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Assessing Selected Indicators Using Statistical Methods
Hlaváčková, Martina ; Součková, Markéta (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on evaluation of the financial situation of the company and the prediction of the potential development with the help of selected indicators of financial analysis and the use of statistical methods. The first part focuses on the theoretical background. In the second part - practical, there are selected indicators of financial analysis and statistical methods such as time series analysis and regression analysis. After that, on the basis of the results obtained at the end of the work, suggestions are suggested to improve the current situation of the company.
Design and Development of Experimental Device for Testing the TEP Acetabula and Wear Identification using Optical Method
Houfek, Martin ; Kratochvíl, Ctirad (referee) ; Hortel, Milan (referee) ; Hlaváčková, Milada (referee) ; Florian, Zdeněk (advisor)
Today is the implantation of joint replacements, although a radical, but very functional restoration frequent way ill joint. The implants are placed high demands on their biocompatible and long-term function, which is directly related to wear of joint replacements in the human body. Therefore, analysis of the complex behavior of the implant in the human body is a fundamental problem of biomechanics of implants. This issue is dedicated, this dissertation thesis. Dissertation thesis deals with the solution design and development of experimental device for testing the TEP acetabula and wear identification using optical method. The proposed device allows the joint burden hole TEP physiological manner, but by working with the acetabulum burdened by Power resultant joint axis passes through the hole. The physiological loading of articular wells and evaluating the size of the loss of polyethylene is currently intensively addressed. The results of this study may in the near future, serving as information for assessing the conduct of wear prosthetic hip joint in vivo. The work is devoted to solving the problem of the size required to detect the loss of polyethylene for joint replacement arthroplasty: Design and development of experimental equipment for testing the acetabulum of the hip joint arthroplasty. Identify wear using optical methods. Design and development of experimental equipment was made in the system Inventor Professional 2010 at the level of 3D modeling. Great attention was paid to the design fit into the acetabulum TEP testing machines and gripping the acetabulum into an optical device. Management options were tested with combinations of experimental equipment engines. Suggestions were made and then tests for fixing the acetabulum into an optical device. Has the possibility of depth analysis and identification of wear joined with innovative solutions to evaluate the loss of polyethylene acetabulum arthroplasty. Identification of abrasion (loss of polyethylene) joint arthroplasty holes were carried out experimental measurements using an optical holographic interferometry. The comprehensive analysis of the results of experimental measurement of the loss of polyethylene shows that this method can identify both the size but also an area where there is even to small changes in the surface, which depend on the abrasion. One can also say that using this method we are able to affect the will or displacements that affect the size of the loss of polyethylene in joint arthroplasty hole. Despite the number of known and lessons learned arising from the results of solving the problem of design and development of experimental equipment for testing the acetabulum and hip arthroplasty wear identification using optical methods, this work is that the initial study to identify problematics wear of joint replacements. Complete resolution of this issue is beyond the scope of one doctoral thesis.
Vývoj externího auditu z pohledu auditorů a jejich klientů
Hlaváčková, Monika
Hlaváčková, M. The evolution of external audit from the perspective of auditors and their clients. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2023. This diploma thesis focuses on the current state of the audit profession in the Czech Republic from the perspective of auditors and users of financial statements. Firstly, a questionnaire survey was applied to identify if accounting entities know the purpose and objective of external audit and the size of “Audit expectation gap” was quantified. The "Audit expectation gap" was subjected with descriptive statistics, also Student's t-tests were applied for identifying dependence between groups of respondents, and regression analysis was performed. Another objective was to determine the opinions of statutory auditors on the area of external audit legislation as well as the position on the "Audit expectation gap". Based on the findings of the practical part of the diploma thesis, these aspects were compared with the results of research around the world.
The role of protein kinase C in cardioprotection elicited by mild cold acclimation
Lážnovská, Lucie ; Žurmanová, Jitka (advisor) ; Hlaváčková, Markéta (referee)
This master's thesis examines the role of protein kinase C (PKC) in cardioprotection induced by mild cold. PKC is a crucial signaling transduction enzyme that regulates cell growth, differentiation, and survival of the cell. Mild cold, as a novel potential therapeutic strategy, protects tissues from ischemic damage. Studies by Yang et al. suggest that hypothermia activates PKC in cardiomyocytes, triggering a cascade of signaling pathways with protective effects. PKC phosphorylates and activates proteins crucial for cell survival and recovery after ischemia, while also inhibiting apoptosis and limiting the formation of reactive oxygen species that contribute to cell damage during ischemia and reperfusion injury. This work focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways associated with the role of PKCε and δ isoforms in cardioprotection induced by mild cold, which could contribute to the development of new therapeutic strategies protecting the heart from ischemic damage. Keywords: protein kinase C, PKCε, PKCδ, mild cold, cardioprotection
The position of single mothers in and outside the family
Hlaváčková, Monika ; Teichman, Klaudia (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on single mothers and their position in the family and in society. The work is oriented to the current Czech environment and pays attention exclusively to single mothers due to their numerical superiority in single-parent families. The aim of the work is to present how single motherhood looks like nowadays and at the same time to uncover possible pitfalls that can be associated with single parenthood. The work is mainly focused on the difficulties of single mothers in the labor market, on economic problems and on problems of an emotional nature. Thanks to a qualitative investigation and ten semi- structured interviews, it is possible to identify in more detail how single mothers really perceive their situation and how they interpret it. The results of the work can bring people closer to the real situation of single mothers and at the same time they can stimulate further steps to improve it.
The role of protein kinase C alpha in individual cancer cell invasiveness
Szabadosová, Emília ; Brábek, Jan (advisor) ; Hlaváčková, Markéta (referee)
Protein kinase C alpha was one of the first identified isoenzyme of PKC family. Since then PKC has been shown to be important in various signal cascades. One of the best known role is in tumor invasiveness and in development of metastases. A role of protein kinase C alpha was pointed out in regulation of Rho/ROCK pathway in amoeboid invasiveness and also Raf/MAPK signaling cascade of mesenchymal movement. ERM proteins, which act in cancer invasiveness, are regulated by protein kinase C too.
Autophagy in the heart
Šprláková, Katarína ; Hlaváčková, Markéta (advisor) ; Tomšů, Eva (referee)
Currently, it is growing evidence that autophagy is involved in the prevention of various diseases, which of course also includes heart diseases. This thesis is therefore aimed at clarifying the role of autophagy in the heart, especially during ischemia and subsequent reperfusion. Autophagy is a physiological cellular process by which the cell maintains homeostasis by eliminating long-lived proteins and damaged organelles. The role of autophagy during ischemia/reperfusion in the heart is complex. Predominantly it functions as a pro-survival pathway, because it protects the heart from ischemia or hypoxia. However, when triggered over, which happens during reperfusion, it may lead to cell death. In the heart autophagy is activated in response to various stimuli, such as decrease in ATP and subsequent activation of AMPK, protein Bnip3, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, the opening of mitochondrial permeability transition pore, endoplasmic reticulum stress or unfolded protein response.
The psyche of women during their maternity leave
Hlaváčková, Marie ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
The aim of my thesis was to try to describe changes in perception that occur to women taking the parent role and accession to maternity leave. In the theoretical part, therefore, I first deal with the concept of motherhood in general, as well as changes in the psyche of a woman from pregnancy to baby and toddler age of children. Individual chapters are devoted to childbirth as a major event for the development of relationship with the child and the puerperium. In the empirical part of the work I am looking for different areas in which change in experience is reflected and context of these changes with other variables. The research was conducted in form of a questionnaire, the sample 71 women who spend their maternity or parental leave with her first child responded. These women showed a significant increase in responsibility, caring and a sense of fear, then increased feeling of happiness and life fulfilment as well as overall satisfaction. In contrast decrease was recorded in the possibility of selfdevelopment and communications possibilities of these women. For other items there was not seen a significant increase or decrease. When searching for the relationship between women's feelings and other variables was found non-linear relationship of certain items on the length of time spent by women on maternity...

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