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Dual-task training in physiotherapy of people with multiple sclerosis
Kollmerová, Denisa ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Kulich, Václav (referee)
Title: Dual-task training in physiotherapy of people with multiple sclerosis Abstract: This bachelor's thesis focuses on the use of dual-task elements for patients with multiple sclerosis. The thesis is based on theoretical-practical approach. The main goal is to apply therapy involving dual-task for patients with various conditions of multiple sclerosis and to describe five selected dual-task exercices for each patient with photos attached. A secondary goal is to map out dual-task difficulties in a larger sample of patients. The theoretical part is focusing on multiple sclerosis and dual-tasking. The practical part describes the implementation of physiotherapeutic intervention with dual-task elements through case studies of 3 patients with varying degrees of neurological disability, targeted to improve the subjective perception of dual-task and reduce deficits detected within kinesiological analysis, selected functional tests and questionnaires. The outcome assessment predominantly demonstrated improvements in specific tests (some even clinically significant), although in some items, patient's performance or perception remained unchanged or deteriorated. In the feedback questionnaire, patients mostly evaluated this type of intervention positively. For each patient, five selected dual-task exercices were...
Compensatory exercise with dual-task elements for people with sedentary work
Fišarová, Gabriela ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Sládková, Petra (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Gabriela Fišarová Supervizor: Mgr. Klára Novotná, Ph.D. Title: Compensatory exercise with dual-task elements for people with sedentary work Abstract: The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of sedentary job and its compensation using exercise with the Kommo® bar. Sedentary behaviour leads to many health problems and affects physical and mental health. Prolonged sitting is often associated with inappropriate posture and is one of the most common causes of back pain. Treatment and prevention of back pain is an important part of the physiotherapist's work. The bachelor's thesis aims to investigate the effect of the new type of compensatory exercise in individuals with sedentary jobs on pain and spinal mobility. The bachelor's thesis involved a group of individuals with office-based sedentary jobs who have experienced back pain. The exercise program lasted 8 weeks and included 1 hour of group exercise per week. The exercise used a special Kommo® bar and the use of motor and cognitive so-called dual-task tasks. The effect of the therapeutic intervention was assessed using the spinal mobility tests (Schober, Stibor, Čepoj, Otta, Thomayer), the functional mobility tests (the Timed Up and Go test, the Five Times Sit to Stand test) and the subjective pain questionnaires (the Visual...
Psychosomatics and its role in chronic back pain
Horáková, Zuzana ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Šebková, Natálie (referee)
BAKALÁŘSKÉ PRÁCE V AJ Name, surname: Zuzana Horáková Supervisor: Mgr. et Mgr. et Mgr. Klára Novotná, Ph.D. Title: Psychosomatics and its role in chronic back pain Abstract: This bachelor thesis focuses on exploring the connection between psychosomatics and chronic back pain. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a comprehensive summary of information on psychosomatics, including its concept, boundaries, and role within medicine. It also explains the different types of pain, their assessment, and individuality in perception. The issue of stress, including its origin, nature, and effects on human functioning, is also discussed. Additionally, the thesis examines the psychosomatic approach and its key aspects. The practical part of the thesis involves a research that determines the prevalence of risky psychosocial factors in patients with long-term chronic back pain attending physiotherapy. It also includes a case report of a patient with chronic back pain in the cervical spine who was identified as being at risk for psychosocial factors. The results of the thesis include an evaluation of the impact of physiotherapy intervention on psychosomatic back pain through the numerical pain scale and a short form of the McGill University...
Motivation to exercise and healthy lifestyle in young adults
Doubravová, Petra ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Táborská, Silvie (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Petra Doubravová Supervisor: Mgr. Klára Novotná, Ph.D. Title: Motivation to exercise and healthy lifestyle in young adults Abstract: This theoretical and practical bachelor thesis deals with the topic of motivation to exercise and healthy lifestyle in young adults. The main aim of the thesis is to map the motivation to exercise and healthy lifestyle among young adults aged 20-40 years and their attitudes towards these areas. The theoretical part focuses on the issues of healthy lifestyle, exercise and movement recommendations within a lifestyle framework. An important part is the motivation for exercise and healthy lifestyle and its importance in physiotherapy. Finally, it marginally examines motivations for exercise and healthy lifestyle during the Covid-19 pandemic and the changes in habits caused by various arrangements. A questionnaire survey was used to collect data for the practical part. The questions in the questionnaire relate to the topic of lifestyle, physical activity and feelings associated with physical activity and there were 33 questions in total. They were constructed according to the studied literature and some questions were taken from the book "Motivating People to Be Physically Active" by Marcus and Forsyth from 2010. The questionnaire was created on the...
Optimization of laboratory denitrification test
Novotná, Klára ; Pániková, Kristína (referee) ; Malá, Jitka (advisor)
Leaching from agricultural fields not only releases high concentrations of nitrates into surface and groundwater, but also, for example, pesticides. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to optimize the input nitrate concentration of a laboratory denitrification test. This test will allow the study of the influence of different pesticides on the denitrification process and also the monitoring of their fate during this process. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the nitrogen cycle and its forms, the denitrification process and the factors that influence its progress are discussed in detail. In the practical part, a 28-day laboratory denitrification test was performed. Analytical methods used are described in the thesis as well as the process and the results of the laboratory experiment. Based on chemical oxygen demand profile, N-NOx concentration profile and denitrification rate, an input nitrate concentration of 15 mg.l-1 was recommended.
Optimization of full-scale denitrifying bioreactor design
Novotná, Klára ; Kriška-Dunajský, Michal (referee) ; Malá, Jitka (advisor)
By leaching from agricultural areas, high concentrations of nitrates enter rivers and groundwater. Denitrifying bioreactors are one of the possibilities to reduce pollution intake into water. The aim of this thesis is to optimize design of a full-scale denitrifying bioreactor in the Czech Republic. In the theoretical part, the denitrification process and the technology of denitrifying bioreactors are characterized. Furthermore, existing methodological documents dealing with their design are presented and the influence of design parameters on the performance of the bioreactor is described. In the practical part of the thesis, a denitrifying bioreactor is designed near the village of Němčice in the South Moravian Region. For this purpose, based on the already existing methodology of Hrich et al. (2018), an optimized methodology for the design of denitrifying bioreactor parameters was developed using the knowledge from the theoretical part. For a target flow rate of 17.4 l.s-1, a bioreactor with a 1:1 aspect ratio, a trapezoidal cross-section in both directions and a 422 m3 woodchip volume was designed. The bioreactor occupies 0,05 % of the drained area.
Využití nástrojů pozemkových úprav v závlahovém hospodářství
Novotná Zeibertová, Klára
The bachelor thesis entitled "The use of land management tools in irrigation management" analyses in the theoretical part the history and current state of irrigation systems in the Czech Republic and abroad. It describes the history of land adjustment in the Czech lands. In the practical part, it deals with a comprehensive description and characterisation of the territory of the municipality of Krhovice, the collection of documents and the investigation of property relations, which simplified the technical analysis of local issues. A field investigation was carried out in the selected area of interest, where the possibilities of solving the problem were subsequently proposed. It is recommended to resolve the ownership relations on the irrigation land and to propose water storage measures in the landscape for improvement.
Work integration options in people with multiple sclerosis: influence of symptoms and other comorbidities
Ulmanová, Alena ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Rodová, Zuzana (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Alena Ulmanová Supervisor: Mgr. Klára Novotná Ph.D. Consultant: Mgr. Eliška Rotbartová Title: Work integration options in people with multiple sclerosis: influence of symptoms and other comorbidities Abstract: This theoretical-practical bachelor thesis focuses on the impact of multiple sclerosis symptoms and other comorbidities on the employment of people who are dealing with this diagnosis. The thesis aims to find out what are the main difficulties that limit the ability to work of people with multiple sclerosis, using a questionnaire of work difficulties called Multiple Sclerosis Work Difficulties Questionnaire (MSWDQ-23). The importance of this aim is based primarily on the fact that the disease mainly affects young adults in productive age, for whom employment tends to be an essential part of life and the difficulties associated with reduced work capacity can negatively affect their financial and social situation, but also their general physical condition. The theoretical part of the thesis summarizes the knowledge on the given issue using the current foreign and Czech literature. In the practical part, quantitative research based on a questionnaire survey is used. A standardize questionnaire called MSWDQ- 23 is used, which comprehensively assesses the work difficulties...
Cognitive rehabilitation of people with multiple sclerosis
Bílková, Tereza ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Krivošíková, Mária (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Name, Surname: Tereza Bílková Supervisor: Mgr. Klára Novotná, Ph.D. Consultant: Mgr. Eliška Rotbartová Title: Cognitive rehabilitation of people with multiple sclerosis Abstract: This bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of cognitive rehabilitation in patients with multiple sclerosis, which takes place in a home environment using the computer program HAPPYneuron. Multiple sclerosis is classified as an autoimmune disease, during which the cells of our central nervous system are damaged. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to test whether cognitive rehabilitation of 16 weeks, conducted through the computer program HAPPYneuron, has a positive impact on spatial orientation, short-term memory, attention and speech in MS patients. In the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis I describe the actual issue of multiple sclerosis, including the clinical picture and types of multiple sclerosis. I then go on to describe in more detail the most affected domains of cognitive function, their examination and the possibilities of cognitive rehabilitation. Last but not least, I describe cognitive rehabilitation using computer programs, with a more detailed description of the HAPPYneuron program. In the practical part, three patients were first examined by a clinical neuropsychologist. Based on this,...
Physiotherapy during Covid - 19 pandemic within patients with sclerosis multiplex
Knapová, Ivana ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Havlová, Martina (referee)
Name, surname: Ivana Knapová Supervisor: Mgr. Klára Novotná, Ph.D. Title: Physiotherapy during COVID-19 pandemic within patients with sclerosis multiplex Abstract: This work focuses on the possibilities of physiotherapeutic intervention in patients with multiple sclerosis who experience persistent symptoms after recovering from COVID-19 infection. The main aspects of therapeutic intervention include physical therapy and respiratory physiotherapy. The theoretical part of the work introduces the issue of post-COVID syndrome and delves into its terminology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevalence of clinical symptoms, and therapeutic possibilities from both general and physiotherapeutic perspectives. Another part is dedicated to the characterization of multiple sclerosis itself, providing a detailed description of the basic characteristics of this disease. In the concluding section of the theoretical part, topics such as pulmonary rehabilitation, respiratory physiotherapy, and physical therapy are thoroughly discussed. The main objective of this work is to provide an overview of the benefits of respiratory physiotherapy and physical therapy for patients with multiple sclerosis who experience post-COVID syndrome symptoms. As part of this objective, a brochure containing exercises suitable for self-therapy...

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