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Vývoj poptávky na trhu s domy na stromech
Přibyl, Vojtěch
The bachelor thesis focuses on the development of demand on the market for tree houses, including the demand for renting such houses for recreational purposes. The thesis also presents the most used type of tree house construction. Furthermore, the thesis describes the costs involved in the construction of tree houses. The thesis continues with data collected from a questionnaire from companies renting tree houses and from companies building tree houses. Then follows the questionnaire for general public. The thesis concludes with conclusions drawn from the data collected.
Costs of civil trial proceedings
Přibyl, Vojtěch ; Winterová, Alena (advisor) ; Smolík, Petr (referee)
12. Abstract Costs of civil proceedings with concentration in petty cases This diploma thesis focuses on costs of civil trial proceedings. Although costs of proceedings are often perceived as a secondary topic, their reimbursement may commonly represent a very problematic issue for a party to a case. Costs of proceedings are incurred by both parties to a case or involved parties and the state. The thesis describes different principles that are applied to decision-making about reimbursement of the costs of proceedings with regard to their origin and the type of proceedings. After a general introduction to the costs of proceedings issues I pay attention to different types of costs of proceedings. In the second chapter I deal in more detail with the representation fee, which is usually the largest expense of the party to the case. Further I explain the terms of payment and reimbursement of the costs of proceedings. I also study an institute of moderation law that enables the court in certain conditions to disallow the reimbursement of the costs fully or partially. The core of my thesis is the reimbursement of the costs in petty cases. The whole chapter is devoted to the term of petty case because of controversial issues of one instance appeal and the limits of boundaries that set petty cases. Minor cases which...
Application versatile module LabJack\hindex{TM} in education of physics
PŘIBYL, Vojtěch
Theme of this thesis is using of universal module LabJack U3-HVTM as support for physics lessons. This thesis describes the universal module LabJack U3-HVTM and evaluation method of measured value on the computer screen using software eSimLab. To all physical tasks is described path of signal with measured string from developed sensor until evaluation of signal in the computer. In the thesis is specifically described a function of developed sensors of physical quantities, there are subscribed diagrams including PCB and parts list. The thesis is including designed physical tasks for monitoring of atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind direction, sunshine duration and the role of measurement of the signal on the optical transmitter using the developed sensors and universal module LabJack U3-HVTM.
Application of the Universal USB Module LabJack
PŘIBYL, Vojtěch
This thesis describes applications of general-purpose USB module LabJackTM. This thesis acquaints with individual measuring modules by LabJackTM Company. It describes the selected modules LabJack U12TM and LabJack U3-HVTM at great length. This thesis contains selected themes acceptable for the application with modules LabJackTM and selection and implementation of sensors usable in selected themes. In this thesis is the signal way through measuring chain from sensor of physical quantity to final signal evaluation through the software eSimLab in detail described, propounded, in practice implemented and checked by measurements.

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