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The object of metropolitan significance on the street Benesova Brno
Mezei, Peter ; Foretník, Jan (referee) ; Sochor, Jan (advisor)
I design a group of buildings arranged in regular raster which responds to broader relations by supplementing built-up area of Brno-Ring and also with connection of historical town and development region. In the southern part the metropolitian object with prespace is designed, in the northern complex of administrative buildings and behind the roofing from the architect B. Fuchs there is regularly zoned park. The whole area is interconnected by rewriting of historical mark left by city walls, which passes through buildings and parks.
Revitalization Program of Floral Garden in Kromeriz
Hlavová, Michala ; Sochor, Jan (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
From Čestný dvůr to level of kolonnaide, where was the original entry. Line objekt along the wall. Three objects=three functins. Exhibition space, library with study room, new tropical glasshouse. Hollandaisse and Orange garden split based on next.door axes.
Revitalization Program of Floral Garden in Kromeriz
Chylíková, Marcela ; Sochor, Jan (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
nanoarchitecture, structure - geometrie - fraktal
The Students themselves - Student Center Poříčí
Dvořáková, Eva ; Bambuchová, Jarmila (referee) ; Sochor, Jan (advisor)
The proposed building responds to a chamfered corner of the solved plot by turning the mass of the dining hall on the ground floor and the mass of the student dormitory above it. Under the protruding upper mass arises covered main entrance to the building. The ground floor of the building is directly connected to the adjacent hotel Austerlitz. The higher levels are stepping back from the street front. The mass of the student dormitory respects here the current glass corner on the top floor of the building Austerlitz. The facades to the streets Táborského nábřeží and Vídeňská are covered with a wire mesh to enable the creepers grow on it. There will be gaps in the wire mesh in front of the windows to the student rooms. The student housing is designed as maisonettes. These two storey maisonettes are divided into several groups including 5 to 8 rooms. Each group has its own “living room” and kitchenette.
Revitalization Program of Floral Garden in Kromeriz
Holý, Martin ; Františák, Luboš (referee) ; Sochor, Jan (advisor)
The project respects the original conception of the garden to create space closed against surroundings. In the Holland garden I create one building that contains galery, café, bookshop and education center. The groundplan shape results from the axes of the Floral Garden. The Holland Garden is a changing space, variable is the inner disposition of the building as well. In the south part I project glasshouses, outdoor patches, a workshop building, water atractions and a voliere for keeping birds. The groundplan solution of this part goes out from the groundplan of the building in the Holland garden.
The Students themselves - Student Center Poříčí
Bartoňová, Lucie ; Sochor, Jan (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
Designed student housing and dining services is based on the concept of books, composing on the parcel a few blocks (one for a canteen and gallery, four for living). The houses are accesible through galleries between them. The divergence of views on student housing also requires a variety of room layouts. Accommodation is based on a cellular system made of one, two or three rooms that have single, double or triple bedroom.
Cultural Center in Koprivnice
Švancara, Ondřej ; Bílek, František (referee) ; Sochor, Jan (advisor)
The hint of this project was to find the way to transform the cultural buildings from 70`s and 80`s. Espaccialy its the group of buildings in the center of the sity Kopřivnice: cultural house, cinema and museum of technology, which are inapropriatte for its purpose. This transformation also shows new ways to change the whole central part of the city, which is in very insufficient conditions these days.
Frgalová, Anna ; Zoubek, Michal (referee) ; Sochor, Jan (advisor)
The specified location is a place of mixed styles, forms and shapes. The most important part is the functionalist Sokol club building, which was taken as a decisive element around. Trying to move closer to this form, I choose the modern shape resulting in a simple application of the "ribbon" winding through the area. It´s articulation and horizontal proportions follows the Sokol club.
School, the Foundation of Life – a Complex of Educational Buildings in Ostrava, Cerna louka
Hůlová, Petra ; Pechman, Tomáš (referee) ; Sochor, Jan (advisor)
Solution of complex of school buildings in Ostrava-Black Meadow. The area is located by the river Ostravice. The whole complex is designed as crossing a line between the city and the river. River should be an element which attracts people to stayand relax. My goal is thus to access the Ostravice river - create an attractive waterfront and get city closer to it.
Wine Farmstead in Jaroslavice
Koževnikovová, Natálie ; Sochor, Jan (referee) ; Foretník, Jan (advisor)
Wine Farmstead is used to refer to large settlements outside the urban area of the municipality. Most were single economic unit, independent of the surroundings. The proposal builds on this tradition and also refers to the continuity of place and family winemaking tradition. Its main theme is the creation of two courtyards directly related to the building of the former brickyard. The first one is for family and its economic purposes, the other for visitors.

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