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Developing formative assessment in a kindergarten: action research
Řehořková, Adéla ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis addresses the issue of formative assessment in the kindergarten environment, aiming to systematize the application of formative assessment techniques and tools in preschool educationand enhance cooperationwith parents. The theoretical part delineates the development of children's identity, the significance of self-concept in preschool, and its alignment with the Framework Curriculum for Preschool Education. It also explores motivation, assessment, potential formative assessment techniques for preschool education, and underscores the importance of formative assessment in the Strategy for Education Policy of the Czech Republic 2030+. The final chapter delves into cooperation with parents and its contribution to children's education. The empirical part is structured as action research, involving the diagnosis of the current state of formative assessment in a selectedkindergarten. Solutions to the situationinclude establishing a new portfolio as a formative assessment tool, functioning as a coherent system with active parental participation,introducingtechniques for children's self-assessment, and systematizing the approach to children's assessment. Data collection methods encompass participant observation of children, interviews with children and kindergarten colleagues, and a...
Contemporary Preschool Children's Knowledge and Preferences of Fairy Tales
Svobodová, Julie ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with fairy tales in relation to contemporary children of pre-school age and their knowledge and preferences of these fairy tales. My ambition is to point out what is the meaning and value of fairy tales for children as well as the importance and benefits of children's fairy tales knowledge and preference investigation. In my opinion, it is necessary to find out how children are currently doing in the field of fairy tales to let it contribute to their development. The theoretical section of this thesis is dedicated to characteristics of the preschool children in relation to the topic of this thesis as well as to the factors influencing children's reading which include family, kindergarten teachers, reading-stimulating environment and libraries. Also there is a part dedicated to literature characteristics for children as well as generations raising today's children and their relationship to children's literature. It can also affect children's relationship to literature. The next important area in the section is the fairy tale itself, its characteristics, types and fairy tale characters as well as the role of the fairy tale in kindergarten and what interaction options it brings. The aim of the practical part was to identify what fairy tales chosen group of preschool...
Design and Synthesis of Prodrugs of 6-Diazo-5-oxo-L-norleucine; Potential Treatment for Glioblastoma
Novotná, Kateřina ; Majer, Pavel (advisor) ; Rýček, Lukáš (referee)
6-Diazo-5-oxo-L-norleucine (DON, 1) is a non-standard amino acid with proven antitumor activity found in soil bacteria of the genus Streptomyces. However, due to the considerable systemic toxicity manifested mainly in the gastrointestinal tract, DON alone is not a suitable clinical candidate for the treatment of cancer. One of the ways to solve the problem of its toxicity is the reversible structural modification of this molecule by protecting both its amino group and carboxyl functional group, by preparing the so-called prodrug of DON. The prepared prodrug may suitably alter the distribution of DON in the body and at the same time increase its permeability to brain tissue. Due to this structural modification, its side effects can be eliminated and a substance for the treatment of brain tumors, such as glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), can potentially be formed. In my dissertation, five strategies for the specific delivery of DON to the brain using different types of its prodrugs are discussed. The new prodrugs are designed to be either capable of spontaneous penetration across the blood-brain barrier or of being a substrate for one of its influx transporters. At the same time, these prodrugs should be stable in other metabolically active organs and blood plasma in order to sufficiently reduce the...
Item analysis as a tool for the evaluation of didactic tests: the example of the course Statistics for geographers
Novotná, Kateřina ; Netrdová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Pěnička, Jaroslav (referee)
In today's education system, we often encounter poorly created didactic tests that do not actually test the knowledge and skills acquired through teaching, or only test them to a limited extent. For example, if items for closed-ended questions are unprofessionally created, students may even guess the correct answers without having any knowledge and skills in the subject area. The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to evaluate the quality of closed-ended questions with a range of possible answers on the example of the final tests of the course Statistics for Geographers and, based on the obtained results, to recommend adjustments to specific items. The evaluation will be done based on item analysis using the ShinyItemAnalysis web application. In the case of poorly functioning questions, based on the results of the analysis, their modifications will be proposed so that they are more suitable for didactic testing. In the theoretical part, the bachelor's thesis will focus on the didactic test as a specific evaluation tool, its forms, individual types of test tasks and recommendations for their creation. Everything will be supplemented with specific examples from the field of statistics. The space will also be devoted to techniques of guessing answers, characteristics of test tasks and test theories....
Classic confectionery in modern trend in theoretical and practical teaching
Kozlová, Jana ; Novotná, Kateřina (advisor) ; Chvál, Martin (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Classic confectionery products in a modern trend in theoretical and practical teaching" focuses on a basic division into Macaroon products and Pavlov's desserts and their description. The main part contains a description of new ingredients, technological procedures and the production of Macarons and Pavlova desserts and their decoration. The thesis contains the confectionery production development and history and the difference between classic and modern confectionery. In my work, I present the use of new gluten-free and lactose-free raw materials and semi-finished products that are used in confectionery production. The practical part describes the use of new raw ingreadients in professional training and practice kitchen. A survey of pupils from two schools is presented and also my own confectionery work. KEYWORDS Confectioner, confectionary production, history of confectionary production, hygiene and sanitation. Vocational training in confectionery, new trends, product filling technique, decorating technique, theoretical and practical teaching of new materials, technological procedures.
Pupils'self-assessment at elementary school
Reine, Petra ; Novotná, Kateřina (advisor) ; Laufková, Veronika (referee)
The thesis deals with self-evaluation of pupils at the secondary school. The goal was to describe concept of self-evaluation in relation to school assessment and to introduce self-assessment into health education classes in 6th grades at secondary school. The research included designing and applying several techniques of self-evaluation at the secondary school and then describing and reflecting on the whole process. The theoretical part focuses on the evaluation of pupils at school, including the analysis of current curriculum documents and legislation. Furthermore, the elements that support the student's learning are described here. The last part of the theoretical part deals with self- evaluation. It defines the term self-evaluation and describes the effects of self-assessment on the student and also includes a presentation of various self-assessment techniques. The practical part was realized as an action research. It describes the process of implementing of self-evaluation, including overcoming minor obstacles that arose during the research. The research was carried out in the 6th grade at secondary school in health education classes. The preparatory phase of the analysis of school documents was followed by the initial data collection, which consisted of observations of pupils and further...
A comparison of teachers' attitudes towards qualitative and quantitative assessment before and after the Covid-19 pandemic
Výborná, Andrea ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to analyze a sample of 46 Czech first-grade pedagogues, whether there was a change in their perspective on verbal assessment after distance learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This work is divided into two parts. The introductory part of the first, theoretical part contains information from scientific publications regarding the concept of assessment in general, its functions, its types and forms. In the next part, the theoretical part deals with quantitative and qualitative assessment with an emphasis on their influence on the student's motivation. In the second, practical part, I compared the results of 2 researches carried out by me in the form of a questionnaire. One was implemented in 2020 and the second, enriched with 2 update questions, was implemented in 2023 on the same sample of respondents. The conclusion of the thesis contains the answer to the question posed at the beginning of my diploma thesis. From the data collected from my 46 respondents, it appears that educators' views on verbal assessment did not change significantly after distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, although there was a slightly more positive perception of verbal assessment.
Novotná, Kateřina ; Hrabec, Tobiáš (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
The Chataism project solves the problems of today's modern cottages and tries to rediscover its beauty. The modular system of cottages is supposed to bring the possibility of creating one's own cottage according to interests and needs, and at the same time works with a minimum space in order to avoid the dimensions of family houses that belong to the urban structure. The size of the objects is limited in order to make the residents spend time mainly in nature and the cottage facilities serve to cover the basic needs of sleep and food. I also work with the minimum in public space, thereby preventing the occupation of the area around the cottages due to the neighbor's restrictions. Despite the fact that the cottage industry may appear to occupy the forest landscape, it is an integral part of our Czech culture and tradition. It is good not to forget this from the point of view of architecture and urbanism.
Comparison of Czech and German legal regulation of appellate review with reference to Czech Republic's impending civil procedural law reform
Novotná, Kateřina ; Frintová, Dita (advisor) ; Zahradníková, Radka (referee)
a klíčová slova v anglickém jazyce Název práce: Comparison of Czech and German legal regulation of appellate review with reference to Czech Republic's impending civil procedural law reform Abstract This diploma thesis describes and compares the regulation of civil appellate review under Czech law with the legislation in the Federal Republic of Germany. The first part addresses the chosen topic on a broad level. The introductory section provides an overview of appellate review in both legal systems, a summary of recent recodification efforts, as well as a brief description of the historical development and appellate systems. The next section continues with admissibility. It contains the current Czech and German appellate review's admission regulation. The entire paper is structured so that the Czech law is always described first, followed by the German one, simultaneously comparing both versions and summarizing the results and key differences. The admissibility is divided into objective and subjective, followed by the explanation of additional requirements that both Czech and German appellate reviews must meet. It is also worth noting the assessments of admissibility. In Germany, only courts of appeal can determine whether an appellate review is admissible. In the next section, subjective...
How to motivate children to read: action research in a kindergarten
Papayová, Vanda ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis is dealing with the topic of motivation of children of preschool age to read and to improve their preliteracy. The aim of the thesis is to ensure the development of a positive attitude towards reading and also the motivation to read through the set of activities for pre- school children. The text is divided into a theoretical part and an empirical part. In the theoretical part, I am dealing with the explanation of basic concepts such as readership, reading preliteracy and literacy. I am also presenting further the important roles of readership and the readership development. The second chapter is devoted to the development of readership and the motivation to read. The last chapter of theoretical part is about the contemporary literature. The empirical part of the thesis is describing the implementation of the action research in a selected kindergarten. I have defined a problem statement during my action research and I have subsequently determined a proposal to support children's motivation to read. As part of the research investigation, I have compiled a questionnaire (pre-test and post- test) with the help of my supervisor that I have processed and I have evaluated the results. When summarizing and evaluating the obtained data, I concluded that the activities I implemented with...

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