. The thesis continues with data collected from a questionnaire from companies renting tree houses and from companies building tree houses. Then follows the questionnaire for general public. The thesis concludes with conclusions drawn from the data collected.
Analýza trhu se stavbami na bázi dřeva
Pospíšilová, Kateřina
The bachelor’s thesis deals with the analysis of the development of demand on the market of wood-based constructions in the Czech Republic. The main goal of the work was a market price survey of offers of wooden buildings according to selected and justified constructions. Furthermore, the work deals with the evaluation of marketability and identification of potentially successful structures in the market segment of the Czech Republic. The work in a broader context compares selected structures of wooden buildings with the prices of houses and apartments of non-wooden structures based on the floor area. At the end of the work there are the results of an exploration of individual companies dealing with the implementation of wooden buildings. The results are based on a questionnaire in which representatives of companies answered specific questions in four areas (construction company – authorized person, construction company – main information, interest in wooden buildings, personal opinion of the respondent). The information obtained will serve to specify the interest of users of the Czech Republic in wooden buildings. The exploration is intended primarily for suppliers of these structural systems.
Marketingová studie spokojenosti uživatelů dřevostaveb na území Jihomoravského kraje
Čejka, David
The bachelor thesis focuses on a marketing study of the satisfaction of users of wooden buildings in the South Moravian Region. The investigation was designed to the approved wooden buildings between 2015 and 2022. Thanks to the questionnaire, I obtained answers to the individual headings, where I received information about the owners of the wooden buildings themselves. In addition, owners responded based on their experience and expectations of timber-frame construction. I then compiled the results into graphs and commented on them. I compared them with results from previous years. I formulated marketing recommendations for wood building contractors. I evaluated the practical benefits for the timber industry and the construction sector in the South Moravian Region.
Marketingová studie spokojenosti uživatelů dřevostaveb v Jihočeském kraji
Prokop, Pavel
The Bachelor Thesis deals with a research of satisfaction of the wooden building users in the South Bohemian Region. Information from the users was obtained by a previously defined questionnaire, which was split into four parts. The respondents -- the owners -- answered the questions related to their wooden houses, their interest in wooden houses and their own practical experiences as well. The research was performed for the houses approved for occupancy between 1995--2015. In the first (theoretical) part, wood was introduced as a constructional material, hereafter various construction systems were introduced as well. Here are mentioned as well as brief description of the South Bohemian Region. In the second -- practical part, an assessment of the research was done. The collected data from the wooden house users were compiled and are shown in the charts with short comments.
Marketing study of users satisfaction with wood-buildings in the Regions of Karlovy Vary and of Hradec Králové and their mutual comparison
Adlof, Jakub ; Sloup, Roman (advisor) ; Veselá, Michaela (referee)
This work is focused on ratings user satisfaction wooden buildings in Karlovy Vary and Hradec Kralove region. Information from users was recorded in a pre-prepared questionnaire, which reflects not only their satisfaction with the wooden system, but also their interest in wooden houses, educational attainment and age level users. The results of these inquiries can be used as a basis material for further scientific work in future or for a general improvement in public opinion about wooden system as appropriate building technology for the construction of houses or other buildings. The first part deals with the physical properties of wood and its history of use for construction purposes. It also contains a variety of mounting options in terms of design and use of diversity in individual regions. The second part (practical) provides information and evaluation of actual field research in each region processed into graphs, accompanied by commentary for easier understanding of the problem.
The marketing study of company Aquasvět Chomutov
Kučerová, Adéla ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Lukáš, Lukáš (referee)
The diploma thesis brings the marketing study of company Aquasvět Chomutov. The own thesis is about the theory that gave a basic data for used methods and processes. Includes basic terms of marketing used in thesis. In practical part there is an introduction of the subject of thesis Aquasvět Chomutov. There are analyses made for main analysis SWOT, for its use. These are financial analysis and the competition analysis and the analysis of surroundings. Thanks to given data from used analysis it was possible to make SWOT analysis that showed weak and strong points of the company. There was also the marketing research made to show the meaning of customers and the way how they look at the company. At the end of the thesis there are suggested actions for improving the customer meaning and the attendance of the studied subject and the conclusion of given data.
Marketingová studie spokojenosti uživatelů dřevostaveb na území Zlínského kraje
Hahn, Petr
This final thesis is about the marketing study of the satisfaction of users with the wooden structures in the region of Zlín, their intentions for the purchase, advantages and disadvantages of these houses and the connection with the regional development in this area. In the end contains author's recommendations for the companies in the wooden structure industry. Concerning author's field of study -- the regional development and business is this work focused more on the marketing and regional development point of view then forestry. The theoretical part contains description of the region of Zlín, the forestry, demography, economy and regional development in the field of housing and some other aspect important for this region. The practical part focuses on the research in detail. It covers the phase before the data collection, the data collection itself, their analysis, results and the creation of the connection between the reached data and the theory.
Marketingová studie spokojenosti uživatelů dřevostaveb v Plzeňském kraji
Sedlák, Jakub
This thesis is focused on a marketing study of users satisfaction of woodbuildings in Plzen region. This thesis evaluates information from users that was reached by questionary searching. Results are sorted to the four categories: people, woodbuildings, interest, experience. From these topics are determined the most common type of user, used woodbuildings, first expectation and experience of users and quality and price comparation with brick buildings. It could be helpfull for companies that are deal with building and woodbuildings production to do life in woodbuildings more comfortable. Research could be usable also for new users during their decision making.
Marketingová studie spokojenosti uživatelů dřevostaveb na území Olomouckého kraje
Mašta, Michal
This final thesis is about the marketing study of the satisfaction of users with the wooden structures in the region of Olomouc. The research focused on wooden structures approved from 1995 to 2014 and determined the basic profile of their users, type of construction and initial motives leading to the realization of construction. Based on the experience gained, were further specified the advantages and disadvantages of this type of houses. Due to studies in the field of regional development, this work is more focused on socioeconomic factors than timber factors. Conclusion of this study contains an overall assessment of timber, characteristics of typical user, recommendations for suppliers and local autonomy.

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