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Connectivity / Democratic City_Radnice pro Staré Brno
Průša, Stanislav ; Průša, David (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The objective of this bachelor thesis is to design new town hall on Mendel square in Brno. To transform a degrading unused final station of trams to public space full of life. In the building will be new town hall, turistic center and the upper floors will be used for housing. With the new town hall we would like to design new officis but also space for social weak people or people runing away from war or space for anyone who is looking for the company.
Connectivity / Democratic City_Radnice pro Staré Brno
Macanová, Tereza ; Vymětal, Bedřich (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis deals with the design of a standalone city hall building for Staré Brno on Mendel Square. The work takes into account the reconstruction of the square according to the winning urban design proposal. The design addresses the continuity of the building and visual connection with the surroundings, which influences the shape of the building. The design of the square and the city hall building gives great emphasis on greenery, which is neglected in the current state. Connectivity, as the main theme, creates the resulting appearance of the building. The goal of this work is to connect city hall using greenery. There is an intermingling of multiple functions, mainly civil amenities, city hall administration, and housing.
Connectivity / Democratic City_Radnice pro Staré Brno
Bušová, Magdalena ; Jandová, Michaela (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor‘s thesis follow up with the design of the town hall in Old Brno as part of the concept of the new Mendel square. The aim of the work is not only to use the building to contribute to the quality of the entire square, but also to create a town hall building that reflects the values of the 21st century and not only serves the office. A place that primarily serves people and contributes to all residents of the urban district. Part of the work is also the integration of the town hall into the new concept of the square, namely a high-quality public space, in order to revitalize the place architecturally and culturally.
Connectivity / Democratic City_Radnice pro Staré Brno
Beran, Jan ; Rozsypal, Petr (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of the town hall on Mendl square. The space is currently chaotic in places with intensive traffic, which needs to be calmed down and restored to a representative form and function. The proposal therefore works with the specified plot in the situation of a winning study for the new Mendlovo náměstí. The proposed building is multifunctional, with civic amenities and housing.
Democratic Architecture – Ostrava
Rodová, Eva ; Chovanec, Libor (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The project deals with the design of an apartment building in the cultural center of Ostrava, which is focused on the creation of the concept of economic and yet high-quality and pleasant democratic housing. The concept is therefore focused on the democratic possibility of choosing one's own flats, which would meet the specific needs of their inhabitants and at the same time represent an ideal balance between minimalist and comfortable living.
Democratic Architecture – Ostrava
Bitarová, Ivana ; Butková, Miriama (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor thesis is the design of a residential house in Ostrava on Masná street. My design is one of four newly proposed objects within the studio, which complement the structure of the of the block development. The function of the building is housing responding responding to current market requirements. In my design I try to to find a new minimalist concept of housing, laid on the edge between price and living space. I work with the idea in which the most important room of the house is the garden, but if everyone builds a house in the countryside, no nature will be left. That's why I decided to use the concept of of a vertical village.
Democratic Architecture – Kamenný vrch
Galusková, Hana ; Ondrejka, Ľubomír (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor thesis intends to add a new perspective to the area of Kamenný vrch, which is currently dominated by a residential function. The urban design defines the center of the site, thus responding to the lack of a unified public space for the inhabitants. The designed mixed-use building is located in the southeast of the area and includes residential units on the upper floors, a vertical farm, and a market. The vertical farm and market bring new work opportunities to the area and are an interesting tourist attraction. The functions and form of the building are primarily influenced by the noise pollution from the surrounding roads and the orientation to the cardinal points.
Democratic Architecture – Kamenný vrch
Borkovcová, Tereza ; Moler, Vít (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with architectural design of a building near gable of a prefabricated house on Kamenný vrch in Brno. My building is one of four designed projects at this spot. All the buildings created the center that has been missing before. It brings new functions to the locality and also new people. Residents of the building are constantly changing thanks to its function, which are offices for startups, temporary accomodation and added foyer with small bar not just for residents. Space is the most variable as it can be, so it can be used by residents as they please.
Democratic Architecture – Kamenný vrch
Bittnerová, Monika ; Sitar, Tomáš (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the revitalization of the Brno Kamenný vrch area with architecture parasitizing on the open gables of prefabricated houses. The first part of the thesis contains analyzes of the territory and conclusions obtained from them. The theory is followed by the concept of the project, which is the design of a cultural house. Details are discussed in the urban and architectural design. The construction part clarifies the design by describing the construction and construction details.
Democratic Architecture – Kamenný vrch
Balag, Patrik ; Moler, Vít (referee) ; Palaščak, Michal (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor thesis is design of a polyfunctional residential tower house with coworking spaces on Oblá Street in the urban district of Brno - Nový Lískovec. My design is one of four newly designed buildings in atelier. Each of these buildings are connected to 4 gables of prefabricated buildings. Function of my building is housing and shared coworking space. In my design I am trying to respond to the steep terrain, fix the greenery and respond to the fact that the building is connected to one of the gables of the prefabricated building.

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