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Dual-task training in physiotherapy of people with multiple sclerosis
Kollmerová, Denisa ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Kulich, Václav (referee)
Title: Dual-task training in physiotherapy of people with multiple sclerosis Abstract: This bachelor's thesis focuses on the use of dual-task elements for patients with multiple sclerosis. The thesis is based on theoretical-practical approach. The main goal is to apply therapy involving dual-task for patients with various conditions of multiple sclerosis and to describe five selected dual-task exercices for each patient with photos attached. A secondary goal is to map out dual-task difficulties in a larger sample of patients. The theoretical part is focusing on multiple sclerosis and dual-tasking. The practical part describes the implementation of physiotherapeutic intervention with dual-task elements through case studies of 3 patients with varying degrees of neurological disability, targeted to improve the subjective perception of dual-task and reduce deficits detected within kinesiological analysis, selected functional tests and questionnaires. The outcome assessment predominantly demonstrated improvements in specific tests (some even clinically significant), although in some items, patient's performance or perception remained unchanged or deteriorated. In the feedback questionnaire, patients mostly evaluated this type of intervention positively. For each patient, five selected dual-task exercices were...
The effect of menstrual cycle and cortisol and testosteron levels on strenght performance in female athletes
Novotná, Kateřina ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Pěkný, Martin (referee)
This study provides a comprehensive insight into the physiological and hormonal changes in female athletes during the menstrual cycle and their impact on performance training and recovery. It covers an overview of menstrual cycle physiology, the effects of steroid hormones on the female reproductive system, cortisol secretion examination, and the role of testosterone in female physiology. Furthermore, it analyzes the influence of individual menstrual cycle phases on the strength capabilities of female athletes and studies the relationship between cortisol and testosterone secretion and these abilities. It discusses the influence of the follicular phase on performance in the Wingate test, negative correlation between cortisol concentration and female athletes' strength performance, and differences in maximum performance between athletes with regular and irregular cycles. It highlights general limitations of research on women that need to be considered. Overall, this work contributes to the discussion on the relationship between hormonal changes and strength performance in female athletes, with potential future applications in training and sports performance. KEY WORDS menstrual cycle, hormones, strength capabilities, cortisol, testosterone, physical exertion
Compensatory exercise with dual-task elements for people with sedentary work
Fišarová, Gabriela ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Sládková, Petra (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Gabriela Fišarová Supervizor: Mgr. Klára Novotná, Ph.D. Title: Compensatory exercise with dual-task elements for people with sedentary work Abstract: The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of sedentary job and its compensation using exercise with the Kommo® bar. Sedentary behaviour leads to many health problems and affects physical and mental health. Prolonged sitting is often associated with inappropriate posture and is one of the most common causes of back pain. Treatment and prevention of back pain is an important part of the physiotherapist's work. The bachelor's thesis aims to investigate the effect of the new type of compensatory exercise in individuals with sedentary jobs on pain and spinal mobility. The bachelor's thesis involved a group of individuals with office-based sedentary jobs who have experienced back pain. The exercise program lasted 8 weeks and included 1 hour of group exercise per week. The exercise used a special Kommo® bar and the use of motor and cognitive so-called dual-task tasks. The effect of the therapeutic intervention was assessed using the spinal mobility tests (Schober, Stibor, Čepoj, Otta, Thomayer), the functional mobility tests (the Timed Up and Go test, the Five Times Sit to Stand test) and the subjective pain questionnaires (the Visual...
Psychosomatics and its role in chronic back pain
Horáková, Zuzana ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Šebková, Natálie (referee)
BAKALÁŘSKÉ PRÁCE V AJ Name, surname: Zuzana Horáková Supervisor: Mgr. et Mgr. et Mgr. Klára Novotná, Ph.D. Title: Psychosomatics and its role in chronic back pain Abstract: This bachelor thesis focuses on exploring the connection between psychosomatics and chronic back pain. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a comprehensive summary of information on psychosomatics, including its concept, boundaries, and role within medicine. It also explains the different types of pain, their assessment, and individuality in perception. The issue of stress, including its origin, nature, and effects on human functioning, is also discussed. Additionally, the thesis examines the psychosomatic approach and its key aspects. The practical part of the thesis involves a research that determines the prevalence of risky psychosocial factors in patients with long-term chronic back pain attending physiotherapy. It also includes a case report of a patient with chronic back pain in the cervical spine who was identified as being at risk for psychosocial factors. The results of the thesis include an evaluation of the impact of physiotherapy intervention on psychosomatic back pain through the numerical pain scale and a short form of the McGill University...
Motivation to exercise and healthy lifestyle in young adults
Doubravová, Petra ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Táborská, Silvie (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Petra Doubravová Supervisor: Mgr. Klára Novotná, Ph.D. Title: Motivation to exercise and healthy lifestyle in young adults Abstract: This theoretical and practical bachelor thesis deals with the topic of motivation to exercise and healthy lifestyle in young adults. The main aim of the thesis is to map the motivation to exercise and healthy lifestyle among young adults aged 20-40 years and their attitudes towards these areas. The theoretical part focuses on the issues of healthy lifestyle, exercise and movement recommendations within a lifestyle framework. An important part is the motivation for exercise and healthy lifestyle and its importance in physiotherapy. Finally, it marginally examines motivations for exercise and healthy lifestyle during the Covid-19 pandemic and the changes in habits caused by various arrangements. A questionnaire survey was used to collect data for the practical part. The questions in the questionnaire relate to the topic of lifestyle, physical activity and feelings associated with physical activity and there were 33 questions in total. They were constructed according to the studied literature and some questions were taken from the book "Motivating People to Be Physically Active" by Marcus and Forsyth from 2010. The questionnaire was created on the...
The readiness of pedagogy students for pedagogical practice in terms of formative assessment
Tůmová, Lucie ; Novotná, Kateřina (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the readiness of students in the field of education Preschool and Extracurricular Pedagogy for pedagogical practice from the perspective of formative assessment. The work points to the importance of using formative assessment in teaching and the need to prepare future teachers for its implementation. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the issue of formative assessment and the pedagogical preparation of future teachers, as these two issues are closely related to research work. The chapter on assessment describes the basic concept of assessment, its importance in the pedagogical process and formative assessment. The chapter on pedagogical preparation primarily oriented towards the competence framework of a teacher graduate and a comprehensive description of the teacher's competences. The practical part of the thesis brings the results of qualitative empirical research, which aimed to determine how students are prepared for pedagogical practice from the perspective of formative assessment. The research also revealed the extent to which secondary pedagogical school in Prague include this type of assessment in their curriculum document in connection with the necessity of including formative assessment in schools.
Development of reading and writing skills of 1st grade pupils: action research
Mostecká, Sabina ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the development of reading and writing skills among primary school students. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the specifics of reading and writing literacy and the possibilities for developing these literacies. Part of the development of these literacies involves the development of individual skills related to reading and writing. The aim of the practical part of the thesis is to describe the relationship between the development of reading and writing skills among selected six students from the fifth grade of elementary school. To conduct the research, six reading lessons were designed and implemented during Czech language and literature classes (Muddled Kingdom, Neverending Story, Limericks, Strado and Varius, Wind Mailman, Unfinished Fairy Tales). In these six reading lessons, reading and writing skills were deliberately interconnected and developed. Each of the six implemented reading lessons had a writing output. Through the research methods used (content analysis of student products, observation, unstructured interview), I found that the development of reading and writing skills is closely related. Students who have developed reading skills generally produce quality texts as well. Furthermore, I found that the development of reading and writing skills...
1st grade reading workshop: action research
Malínská, Dorota ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis stems from the necessity to guide and support students in reading from the beginning of compulsory school attendance. The theoretical part deals with the concept of reading, the development of reading literacy, and further describes methods and possibilities for further support and development of reading. An integral part for the development of reading literacy are libraries, which are also mentioned in the work. The last chapter of the theoretical part focuses on various options and perspectives on the reading workshop. The goal of the action research is to describe, through observation, how it is possible to firmly integrate the reading workshop into the schedule from the 1st grade of primary school based on personal experience and to suggest how further methods can support reading among 1st and 2nd grade students even more. Using findings from a completed parents' questionnaire, the empirical part responds to the research questions. The research showed that thanks to the early inclusion of the reading workshop, students were able to concentrate on the given reading and smoothly continue with the already mastered organization of the reading workshop within the 1st grade. Finally, it was shown that the conduct of reading workshops significantly increases positive experience of reading...
The energy crisis and its possible solutions in a selected municipality in the Czech Republic
NOVOTNÁ, Karolína
The thesis focuses on the energy crisis and its alternative solutions within a selected municipality. Three research methods were used in the thesis, namely a questionnaire survey, a household real consumption survey and a semi-structured interview. The aim of the thesis was to find an alternative solution and then to determine the willingness of the residents of the selected municipality to accept it, given a higher price offer, in relation to the completed education of the individual and his/her income category. A biogas plant located near the selected village was offered as an alternative source of electricity, where the aforementioned interview was also conducted. The interview served to establish the feasibility of this proposed solution. The work was conducted as a community energy sector model where the biggest source would be a biogas plant.
Optimization of laboratory denitrification test
Novotná, Klára ; Pániková, Kristína (referee) ; Malá, Jitka (advisor)
Leaching from agricultural fields not only releases high concentrations of nitrates into surface and groundwater, but also, for example, pesticides. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to optimize the input nitrate concentration of a laboratory denitrification test. This test will allow the study of the influence of different pesticides on the denitrification process and also the monitoring of their fate during this process. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the nitrogen cycle and its forms, the denitrification process and the factors that influence its progress are discussed in detail. In the practical part, a 28-day laboratory denitrification test was performed. Analytical methods used are described in the thesis as well as the process and the results of the laboratory experiment. Based on chemical oxygen demand profile, N-NOx concentration profile and denitrification rate, an input nitrate concentration of 15 mg.l-1 was recommended.

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