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Teaching technical English at universities
Příhoda, Miloslav ; Langerová, Petra (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor thesis deals with issues of teaching technical English at universities. The aim of the thesis is to describe and compare different approaches to the given issue. The introductory chapter focuses on analysis of approaches to the teaching of General English. The following chapter describes English for Specific Purposes, its roots and description, its areas, where this approach is usable, and course design of English for Specific Purposes courses. Subsequently, the thesis discusses with description of English for Academic Purposes and its evaluation, further, suggests possible activities that can be used in teaching of such language.
Artificial intelligence in internet communication
Merzliakov, Evgeniy ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
With the development of such technologies as cloud computing, big data and deep learning, the artificial intelligence (or AI) is becoming a part of everyday life, and its capabilities are rapidly evolving. This bachelorl thesis defines the basic AI systems, which can be found and used today, such as self-driving vehicles, Smart Home systems, intelligent virtual assistants. Brief history, pros and cons as well as the impact of such systems on communication and Internet are also described there. Furthermore, basic principle of artificial neural networks is also explained in this paper. Three intelligent virtual assistants (Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa) are compared there and results show that Google Assistant is better and more reliable than Siri and Alexa. However, difference between the best one and the worst one is 13 %.
Shedding Light on The Dark Web
Horváth, Jakub ; Jašková, Jana (oponent) ; Ellederová, Eva (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the Dark Web and its use. Even though the Dark Web has been part of the Internet almost since its very beginning, it attracted the public attention only a few years ago. The main purpose of this work is to raise awareness about the topic to help the Internet users to protect themselves in the cyberspace.The thesis is a theoretical study based on the literature review of the available sources related to the topic of the Dark Web. It focuses on the levels into which the web is divided and its origins.It also explains how to access the DarkWebusingtheTorbrowser,outlinestheconceptofcryptocurrency bitcoin and the marketplace Silkroad. Finally, it discussescontentthatcanbefoundonthe Dark Web, frames the concept of cybercrime and tries to predict the Dark Web’s future.
Smart Home
Pitra, Ondřej ; Jašková, Jana (oponent) ; Kazda, Tomáš (oponent) ; Šedrlová, Magdalena (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is to present and describe fundamental principles, characteristics, and application of my own project of Smart Home. In this thesis, I will present my current state of the project as well as the future plans for my Smart Home. I will also introduce and compare Smart Home systems from companies already established on the market.
Renewable energy sources: are they always contributive to the environment?
Pelz, Václav ; Jašková, Jana (oponent) ; Baumgartnerová, Alena (vedoucí práce)
Semestral work deals with renewable energy sources and their use. It seeks to bring to the reader the basic principles of the operation of both renewable and non-renewable resources and the production of electricity related thereto. At the same time, it seeks to highlight the many issues and problems with renewable resources that we are currently experiencing as electricity demand continues to rise and natural non-renewable resources such as oil and coal slowly but surely disappear. It addresses basic problems with renewable resources and highlights the pros and cons of their use in the future.
E-tivities: effective activities to learn languages?
Davydenko, Valeriy ; Jašková, Jana (oponent) ; Langerová, Petra (vedoucí práce)
The purpose of semestral work is to understand what does “E-learning” means and where it comes from, to describe the history of electronic learning and research advantages and disadvantages of this kind of education. And finally get an answer for the question if E-learning is effective activity to learn languages? The work is devided into seven parts: defenitions, forms of e-learning, history of e-learning, advantages/benefits of e-learning, disadvantages of electronic electronic learning, an influence of modern technologies on the teaching process. The bachelor thesis is aimed at analyzing the work of representatives of e-learning. Description of the process of learning a language and the effectiveness of learning English through e-learning. Is it possible to learn a language with the help of electronic media and the Internet? This paper describes the process of learning English with the help of two electronic platforms. The first is a paid online school, the largest company studying English in Eastern Europe. The second part of the work is a free mobile application aimed at developing and learning English. The most popular application in the world in the online training section. information about companies, the history of creation and the principles of work used in the applications are presented in the form of a review of companies. Effectiveness of those companies and e-learning at all.
Translation tools for specialized electrotechnical texts
Bálka, Miroslav ; Šťastná, Dagmar (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor thesis is focused on examination of translation tools and translation of the professional texts. The work is divided into four main parts. The first part deals with what is it translation and what is the difference between the old and the modern approach. The second part is focused on various translation tools and their definitions. The third part is dedicated to definition of the professional texts, while depicting its difficulties and its specialities. The fourth part presents practical research in form of questionnaire.
The influence of computer games on English language knowledge
Prát, Patrik ; Žouželková Bartošová, Marie (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
Despite the fact that computer games continue to gain in popularity, attitude of majority towards computer games is still rather negative. The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is to demonstrate that playing computer games can be beneficial while learning a second language. This bachelor’s thesis consists of three chapters in which is dealt with the current state of the English language, acquisition and learning of a second language, and influence of computer games on the English language knowledge. The empirical part of this bachelor’s thesis is devoted to the analysis of a survey in the form of a questionnaire.
Czech and English equivalents from information technology
Trailovic, Daniel ; Mihai, Hana (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor thesis focuses on translated words that are used in information technology. It defines translation procedures, methods of translation and types of translation. Furthermore, this thesis explains how to prepare for translation, what must be done, and what should be avoided. The practical part focuses on the words that are frequently used by native Czech speakers.
E-learning as a means of teaching at universities
Mikulášek, Filip ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
This paper aims to delve into the topic of e-learning and its use at universities. It attempts to describe its history - getting from distance learning, to learning utilizing increasingly more complex computational machines and finally the incorporation of the internet into the learning process. It also makes several predictions on what direction could e-learning head in in the foreseeable future. Aside from these topics, it also tries to describe what factors affect its effectiveness and takes a look at its potentially negative side. Then it deals with results of an e-learning related survey and their analysis.

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