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Řízení rozmanitosti v mezinárodním prostředí
Czapran, Tomasz Bronislaw ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kleibl, Jiří (referee) ; Vochozka, Marek (referee)
The dissertation thesis deals with the issues of diversity management in multicultural environment. The primary objective of the thesis is to create a graphical model of diversity management for multicultural organisations operating in the field of information technology. The secondary objective is to identify, through expert literature research, the current approaches to diversity management and to clarify its benefits. The theme is examined and discussed from theoretical as well as practical point of view. The theoretical part deals with the scope, categories, instruments, models and concepts of diversity, as well as diversity management with equal opportunities in the workplace. This section was created not only on the basis of expert literature, but also on the basis of inputs found in impacted and reviewed journals and articles. The practical part presents the quantitative and qualitative research carried out among managers in 14 selected enterprises applying diversity management in varying degrees. Based on this qualitative research hypotheses are formed. These hypotheses are subsequently verified by the quantitative research conducted among managers of selected companies. The practical part has empirical character, as it investigates a specific level of application of diversity management in selected IT organisations with multicultural environment. This investigation is carried out using quantitative and qualitative data collection.
Leadership Development
Legnerová, Kateřina ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kleibl, Jiří (referee) ; Dohnalová, Marie (referee)
The dissertation thesis deals with the topic leadership development within businesses operating in the Czech Republic. The main objective of the work is focused on mapping the current trends in leadership development and proposes a model leadership development that is applicable within the framework of the Czech business. In practical part research the research compares different methods of leadership development, according to the size of business, the country of ownership and the industry in which the company operates. In the research framework were mapped the main expected challenges in the economic field by the year 2020 and proposed methods for leadership development. In the context of the work is also described the difference in the concept of leadership role within Czech branches of multinational companies and companies with the Czech ownership.
Motivation of employees and the factors influencing job satisfaction in organizations of business and non-business sphere
Jandurová, Kateřina ; Kleibl, Jiří (advisor) ; Stříteský, Marek (referee)
This Master's Thesis is focused on motivation and job satisfaction of employees in organizations of business and non-business sphere with an emphasis on the present situation in non-business organizations. The theoretical part is focused on the knowledge of the business and non-business organizations, motivation, job satisfaction and reward system. This knowledge is used in the practical part, where I do research among employees of The military office of social security. The goal of this thesis is to analyze the present motivation of The military office of social security's employees and suggest solutions to increase their motivation and job satisfaction. These proposals should also provide better position of employer in the labor market and higher competitivenes.
Analysis of motivation and satisfaction of employees of the company
Rothmajerová, Jaroslava ; Kleibl, Jiří (advisor) ; Kudrle, Vojtěch (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the motivation and satisfaction of employees. Its aim is to analyze the factors of performance and satisfaction of workers of a small company and based on this analysis to propose measures that could help to solve the consequences of the analyzed situation. The theoretical part is devoted to motivation and its importance in the processes, its types and different concepts in the context of work motivation. Further, the thesis pays attention to stimulating factor that may affect the work performance and employee satisfaction and to the motivation program of the company. The practical part presents the studied company and analyzes the incentive structure through questionnaire investigation. Based on the research I suggest recommendations that could improve the current situation in the company. In conclusion of the thesis, I will summarize all the obtained knowledge and findings from research regarding to the further operation of the company in terms of motivation of employees.
Diversity management: Managing people with different personality characteristics
Fučíková, Jana ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kleibl, Jiří (referee) ; Zíková, Šárka (referee)
The dissertation thesis aims at exploring the possibilities of diversity management in relation to managing people with diverse personality characteristics, at suggesting principles of such managing and at creating corresponding model so that employers could use the available human capital more efficiently and improved quality of working life of their employees as well. Based on number of primary sources, the thesis presents a detailed view of the topic, justifies its purpose and use in practice and brings the topic into broad context of human resource management. The principles of managing personality diversity are suggested, subsequently confronted with the practice in the Czech Republic and transformed into a model: Using an extensive questionnaire survey and both quantitative and qualitative analysis of gathered data, the conclusions confirm importance of the topic for human resource management in the Czech Republic, and point out the current unsatisfactory state that organizations themselves are often trying to improve. Thus, this thesis contributes significantly to better understanding of principles and established practice of managing people with different personality characteristics and offers possibilities how to introduce the topic into practice successfully.
Negative workplace phenomena and methods of prevention of their occurrence in the leadership system.
Houbová, Veronika ; Kleibl, Jiří (advisor) ; Palíšková, Marcela (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to introduce negative phenomena in the workplace, specify various forms in which they occur (such as mobbing, bossing, bullying and sexual harassment), define the related terms and find factors which affect the desirable environment within a company as well as the occurrence of the negative factors. The contribution of the practical part of the thesis lies in the analysis of a survey which is focused on the existence of individual phenomena and on determining the strengths and weaknesses of a labour-law relation based on an evaluation of the relation between importance and satisfaction. The thesis concludes by summarizing the general principles of preventive approaches to the occurrence of negative phenomena, and by specifying the roles of individual levels of the company's management.
Performance management – effective motivation and development of employees
Jelínková, Petra ; Němec, Otakar (advisor) ; Kleibl, Jiří (referee) ; Folwarczná, Ivana (referee)
This dissertation thesis is focused on employee job performance motivation and development. The theoretical part of this thesis was analysed current scientific knowledge in the field of human resources management, performance management and motivation which was further verified practically by a questionnaire survey in a particular company, which is a local branch of an international organization. The questionnaire survey was designed to allow comparison with the market. Based on these findings have been identified weaknesses that were found in practice while applying the concept of performance management. Analysis of survey and available resources were the basis for the creation of a new model of motivating approach to staff development within the application of the concept of performance management. This model has been applied in practice, particularly in the company, which carried out a questionnaire survey. By mentioned above, the objective of the dissertation thesis was filled.
Identifying changing skill needs through an employer survey
Zukersteinová, Alena ; Kleibl, Jiří (advisor) ; Kislingerová, Eva (referee) ; Czesaná, Věra (referee)
Dissertation closely examines the issue of identification and anticipation of skill needs (optimal mix of skills, knowledge, experience and competences) in enterprises. The key objective is to examine existing practices, methods and tools for the identification of future skill needs in enterprises and propose and test a new survey of to obtain information about changing skills needs in selected occupations at European level. The proposed survey verifies the possibility of obtaining information about trends in general (transversal) and occupation specific skills through working tasks as a conceptual unit understandable to employers. The pilot survey is carried out in 9 EU countries with 8500 telephone interviews (CATI method). Conclusions contain analysis of selected data, critical evaluation of the proposed methodology and recommendations for its further use.
Personnel marketing
Loudín, Tomáš ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kleibl, Jiří (referee)
Thesis "Personnel marketing" deals with the use of marketing approach in the management of human resources. The theoretical part is describing the role and growing importance of personnel marketing in the management of human resources. The practical part introduces all of the Big Four companies, including a description of their activities in the personnel marketing. Part of this work is formed by a survey of the attitudes and expectations of participants of the labour market in the form of a questionnaire. The survey results are analyzed from the perspective of students and graduates, as the target group of the Big Four as employers. Based on the analysis of attitudes of students and graduates recommendations for personnel marketing of the Big Four companies are suggested.
Corporate culture and motivation of employees as a part of corporate strategy increasing company’s competitiveness
Chlupová, Petra ; Kleibl, Jiří (advisor) ; Šikýř, Martin (referee)
This master thesis combines corporate culture, corporate strategy, motivation and education of employees. Furthermore, there is also a focus on their interconnections. A real company Unicorn a.s. is presented in the second part -- owner's (Vladimír Kovář's) vision, goals and strategies. Moreover, there is introduced Unicorn's corporate culture, education of employees and human resources management. To check if the culture seems to be friendly and motivational to employees there was used a questionnaire among them. On the other hand, a few managers were interviewed -- if they are satisfied with the education level of their employees. The conclusions are summarized at the end.

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