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Lipid emulsions in lonf-term parenteral nutition
Ševela, Stanislav ; Novák, František (advisor) ; Cahová, Monika (referee) ; Lahoda Brodská, Helena (referee)
The combination of intestinal failure and parenteral nutrition is a condition associated with mild chronic inflammation and organ injury, the most significant of which is hepatic injury. This crossover-controlled trial investigated the effects of different intravenous lipid emulsions (IVLE) enriched with increased doses of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFA) from fish oil (FO) in patients on home parenteral nutrition (HPNP) for chronic intestinal failure. Twelve patients were consecutively given three different IVLEs, with an FO emulsion added after each IVLE. The study also included twelve paired healthy controls for comparison. The aim of this study was to investigate how long-term administration of these IVLEs affected primarily the erythrocyte and plasma fatty acid (FA) spectrum, as well as the inflammatory response, antioxidant status, markers of liver function and bile acid spectrum in HPNP, and how these changes differed from healthy subjects. We demonstrated successful incorporation of n-3 PUFA into erythrocyte phospholipids and corresponding changes in the plasma FA spectrum, characterized in particular by significant increases in n-3 versus n-6 PUFA, with a decrease in the n-6/n-3 PUFA ratio. We also found a more prolonged effect on these changes with high dose FO...
New Synagogue in Olomouc
Novák, František ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
Draft synagogue draws on traditional values from the past, but is set in the present time and modern elements to create the perfect environment for future work and development of the Jewish community. In the past, they reached the synagogue larger sizes and higher than the surrounding buildings. Attracted so immediate dominance. Today's urban planning and capacity synagogues us not allow this dominance. However synagogue be different because of the surrounding buildings. The proposed project will thus achieve a modern shape, splayed hands towards God. The synagogue is to be removed, so as sculptures have their pedestals, and the proposed synagogue is mounted on a pedestal. Is thus formed plastic loosely inserted into the surrounding nature.
Biogas Plant Telč
Novák, František ; Hubáček,, Petr (referee) ; Myslín, Jiří (advisor) ; Skála, Jiří (advisor)
The biogas plant in Telč. Administrative and laboratory building is located on the premises of a biogas plant on the outskirts of Telč in the field of science and technology park. Half of a two-storey building will be used for laboratory tests which, under different operating conditions and settings will test changing input of crops, optimization of these parameters in different technological settings to maximize energy output. It will also be a place of management of biogas plant. The building is located in a slightly hilly terrain at an altitude of 539,350 meters and complies with disabled access.
Nutritional status assessment in patients with hepatopathy
Pirklová, Kristýna ; Novák, František (advisor) ; Ševela, Stanislav (referee)
In patients with liver cirrhosis, a high prevalence of malnutrition should be expected. Although the early diagnosis of malnutrition and well-chosen nutritional support have a positive effect on the patient's prognosis, early diagnosis of malnutrition might be difficult. There is currently no standardized diagnostic protocol for the nutritional status assessment of patients with liver cirrhosis. In patients with liver cirrhosis fluid retention occurs, which distorts the otherwise commonly used diagnostic criteria. The aim of the study: We wanted to evaluate the nutritional status of patients with liver cirrhosis in comparison with a acontrol group without severe comorbidity using anthropometric measurements, electrical bioimpedance, functional tests and laboratory parameters using diagnostic criteria GLIM (Global Leadership Initiative On Malnutrition) and various malnutrition screening tools. The work also focused on evaluating the quality of life of patients with chronic liver disease. Methods: The observational study included 11 patients with Child-Pugh stage cirrhosis A (n = 10) and B (n = 1), who were compared with a control group of 11 study participants without severe comorbidities. An examination panel consisting of anthropometric measurements, indirect calorimetry, electrical bioimpedance,...
Functional fitness and Vit. D levels in patients with hepatopathy
Brtková, Helena ; Novák, František (advisor) ; Meisnerová, Eva (referee)
Introduction: patients with hepatopathy are at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D levels affect, among other things, metabolism and physiological functions of muscle tissue and thus functional fitness. The aim of this study is to assess muscle mass and strength in relation to vitamin D levels and other factors that affect functional physical fitness in patients with cirrhosis, compared to a control group of patients without hepatopathy and other chronic comorbidities. Methods: 11 patients with liver cirrhosis were enrolled in an observational cohort study compared with 11 controls without chronic comorbidities. Anthropometric and bioimpedance measurements were performed, functional tests, the 6MWT 6-minute walk test, hand grip strength assessment and calorimetry examination were also evaluated, and laboratory parameters were assessed. Study participants completed the CLDQ test, which assessed the quality of life of people with liver disease. Respondents answered questions regarding lifestyle, eating habits, physical activity and functional physical fitness. For patients with cirrhosis, the Child Pugh score and MELD score were used to assess the progression of cirrhosis. Results. At the time of the study, the vast majority of patients had a compensated form of liver cirrhosis, Child Pugh A...
Steatosis of liver and mitochondrial dysfunction
Páleníčková, Eliška ; Novák, František (advisor) ; Balková, Patricie (referee)
Aim: To determine the effect of diet-induced steatosis in the development of mitochondrial dysfunction in the liver and hepatic sensitivity to the partial ischemia. Methods: Male Wistar rats (361 ± 8.8 g) were fed standard (SD) or high-fat diet (HFD). Partial ischemia was induced by short-term clamp (20 min) of vein porta two days before the end of the experiment. Results: Ten-week HFD administration lead due to increased ketogenesis the altered glucose tolerance elevated serum NEFA. We demonstrated the inhibitory effect of HFD on the respiratory capacity of mitochondria in vitro. HFD negatively affected the activity of antioxidant systems and stimulated the formation of lipoperoxides. Partial ischemia had no efect on the mitochondrial oxidative capacity but significantly elevated the oxidative stress. Conclusion: HFD administration lead to the development of fatty liver that was still not accompanied by biochemical markers of liver injury. Nevertheless, we proved the impairment of to mitochondrial respiratory capacity, signs of structural damage of mitochondria and the increased sensitivity to oxidative damage of the liver. Subject words: biochemistry, physiology Keywords: mitochondria, HFD, ischemia, respiratory chain, antioxidant systém, ROS

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