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The Preparation of a Scenario and the E-learning Structure of the Programme "Essentials of ECG"
Kunstátová, Marie ; Kittnar, Otomar (advisor) ; Slavíček, Jaroslav (referee)
Tématem mé diplomové práce je vypracování scénáře a struktury e-learningového programu "Základy EKG". Cílem této práce bylo, jak téma napovídá vypracovat scénář a strukturu e-learningového programu nesoucí název "Základy EKG". Doufám, že e-learningový program své místo ve vzdělání, výuce a v praxi nalezne, ale to je již otázka, na kterou dokáže odpovědět jen čas.
Changes in individual isoforms of nitric oxide synthase in experimental hypertension and metabolic syndrome: genetic and molecular-biological aspects
Hojná, Silvie ; Kuneš, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pelouch, Václav (referee) ; Kittnar, Otomar (referee) ; Cífková, Renata (referee)
Changes in individual isoforms of nitric oxide synthase in experimental hypertension and metabolic syndrome: genetic and molecular-biological aspects Powered by TCPDF (
The significance of free oxygen radicals in pulmonary ischemia-reperfusion injury acquired from donors after cardiac arrest
Hodyc, Daniel ; Herget, Jan (advisor) ; Štípek, Stanislav (referee) ; Kittnar, Otomar (referee) ; Lischke, Robert (referee)
The significance of free oxygen radicals in pulmonary ischemia-reperfusion injury acquired from donors after cardiac arrest Powered by TCPDF (
Deviation of the axis of the spine in hereditary motoric and sensitive neuropathy
Horáček, Ondřej ; Kučera, Miroslav (advisor) ; Druga, Rastislav (referee) ; Bojar, Martin (referee) ; Kittnar, Otomar (referee)
Deviation of the axis of the spine in hereditary motoric and sensitive neuropathy Powered by TCPDF (
Ultrasonographic evaluation of cardiovascular abnormalities in patients with Fabry disease
Paleček, Tomáš ; Bultas, Jan (advisor) ; Pudil, Radek (referee) ; Kittnar, Otomar (referee)
Fabry disease is an X-linked glycosphingolipid storage disorder caused by deficient activity of the lysosomal enzyme α-galactosidase A. This leads to progressive intracellular accumulation of neutral glycosphingolipids, mainly globotriaosylceramide. Besides various extracardiac disease-related abnormalities, cardiovascular involvement represents a typical manifestation of Fabry disease. The primary underlying mechanism relies on pathological substrate accumulation in cardiomyocytes, conduction system cells, valvular fibroblasts, endothelial cells and vascular smooth muscle cells. The development of cardiac and vascular hypertrophy represents a characteristic cardiovascular feature of Fabry disease. The aim of our studies was to describe in detail cardiovascular abnormalities in patients with Fabry disease using ultrasonography, which currently represents basic noninvasive imaging modality in cardiology. We focused on structural and functional abnormalities of ventricles, valvular apparatus and their relationship to vascular involvement expressed on common carotid arteries. We also compared the diagnostic accuracy of the two novel echocardiographic methods used for the left ventricular diastolic function assessment. The possible existence of circulating proliferative factor, which might be associated with...
Ischemia-reperfusion injury in lungs after transplantation and the role of radical oxygen species
Mrázková, Hana ; Lischke, Robert (advisor) ; Třeška, Vladislav (referee) ; Kittnar, Otomar (referee)
 Keywords: Lung Tx, EVLP, NHBD, IR injury, ROS, hypercapnia, gender differences This dissertation thesis deals with a very topical issue of the lack of donor organs for lung transplants. As with other organs, the number of patients on waiting lists in terminal stages of their diseases is also constantly rising but there is not an adequate increase in donor organs. We focused our experimental work on the development of research concerning the solution which is most successful in a long-term perspective, i.e. organ transplants from non- heart-beating donors (NHBDs), in an ex vivo lung transplant protocol (EVLP) on an animal model (Wistar rats). This is a method which is clinically established worldwide (in the Czech Republic only experimentally) and is constantly subject to further research. Based on earlier studies, we focused the first experimental part of this work on the potential protective effect of hypercapnic ventilation on ischemia-reperfusion (IR) lung injury in EVLP. The study proved that the hypercapnic ventilation has a protective effect on the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in IR lung injury, but only when used in the period of reperfusion. In the second experimental study, we followed up a very topical issue of the effect of gender on IR lung injury in EVLP in...
The clinical significance of measuring the distensibility of the carotid artery
Chlumský, Jaromír ; Kvapil, Milan (advisor) ; Kittnar, Otomar (referee) ; Aschermann, Michael (referee) ; Spáčil, Jiří (referee)
The clinical significance of measuring the distensibility of the carotid artery Powered by TCPDF (
Ultrasound imaging of posterior vaginal wall descent
Krčmář, Michal ; Marešová, Dana (advisor) ; Zmrhal, Jan (referee) ; Kittnar, Otomar (referee)
The aim of our study was to set up the parameters, which could be used in the future for objective assesment of posterior vaginal wall descent same as they have been used in the assesment of anterior compartment. We included 42 attendants, 21 with proven descent of posterior vaginal wall; 21 as a control group. We observed the ultrasonographical distance between the most descending point at posterior vaginal wall according to the horizontal line and the inferior margin of pubic bone same as posterior anorectal angle after the intrarectal application of sonographic yelly; both at rest and during Valsalva manévre. Doubleoptional t-test was used for statistical evaluation of the results. Furthermore we judged the demographic features of both groups. We proved the statistic significant decrease in measured distances in the group of patients suffering from the descent compared to the group of healthy women. Values of posterior anorectal angle were significantly highered in the group of patients with the descent. The incidence of descent is related to higher age, higher level of BMI and multiparity in the group of patients. There was also higher incidence of stress urinary incontinence in patients' group, which had been surgically treated. We obtained no explicit data about influence of menopausal status being an...
Changes of the electric field of the heart in disorders of glucose metabolism and ways of influencing them by correction of impaired autonomic nervous regulation
Fialová, Elena ; Kittnar, Otomar (advisor) ; Danzig, Vilém (referee) ; Ošťádal, Petr (referee)
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is not just a simple metabolic disorder, however, it is considered to be a cardiovascular disease of a metabolic origin. This is apparent especially when speaking about type 2 diabetes (DM II). Patients with DM have a high occurrence of vegetative nervous system (VNS) disorders that manifest themselves as an increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system that correlates with peripheral autonomic neuropathy and is considered to be the major pathophysiological mechanism for the development of DM II. The objective of our study was to determine whether a comprehensive spa treatment (ST) may affect the level of the sympathetic tone of patients suffering from DM II. As an indicator of the sympathetic tone, selected electrocardiographic parameters derived from the HRV, microvolt T-wave alternans, and microvolt R-wave alternans were evaluated. The electrophysiological examination of patients was performed before and after a three-week spa treatment using the KARDiVAR system. The method is used to examine the current state of the autonomic nervous system and carry out an analysis of risk factors and adaptive capabilities of the organism. The results showed favorable changes in DM II patients after the ST, primarily in terms of reduced sympathetic adrenal system activity,...
Pathophysiological consequences of different cardiac support regimens in cardiorespiratory insufficiency
Lacko, Stanislav ; Kittnar, Otomar (advisor) ; Havránek, Štěpán (referee) ; Rohn, Vilém (referee)
Introduction: Veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VA ECMO) is a rapidly applicable type of mechanical circulatory support that overcomes acute hemodynamic breakdowns, whether in acute or chronic heart failure or cardiac arrest. In recent years, the method has seen a very significant increase in use. VA ECMO can fully replace the function of the heart and lungs, delivering about 5 l / min of fully saturated blood. However, the method is burdened with a number of risks. Currently much-discussed issue is the effect of circulatory support on left ventricular residual function as VA ECMO increases its work and the risk of developing left ventricular distension and subsequent pulmonary edema. A detailed analysis of these pathophysiological mechanisms is a key objective of this work. Methods: The focus of the work is three series of experiments on a large biomodel (domestic pig). First, we developed a new model of acute hypoxic-ischemic heart failure by proximal occlusion of one of the main branches of the left coronary artery with a balloon catheter with a lumen for controlled perfusion of deoxygenated venous blood behind the balloon. Furthermore, we monitored the hemodynamic response and energy parameters in detail in the porcine biomodel of acute and chronic heart failure with a gradual...

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