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Model of Generation Y Customer on the Market of Banking and Other Financial Products in the Context of Behavioral Economics
Fojtů, Kateřina ; Dohnalová, Zuzana (referee) ; Rozmahel, Petr (referee) ; Vochozka, Marek (referee) ; Škapa, Stanislav (advisor)
The dissertation focuses on identifying a typical generation Y representative on the financial products market and, on the basis of these characteristics, creates a model of generation Y customer on the financial products market in the context of behavioral economics. Based on the literature research, the terms "generation Y" and "selected knowledge of behavioral economics" were defined. The literature research also led to creating a questionnaire that was used to obtain primary research data. Secondary research has characterized consumers on the financial products market. Secondary research focused on the form of payment; relationship to technologies; cash and cashless payments; relation to cryptocurrencies; relation to savings; digital banking transformation; financial behavior of Czech households. Primary research has focused on obtaining information in the field of behavioral economics, specifically the prejudices of the Czech generation Y; and on what financial market products the Czech generation Y uses and generation’s relationship to risks, provided information and satisfaction with products. Primary research data was used as input data for structural equation modeling. Because of this method, mutual relationships between selected products have been found; customer characteristics and heuristics. The benefit of this work lies in the characteristics of customers in the selected market. It is a sector that is slowly entering the digitalization period, and understanding the young generation, which now accounts for a third of its customers, is crucial for companies. If companies are not able to respond to the changing needs of the younger generations, they can lose their customers and hence revenue.
Legal and Historical Background of Shortcomings and Problems of State Property Privatization after 1989
Šorf, Jiří ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Vochozka, Marek (referee) ; Soukup, Ladislav (referee)
v anglickém jazyce Legal and Historical Background of Shortcomings and Problems of State Property Privatization after 1989 The Doctoral Thesis provides a comprehensive analysis of the legal - historical background of the shortcomings and problems of the process of privatization of state property after 1989 in the Czechoslovak (Czech) Republic in relation to each of the fundamental privatization methods - i.e. small privatization, large privatization (inl. coupon privatization) and restitution. The Doctoral Thesis introduces the historical context of the adoption of relevant legal norms, then provides a detailed legal analysis of their shortcomings and focuses on problems induced by their application. With regards to the identified shortcomings and problems, the Doctoral Thesis analyzes the forms of their mitigation; i.e. addresses the not only the amendments of the respective privatization legal acts, but also the decisions of the general courts as well as the Constitutional court which contributed to their righteous interpretation. Despite the fact that from the time perspective, the first half of 90- s is the decisive period for the Doctoral Thesis, one can identify several overlaps until the present time given by the inconclusive character of several privatization processes. The remarkable...
Řízení rozmanitosti v mezinárodním prostředí
Czapran, Tomasz Bronislaw ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kleibl, Jiří (referee) ; Vochozka, Marek (referee)
The dissertation thesis deals with the issues of diversity management in multicultural environment. The primary objective of the thesis is to create a graphical model of diversity management for multicultural organisations operating in the field of information technology. The secondary objective is to identify, through expert literature research, the current approaches to diversity management and to clarify its benefits. The theme is examined and discussed from theoretical as well as practical point of view. The theoretical part deals with the scope, categories, instruments, models and concepts of diversity, as well as diversity management with equal opportunities in the workplace. This section was created not only on the basis of expert literature, but also on the basis of inputs found in impacted and reviewed journals and articles. The practical part presents the quantitative and qualitative research carried out among managers in 14 selected enterprises applying diversity management in varying degrees. Based on this qualitative research hypotheses are formed. These hypotheses are subsequently verified by the quantitative research conducted among managers of selected companies. The practical part has empirical character, as it investigates a specific level of application of diversity management in selected IT organisations with multicultural environment. This investigation is carried out using quantitative and qualitative data collection.
Měření efektivnosti řízení hygienických stanic
Vochozka, Marek ; Krauseová, Jaruše (advisor) ; Bašek, Václav (referee) ; Váchal, Jan (referee)
Práce se zabývá měřením efektivnosti řízení hygienických stanic ? správních úřadů v oblasti ochrany veřejného zdraví. V teoretické části předkládá základní východiska pro fungování hygienických stanic v systému státní správy, hodnotí teoretické přístupy k pojmu efektivnost a nabízí nástroj pro měření (výpočet) vybraného konceptu efektivnosti. Praktická část se zabývá metodikou výpočtu fixní technické efektivnosti. V závěru praktické části pak ověřuje validitu výsledků a hledá příčiny vedoucí k získanému výsledku. V závěru nabízí práce návrhy opatření vedoucí ke snížení neefektivnosti řízení hygienických stanic. Poté se zabývá hodnocením splnění cílů práce a potvrzení či vyvrácení stanovených hypotéz.
The financial analysis of company LINET spol. s r.o.
Fišer, Karel ; Vochozka, Marek (advisor) ; Boukal, Petr (referee)
The aim of bachelor study is focused on financial analysis of LINET company s r.o. and concentrate on financial situation of company. Analysis was made over the economy years 2003/2004-2007/2008. In the first part the study describes process of financial analysis, theoretical part describes instruments and methods of calculation which was used in this study and practical part describes brief description of the company and calculations of particular instruments. All attainable results always have verbal commentary and compare with average results in branch. Situation of the company is summarized in the end of this study and proposals on her improvement.
Financial analysis of the company Rudolf Jelínek, a.s.
Bujalková, Jana ; Vochozka, Marek (advisor) ; Krause, Josef (referee)
I analyse the financial position of the company Rudolf Jelinek,a.s. as an external user according to all the accesible public sources. This work is divided into two fundamental parts - the mothodological part and the aplication part. The first part deals with the theorethical cases of the financial analysis. In the aplication part I concentrate on calculating and analysing different indicators, upon which I deduct the final financial position of the company.
Financial Analysis of Agricultural Cooperative Budišov
Jaša, Stanislav ; Krause, Josef (advisor) ; Vochozka, Marek (referee)
Evaluation of the financial health of an agricultural business in Vysočina region related to selective examinations of FADN - Farm Accountancy Data Network - using models of rentability, activity, liquidity and insolvency. Trend assesment of assets, liabilities and equity using horizontal analysis and evaluation of the structure of assets, liabilities and equity by the vertical analysis. Eventually, reference calculation of EVA model using Ministery of Industry and Trade model.
Financial project of a new company
Žemlička, Michal ; Krauseová, Jaruše (advisor) ; Vochozka, Marek (referee)
My final thesis "Financial project of a new company" is concernig with processes, which are needed for a succesfull start of a new company. The thesis is consist of a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part are explained particular methods, which are consequently aplicated in the practical part. The practical part is concerning with an imaginary company and its business plan for incoming 5 years.
Evaluation of performance IBM Česká republika, s. r. o.
Prachýl, Lukáš ; Vochozka, Marek (advisor) ; Horník, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis provides an evaluation of performance of the IT company - IBM Česká republika, s. r. o. Financial and non-financial indicators of performance were gained by analysis of company strategy and company goals.
Financial analysis of company Spolchemie, a.s.
Škopová, Anna ; Vochozka, Marek (advisor) ; Schönfeld, Jaroslav (referee)
The content of my bachelor thesis is to perform a financial analysis of company Spolchemie, a.s. during the period of years 2003 and 2008. I evaluated financial position of the company from the position of an external user and on the basis of public sources availability. The thesis contains theoretical part, which is elaborated on the basis of technical literature and practical part, where are applied theoretical approaches. The conclusion of thesis is focused on comparison of values of financial indicators of analysed company with the average values of department.

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