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Marketing study of selected subject
Kužílek, Václav ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Lukáš, Lukáš (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is a marketing study of a selected subject. Selected subject is Availpro company, which is focusing on developing and selling software solutions that are facilitating the work of hotel´s management. The main study goal is to provide suggestion that could enhance and improve the Availpro marketing processes. The study is divided into two parts. The first part is the analysis of theoretical information. This information was taken from literature and serves as a necessary foundation to understand the discussed issues. This thesis describes various marketing processes, activities and tools that are nowadays essential for any kind of business. The second part of the study is based on analysis of primary and secondary data. Primary data were obtained from a marketing survey, which aimed at customer satisfaction with Availpro products and services. Secondary data were obtained from internal resources and also from communication with representatives of marketing department. The results from mentioned analysis allowed to formulate some suggestions and recommendation that should lead to improvement of Availpro marketing activities.
Event management
Jindrová, Dagmar ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Martina, Martina (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of management and Event is divided into two parts. The first part is a literature review that addresses in detail the terms of event management, Their interdependence and continuity of the marketing mix. The Theoretical part is focused on the planning, goals and typology of events. The second section converts these theoretical knowledge, into practical part, which deals with the organization of the event by Bomton, on behalf of Aichi or Art Image Challenge International. Here is description of the process of preparation and subsequent Implementation of the event. The emphasis is on the Principles of organization this event, observation and the instruction of instructions for organizing this event. Also determines whether it complied with all of targets. With assistance of a guided interview with the organizer of the event and the survey with the guests of the event determines whether the objectives have been Achieved events. This event helps created comprehensive guide that ensures the successful holding of the gala evening and contentment from both side from Bomton and from visitors of the event.
Management skills
Hůlová, Denisa ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor)
Diplomová práce bude v první části zaměřena na analýzu manažerských technik ve veřejné správě, teoretická východiska týkající se osobnosti manažera a klasifikace jednotlivých stylů vedení,zejména se zaměřením na koučování a mentorování. Druhá část bude věnována samostatné analýze, bude proveden sběr podkladových dat prostřednictvím dotazníkového šetření a nestrukturovaného rozhovoru s pracovníky Magistrátu města Ústí nad Labem. Na základě takto získaných informací bude v poslední části vyhodnocení závěrů a doporučení pro zlepšení manažerských technik. Cílem diplomové práce je zjistit prostřednictvím charakteristik jednotlivých manažerských technik, jaký styl vedení manažeři využívají a na základě zjištěných poznatků je analyzovat a porovnat. Zhodnotit úroveň a kvalitu manažerského vedení ve vybrané organizaci ( Magistrát města Ústí nad Labem) a navrhnout opatření ke zlepšení její činnosti.
The marketing study of company Aquasvět Chomutov
Kučerová, Adéla ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Lukáš, Lukáš (referee)
The diploma thesis brings the marketing study of company Aquasvět Chomutov. The own thesis is about the theory that gave a basic data for used methods and processes. Includes basic terms of marketing used in thesis. In practical part there is an introduction of the subject of thesis Aquasvět Chomutov. There are analyses made for main analysis SWOT, for its use. These are financial analysis and the competition analysis and the analysis of surroundings. Thanks to given data from used analysis it was possible to make SWOT analysis that showed weak and strong points of the company. There was also the marketing research made to show the meaning of customers and the way how they look at the company. At the end of the thesis there are suggested actions for improving the customer meaning and the attendance of the studied subject and the conclusion of given data.
System of employee appraisal in selected organisation
Bažantová, Anna ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Lukáš, Lukáš (referee)
This thesis deals with the evaluation system of employees in a selected certain organisation XY. The main objective is to evaluate the current setting of system evaluation and, if identified deficiencies recommend appropriate solutions and remedies. The work consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is elaborated on the basis of these secondary sources. In this part there is a particular issue of performance management and personnel evaluation system. The practical part is focused on the evaluation system in particular/selected/certain organisation XY. At the beginning of the practical part the company is introduced and then the current evaluation system is described. The information that is in the work, are obtained from the studied internal company documents. Quantitative and qualitative research was used to obtain the data through a questionnaire survey. In conclusion stated evaluation issues of employee evaluation and recommended solutions that can improve the current method of assessment of employees.
Administrative processes in the business
Hudečková, Michaela ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Kříž, Josef (referee)
My bachelor´s thesis deals with the characteristics of administration procedures as well as with explanations of important notions in this field. In the theoretical part of my thesis I focus on basic terminology which is used in modelling of administration procedures. Next there are notions concerning the quality of administration procedures explained and consequently I describe several examples of methods how to increase the quality and audit. After this I describe individual administration procedures which are divided into two groups: inward and outward. The practical part of my thesis deals with the characteristics of Provident company, Ltd. and its company procedures. Characterize the process of accounting for subsequent processes that are associated with it. All described processes will focus on the administrative department of the Prague branch north. On the basis of found information and procedure analysis, my thesis brings several suggestions for the improvement of such procedures in the company.
Branding and rebranding
Moravec, Petr ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Lukáš, Lukáš (referee)
The thesis focuses on brand image and its establishment on the Czech retail market. The aim of the thesis is to identify and propose ten opportunities for improvement of brand presentation to the brand's end users. The first part covers the empirical background and summarises issues of brand image creation in the context of brand building process in the retail environment. The practical part introduces the sports brand Under Armour and subsequently describes its position on the Czech sportswear market. Based on the questionnaire and observational research a draft of ten recommendations is compiled to help improve presentation of the Under Armour brand in the retail environment.
Branding and rebranding
Pernikář, Václav ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Lukáš, Lukáš (referee)
The paper is focused on brand identity and its implementation. The main target of the paper is to propose visual rules that could be used in companys communication including the logomanual and brand tonality represented by the communication manual. There is formed a theoretical summary and the issue of brand identity is discussed in a context of brand building in the first part of the paper. Then, in a practical part of the paper, is the paper focused on designing new brand for a small accommodation business. The new new brand name, logo, company colors, fonts are designed. The author had compiled the new logomanual and communication manual of the brand. There are few practical applications of the new identity proposed in conclusion of practical part.
Communication in the selected organisation
Vondrová, Zita ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Michal, Michal (referee)
The Diploma thesis called Communication in the selected organisation is dealing with one of the key requirements for success of every company, and that is communication. The main objective of this work is to find out and characterize topic of communication in selected organisation. In case there are found any deficits, propose recommendations for this organisation. First, the theoretical basis is defined, that is gained mostly from reference books. It is based mostly on explanations of names connected with the word communication. Selected organisation is characterized in the practical part. Based on synthesis of basic knowledge from the first, theoretical part, is the main goal of the research to analyse communication within the organisation. At the end of this work present proposals that would lead to more effective communication and thus leading to increased work productivity and improvement of work environment based on findings from the questionnaires and interviews.
Strategic analysis of choosen company
Štrudl, Jiří ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Lenka, Lenka (referee)
The thesis "Strategic analysis of the selected company" follows up comparison of the theoretical evidence and recommendations of solutions in the enterprise. The aim is to assess the strategic focus of the company AL Invest Břidličná, Inc., a division of Tapa Tabor, and the suggestion of changes to the current strategy. The work is divided into two parts, the theoretical and the practical. The theoretical part presents the literary references relating to the issue. There are recounted, for example, the theoretical knowledge of strategic management, strategic analysis, internal and external environment of the company and starting appropriate choice of strategy. In the practical part is briefly described the history of the company, its business activity, personnel policy, technological development, relationship to the environment, research and development and strategic direction of the company. There is also a stakeholder analysis of enterprise and analysis of internal and external environment. There are certain recommendations and suggestions coming from the theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

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