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Complex of methods for effective entrepreneurship of SMEs in the cultural sector
Dostál, Petr ; Kislingerová, Eva ; Pešek, Ondřej ; Horný, Stanislav ; Surynek, Alois ; Jarošová, Eva ; Srpová, Jitka ; Misař, Jan ; Svobodová, Ivana ; Boukal, Petr ; Vávrová, Hana ; Scholleová, Hana ; Mullerová, Jana ; Sieber, Patrik ; Sieber, Martina ; Vondra, Zdeněk
Základním cílem předloženého souboru metodik je poskytnout sektoru kultury nástroje, které umožní zlepšit řídící činnost především malých a středních organizací, ale zároveň se zlepší i možnosti trvalého a systematického rozvoje a transparentnost v komunikaci kulturních organizací, památek, orgánů státní správy a samosprávy, donorů a dalších, které jsou cílovými skupinami metodiky.
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Financial strategy evaluation and design of KOH-I-NOOR PONAS s.r.o.
Lišková, Šárka ; Štamfestová, Petra (advisor) ; Boukal, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to evaluate financial situation of Koh-i-Noor Ponas s.r.o. between years 2011 and 2015. Mentioned company is focused on production of plastic parts for automobile industry, electronics and health care. First section of the thesis considers the theory on the subject, including description of methods used for financial analysis. Second section introduces concrete application of these methods on publicly available financial reports and also comments on the development of company's financial state between specified years. As a part of the analysis, financial state of Koh-i-noor shall be compared to the one of similar entities in the same field. Third section of the thesis evaluates financial management strategies of the company and suggests steps for improvement.
Evaluation of the economic position of Sportisimo, Ltd
Šindelář, Jakub ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Lukášek, Libor (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate economic position of company Sportisimo, Ltd for the period from 2012 to 2015 and forecast of future years. This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part deals with selected methods of financial analysis and practical part applies them on a concrete example. Outcomes of this thesis are to evaluate economic position and its future development. Conclusion summarizes the results from practical part defining strengths and weaknesses.
Strategic Analysis of Company GZ Media, Inc.
Velková, Martina ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Špička, Jindřich (referee)
The content of this Bachelor Thesis is the strategic Analysis and partial steps in the company GZ Media, Inc. From 2011 to 2016, which operates on the market with vinyl record music and another music media. The aim is to provide the reader with a summary of the analyzed company and the industry in which the company operates. The work is divided into two parts, the theoretical and the practical. The theoretical part describes all the methods and tools that are needed for the Analysis itself. Attention is focused on the macro and micro environment of enterprise, Analysis of internal resources and financial Analysis. At the end, comprehensive SWOT Analysis and definition of corporate strategy. The practical part is already focused on the application of different methods on specific company and industry. The practical part aim is to bring the investigated part of the industry.
Strategic Analysis of the Forum 2000 Foundation
Němeček, David ; Špička, Jindřich (advisor) ; Boukal, Petr (referee)
The main objectives of this thesis are the application of selected strategic analysis instruments to the Forum 2000 Foundation and the evaluation of the relevance of the use of classical methods of strategic analysis in the context of non-profit organizations. The thesis is divided into theoretical-methodological part and analytical part. The first part introduces the tools that are used in the following analysis. In the second part, these tools are applied to the said foundation. At the end of the thesis, in addition to the results of the strategic analysis, conclusions of assessment of the relevance of the use of classical methods of strategic analysis in this particular analysis are also presented.
Investment plan for construction and operation of a family pension
Ondráček, Vojtěch ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Špička, Jindřich (referee)
In this bachelor thesis I focus on investment plan for construction and operation of an accommodation in the South Moravian region. The main goal of this thesis is to create business plan and to evaluate the project. The theoretical part contains basic definitions of entrepreneurship and business plan. The practical part consists of project description, market analysis, strategic and financial plan.
Evaluation of economical position of Základní umělecká škola Slaný
Fialová, Magdaléna ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Prokůpek, Marek (referee)
This thesis deals with a financial analysis of the art and music education institutions Základní umělecká škola Slaný (contributory organization) and compares its situation with Základní umělecká škola Říčany (c.o.) and První soukromá základní umělecká škola MIS music Kopřivnice (public benefit corporation). The theoretical framework characterizes the voluntary sector in general and it delimits the private and the public voluntary sectors. Furthermore, it describes the contributory organization in terms of law and economy. The theoretical part also discusses financial analysis of a nonprofit organization and its indicators. The first part of the practical framework focuses on characterizing visual arts education and subsequently it examines the characteristics and the financial analysis of aforementioned art and music education institutions. For ZUŠ Slaný analyzes years 2011/2012 to 2015/2016 and only years 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 are used for the comparison with the two other institutions. The last section of the practical part compares financial indicators of aforesaid institutions and the conclusion reports on the economical situation of ZUŠ Slaný by emphasizing their strong and weak points.
Business plan for the student restaurant / bar JUMPER
Pitoňáková, Anna ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Štamfestová, Petra (referee)
My title of bachelor´s thesis is the business plan for the student restaurant/bar, which I would like to open in my home town Poprad. The aim of this thesis is creating a business plan, based on which I will analyze if it is realistic to open a restaurant in my chosen place. My work will be divided into two separate parts. The first part will focus on the theory of entrepreneurship and business plan. In the second part, I will describe how I imagine the restaurant and bar I want to open. Then I will describe the economic and competitive environment, SWOT analysis and business plan of my restaurant.
Strategic analysis of Hájek a Boušová Ltd.
Racovscaia, Iulia ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Heřman, Jan (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to carry out strategic analysis in order to evaluate the strategic position of Hájek a Boušová Ltd. (Ovocný Světozor) on Czech market and to formulate recommendations for its future development. At the beginning of the thesis, the author explains the concept of strategic analysis. Then focus is placed on the most well-known analyses of the company's external and internal environment. First, there will be implemented the analysis of the enterprise's macroeconomic environment, representing an environment that the firm can hardly influence, for example, legislative, economic, social or technological areas. Then an microeconomic analysis will be implemented. The last analyzed area will be the internal environment of the firm, which consists of classification of sources, VRIO analysis, financial analysis, portfolio analysis. Based on these analyses, it would be possible to identify strengths and weaknesses of the organization and its potential opportunities and threats. The benefit of this bachelor thesis will be the evaluation of the factors influencing development of the company Ovocný Světozor and the identification of its strengths and weaknesses.
Implementation of reporting system in DIOSS Nýřany a.s.
Blažek, Igor ; Špička, Jindřich (advisor) ; Boukal, Petr (referee)
The aim of bachelors thesis Implementation of reporting system in DIOSS Nýřany a.s. is to create system of reporting on the basis of request from companys management and owners. It should bring them more transparent and more conclusive control of company and better setting of necessary task for successful development of company. The thesis is split into four parts. In introduction is description of current reporting system and aim and structure of thesis. In Theoretical part consisth of clarification of chosen particular ratios, methods of calculation and frequency of monitoring. In practical part there are individual reports according to frequency which include progress of selected ratios and explanation of this progress. In the end of thesis there is description of strength and weaknesses in financial position and proposals how to improve companys condition.

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