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Marketing study of users satisfaction with wood-buildings in the Regions of Karlovy Vary and of Hradec Králové and their mutual comparison
Adlof, Jakub ; Sloup, Roman (advisor) ; Veselá, Michaela (referee)
This work is focused on ratings user satisfaction wooden buildings in Karlovy Vary and Hradec Kralove region. Information from users was recorded in a pre-prepared questionnaire, which reflects not only their satisfaction with the wooden system, but also their interest in wooden houses, educational attainment and age level users. The results of these inquiries can be used as a basis material for further scientific work in future or for a general improvement in public opinion about wooden system as appropriate building technology for the construction of houses or other buildings. The first part deals with the physical properties of wood and its history of use for construction purposes. It also contains a variety of mounting options in terms of design and use of diversity in individual regions. The second part (practical) provides information and evaluation of actual field research in each region processed into graphs, accompanied by commentary for easier understanding of the problem.
Forest reclamation and its economic evaluation in Sokolov region
Trávníček, David ; Sloup, Roman (advisor) ; Kunt, Miroslav (referee)
In mining and quarrying, carried out surface (whoesale quarry) technologies with large scale devastation of cultural landscape, the equilibrium of the natural ecosystem and also to move and store large amounts of soil material skrývaného. The mining work should be completed by the successful rehabilitation and restoration of land reclaimed their original purpose. The aim is to evaluate the current development of forestry reclamation in the Sokolov coal basin, perform the calculation and assessment of the individual methods of forestry land reclamation, hit siege works. Perform the economic evaluation of the effectiveness of forestry reclamation and evaluated to determine the economic efficiency of forestry reclamation. According to a growing economic results were evaluated forests these species: sessile oak, oak, spruce and larch on dumps William and Big Riesl. By comparing the results obtained using the above procedures was found, when calculating income from timber production unprofitable forestry reclamation projects, but after the inclusion of other functions of forests calculation results were positive in all cases. As the most effective based sessile oak stands, followed by stands of spruce and oak summer.
Use and Economics of fast-growing trees and their impact on the environment
Rytina, Tomáš ; Sloup, Roman (advisor) ; Dudík, Roman (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is focusing on the comparison of different fast growing species of trees (poplar, willow and paulownia). A theoretically calculated yield from one hectare of plantation during its lifecycle has been used for comparison. Lifecycle has been uniformly determined to 18 years. Presumed costs and yields of poplar and willow are very similar. Due to high presumed costs for establishing paulownia plantation, lower presumed profits compared to other fast growing tree species are expected. Economic profitability is mostly dependant on climatic conditions and state support. Under current economic conditions in Czech Republic, a paulownia plantation is less profitable than other compared plantations.
Analysis of timber prices of the Company Kašperskohorské městské lesy s.r.o for the selected period 2006 - 2015
Rypl, Michal ; Sloup, Roman (advisor) ; Robert, Robert (referee)
This thesis is about an analysis of the change of timber prices of the company Kašperskohorské městské lesy s.r.o. during the years 2006 - 2015. There is an analysis of the development of the market with timber according to the amount and structure of the output. The aim of this thesis is an analysis and evaluation of the selling prices of a chosen company and the assessment of the most important factors which influence the timber price. The conclusion of this thesis is, there are important factors that influence the price but that cannot be influenced by the producer. The analysis includes also factors that can be influenced by the producer and it includes a suggestion of a possible way how to increase the price respectively the income.
The problems of managing of a state-funded organisation in conditions of The Krkonoše Mountains National Park Administration
Havel, David ; Sloup, Roman (advisor) ; Alena , Alena (referee)
This study deals with financial issues of state-funded contributory organization which is restricted by national budget and other funding sources. It is focused on budgeting, funding sources and asset management of the institution. Management analysis in conditions of the Krkonoše Mountains National Park is also carried out for the last six years.

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