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Implemetation of subject Communication at primary school
Svobodová, Ingrid ; Starý, Karel (advisor) ; Laufková, Veronika (referee)
This work deals with the introduction of a new subject Education for communication at the first stage of a particular primary school. The course is focused on the social development of children through the topics of primary prevention.The aim of the thesis is to reveal the need for a change in prevention programs, to describe the connections between the parties involved in this change, and to evaluate this change. For this research, respondents representing individual grades of the first grade, who completed the relevant training and started teaching a new subject, as well as the school principal and prevention methodologists, were elected. The data obtained from semi-structured in-depth interviews with educators, the director and the prevention methodologist were coded and evaluated by a short summary and table. The change was evaluated after observing the individual classes in the classroom. Research has shown that the change initially arose from the need for teachers to influence their schedule and spend more time with children in their tribal class. It also turned out that in the first grade, teachers lack a classroom class and have reservations about the number of optional subjects that the school has profiled. Initially, educators were looking for ways to influence the schedule and optional...
Teaching methods of preparation to CCE exam on B1 level for bilingual students
Červeňáková, Hana ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
In this diploma thesis, we present a methodological approach for the preparation of bilingual children attending the Czech School without Borders in London (CSWBL), with a specific focus on preparing them for the B1 level exam organized by the UK's UJOP workplace. The theoretical part of the thesis begins by providing an overview of CSWBL, including a brief history of its operation. Subsequently, we offer a definition of the term bilingualism. A particular emphasis is placed on the unique aspects of teaching Czech to bilingual pupils residing in London. This serves as a crucial foundation for the practical segment of the thesis, aiming to acquaint the reader with CSWBL, elucidate the concept of bilingualism, and delineate the specific challenges associated with teaching bilingual children residing outside the Czech Republic. Given the current absence of textbooks tailored for teaching bilingual students, our objective in the practical part is to create teaching materials for the eighth grade, aligning with the students' needs. These materials are designed to correspond to the time-thematic plan for the 8th grade at CSWBL and simultaneously prepare students for the CCE exam at level B1. This preparation encompasses all four components of the exam: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The...
Action Research: Development of Reading Literacy at Secondary School
Nováková, Anežka ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
The thesis deals with the development of reading literacy in lower secondary education (according to the international classification ISCED 2). It is divided into a theoretical and a research part. The theoretical part of the thesis defines reading literacy as an important competence for life in society, describes its individual components, its problematic position in the curriculum documents of Czech education and appropriate methods for its development. The research part of the thesis contains a description of the action research. The aim of the research is to improve the reading literacy of selected pupils at secondary school. First, we conducted an observation, a questionnaire survey to identify attitude to reading, and a pretest to determine students' reading literacy levels. Then, we designed intervention methods, implemented them and evaluated them. The research shows that regular and systematic inclusion of RWCT methods and reading workshops leads to the development of reading skills and a attitude to reading, especially it forms an inner need to read, creates reading habits and supports sharing reading experiences with each other. In conclusion, we propose recommendations for next work in the classroom, which will support the further development of reading literacy and motivate pupils to...
Motivation to read books for first-year high school students
Reichmannová, Nikola ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on reading, its support, and development among 1st-grade students in secondary schools, taking into account the requirements placed on students in relation to the final exam. Its goal is to outline some possibilities for appropriately motivating students to read in order to develop a positive attitude towards reading, and to provide inspiration for future graduates to engage with the relatively demanding ancient and medieval texts that are typically part of the curriculum at the beginning of their studies. The introductory chapters map the centrally set educational content of literary communication in secondary education as part of the Czech Language and Literature educational field, the position of reading and reading literacy in curricular documents, comparative research on reading, and professional opinions on literature education in Czech secondary schools. This is followed by a section dedicated to selected motivational means and methods that can be used within literature education to strengthen students' motivation for reading books and texts. The thesis concludes with examples of teaching lessons prepared on the topics of the oldest literature and their subsequent reflection after actual implementation in the educational process. These examples demonstrate that...
Benefit of Formative Assessment for Primary School Teachers and Pupils
Fišerová, Karolína ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
The diploma thesis aims to find out what benefits of using formative assessment in teaching see selected teachers and pupils of primary school. The theoretical part focuses on school evaluation, where this term is defined, and the main aspects of assessment such as functions and individual types are described. It also gets to the formative and summative types of evaluation and their comparison. The next part is devoted to specific principles of a formative approach, such as the formulation of goals that are closely related to criteria and feedback, as well as self-evaluation or peer evaluation. Formative assessment could not work without respectful communication and trust between the student and the teacher, which is dealt with in the last chapter of the theoretical part. The empirical part, through interviews with pupils' class teachers (specifically the 4th grade) and subsequent interviews with groups of pupils of the above-mentioned teachers, finds out what evaluation procedures teachers use and why. Interviews with pupils make it possible to record the pupils' view of school assessment and the methods their teachers work with, as well as how communication in the classroom affects pupils' approach to learning. The results of the qualitative design of the research show that formative methods try...
Cross-curricular relations in the teaching of the czech language and literature and history in the 9th grade of upper secondary school
Olšavská, Marcela ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
This master thesis deals with the issue of cross-curriscural relations of the Czech language and literature and history in teaching in the 9th grade of upper secondary school. The first objective was to explore the current state of the concept of interdisciplinary relationships between these subjects in the Framework Educational Program for Elementary Education, selected School Educational Programs and selected teaching materials. The second objective was to to propose the possibilities of purposeful application of intersubject relationships of the studied subjects in teaching. The research consists in the analysis of the Framework Educational Program for Elementary Education, the School Educational Programs of nine selected schools and didactic material in the form of a history textbook, workbook, and teacher's guide, as well as a Czech language textbook, workbook, and teacher's guide, and finally, a reader and its accompanying teacher's guide. The research indicates that although School Educational Programmes are based on the Framework Education Program for Elementary Education, the concept of interdisciplinary relationships is not the same in all programmes. Similarly, the application of interdisciplinary relationships within didactic materials is highly variable. In the final part of the...
How schools can motivate students into reading
Smrčková, Eva ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
This work focuses on child readers, specifically on their motivation to read. We still have many children who like to read, but there are also more and more children who are not very interested in books. The motivation of children is important from the toddler age, when they listen to their first children's books being read to them at home. The chosen research goal, through the research method of open interviews, namely with teachers, students and a child psychologist with experience in a pedagogical-psychological consultancy, is to map the factors thanks to which children can naturally gradually learn to be independent readers. The method of content analysis was used to analyze the data from the interviews. The results show that gender plays an important role in reading motivation, with girls preferring romantic stories and boys preferring adventure and action stories. Furthermore, the illustrations play an important role, helping to develop the imagination of the readers. In the case of illustration and its role in reading literacy, the results divide potential child readers into two imaginary camps, where some prefer illustrations precisely for the development of their imagination, and others, on the contrary, avoid illustrations with the explanation that they hinder their own imagination. And...
Formative Assessment of EFL students' Speaking Skills in an upper-secondary vocational classroom
Mužíková, Jana ; Starý, Karel (advisor) ; Laufková, Veronika (referee) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee)
The thesis Formative Assessment of EFL students' Speaking Skills in an upper-secondary vocational classroom describes attitudes to assessment of three English language teachers at a Czech business academy from the perspective of formative assessment just before the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. The case study aims to show what happens behind the classroom door by providing a deep insight into the assessment practices of EFL learning at a Czech secondary vocational school. The theoretical part defines formative assessment as feedback which brings the learner valuable information concerning the knowledge and skills in the process of learning when it is still possible to work on improving the output; it explores different formative strategies in the context of communicative approach to EFL learning, namely Speaking Skills development. The empirical part builds on the qualitative data collection which consisted of several phases and methods: firstly, school documents were analysed to understand the assessment processes in general, followed by the semi-structured individual interviews with a headmistress and three EFL teachers. Student focus groups and three individual interviews with students were carried out to clarify students' approach to their assessment. Most importantly, classroom practices of...
Development of Reading Literacy at School: Action Research
Kolářová, Michaela ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
In the theoretical part, the diploma thesis deals with the concept of reading literacy and its definition, development, meaning, and the factors that have influenced it. In the next part, the areas and levels of reading literacy and the stages of its development are characterized. Furthermore, its development using various methods is described and individual conditions are indicated, the fulfillment of which affects increasing the level of student skills. In the next section, individual reading skills and strategies are described. Next, the theoretical part also focuses on the results of international research (PIRLS, PISA, and PIACC) with an emphasis on the results of Czech pupils. The analysis of reading literacy in the framework national curriculum program of primary education concludes the theoretical part of the work. The practical part is divided into two sections, in which attention is paid to action research and its forms. Pedagogical action research is at the forefront of interest. The next part focuses on determining the level of reading skills of second-grade elementary school students using a pre- test. After the students' results were established in the test, lessons were implemented with activities to develop reading skills, the process of which is described in individual chapters....
Didactic potencial of a Song of ice and fire by G.R.R. Martin for high school
Červ, Petr ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the didactic potential of A Song of Ice and Fire by the American writer George R. R. Martin and focuses on high schools. Its goal is to show to what extent Martin's saga, and therefore its series adaptation, can be used for teaching not only literature, but also other subjects, and at the same time prepare specific lessons that teachers can immediately use in their classes. The first part defines the concept of fantasy and provides basic data about the author's life, especially those that affect his later work. Furthermore, the realities from the world in which the saga takes place are mentioned and briefly characterized, as well as the six main characters of the whole story are presented here. It also summarizes those works that do not belong to the main line of the saga itself, but fall into a wider range of works that deal with the Westeros, the fictional world of A Song of Ice and Fire. In the second part, individual lessons are proposed, in which high school students work with excerpts of the texts from A Songs of Ice and Fire and through various methods and activities such as mind maps, picture quizes and others are guided to goals that go beyond the normal framework of literary education. A total of eight teaching lessons are elaborated in this work, one of...

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