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Design and virtual commissioning of an educational robotic cell
Novák, Štěpán ; Bražina, Jakub (referee) ; Vetiška, Jan (advisor)
This master's thesis discusses the creation of a virtual commissioning of a machine vision demonstration program in an educational robot cell. The first section of this thesis deals with the theory in robotics, virtual commissioning and machine vision. Systemic analysis of the problem was addressed in the second section. The third section cotains the design of the cell. The fourth section describes the design of some individual parts of the cell, the process of creating the program and virtual commissioning itself.
Virtual commissioning of automatic welding robot guidance
Podolák, Petr ; Vetiška, Jan (referee) ; Szabari, Mikuláš (advisor)
Automatic guidance of welding robots is an important step in the automation of production processes. Virtual commissioning enables a preliminary preview of the operation of the robotic workplace. In the initial project phase, it provides valuable information for implementation decisions. The goal of this thesis is to first describe the current state of the field, analyse a specific problem, and then carry out the virtual commissioning. For virtual commissioning, describe the individual steps of this process and, at the end, recommend appropriate procedures.
Digital commissioning of a robotic production system for foam seal application
Kracík, Lukáš ; Szabari, Mikuláš (referee) ; Vetiška, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the design and digital commissioning of a robotic system for foam sealing application. The research review section of this thesis describes the issues of offline robot programming and the subsequent digital commissioning. Additionally, a survey of available equipment in the field of robotic application of tape material was carried out. In the practical part, conceptual designs of the robotic workstation were proposed. The chosen design variant was constructed and subsequently digitally commissioned using Tecnomatix Process Simulate, TIA Portal and Robot Studio software.
Digital commissioning of a robotic production system for handling asynchronous motor housing
Hrala, Adam ; Štěpánek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Vetiška, Jan (advisor)
The focus of the diploma thesis concerns the virtual commissioning of the workplace for machining the skeletons of asynchronous electric motors. It includes a basic description of handling and parameters for its automation, types of handling devices, end effectors and virtual commissioning. In the second part, the design of the overall workplace is created, consisting of the design of the end effector structure, creation of the workplace layout and subsequent virtual commissioning.
Design and aplication of collaboration robots
Vaněk, Štěpán ; Vetiška, Jan (referee) ; Knoflíček, Radek (advisor)
This bachelors thesis aims at principles of functions of collaborative robots, including its design and potential applications. Resolved issue consists of safety, programming and current stage of knowledge of both design and application, including progressive bearings and potential way of innovation in stated fields. The conclusion of the thesis is an evaluation of all aspects and a comparison with an industrial robot.
Robotized machine tool operation
Lečbych, Jiří ; Štěpánek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Vetiška, Jan (advisor)
The topic of this diploma thesis is a development of a virtual interface for robot control and service of machine tools and its practical application. The actual manufacturing line is located in a company JK Nástroje s.r.o production hall. The literature research contains a summary and up-to-date state of robot programming, including means of virtual commands. The thesis describes each type of manufacturing line and its communication options between the robot and the machine. Furthermore, it characterizes individual components of the manufacturing line. The practical part deals with creating a 3D workspace model, followed by a virtual launch. This model is enhanced by drafts of additional peripheral tooling, which are involved in robotic tool changers in CNC machines, followed by practical application in a daily workflow.
Digital commissioning of a robotic production system for spot welding
Hradil, Antonín ; Bražina, Jakub (referee) ; Vetiška, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the virtual commissioning of a semi-automatic robotic workstation designed for spot welding. The starting point of the work was a virtual model of the production system, which was used only for off-line testing of robotic operations. The aim of this work was to describe the functionality of the specified workstation, and then to bring it virtually to life both in the simulation plane and from the perspective of the PLC controller.
Design of workplace for robotic spot welding
Tabarka, Roman ; Vetiška, Jan (referee) ; Bražina, Jakub (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the process of designing a robotic technological workplace for spot welding of a car body part and the subsequent virtual commissioning of this workplace. The concept of a robotic process workplace, specifically a workplace using robots for spot welding, has been increasingly prevalent in the manufacturing industry in recent decades. These systems offer a number of advantages that have made them attractive to companies looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs. In the theoretical section, a survey of topics related to both the design of robotic manufacturing systems and virtual commissioning is described. Furthermore, a system analysis of the problem addressed is performed, where the steps leading to the final concept of the proposed workplace are described. Subsequently, this workplace concept is elaborated in the practical part, which concludes with its virtual commissioning with instructions for start-up. The virtual commissioning is implemented using the software Process Simulate, TIA Portal, RobotStudio, PLCSIM Advanced and VrcServerABBRealTime. Finally, a critical evaluation and discussion is performed.
Machine vision for robotic manufacturing systems
Svoboda, Tomáš ; Šubrt, Kamil (referee) ; Vetiška, Jan (advisor)
The first part of the thesis is a research of components and image processing in the application of machine vision in industry. The parameters required for quality image acquisition are described and the algorithms of programs for image evaluation in practice are selected. The practical part focuses on the description of a model task of Braille control on drug packaging. It includes the design procedure for component selection, parameter settings and the image processing program. The task is divided into two phases, where the first phase involves static testing without movement of the test samples and the second phase involves movement by a fan simulating motion on a conveyor.
Digital commissioning of the production system
Andriievskyi, Serhii ; Knoflíček, Radek (referee) ; Vetiška, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the digital commissioning of a robotic manufacturing system for 3D printing of large-scale components. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the issues of virtual digital commissioning, followed by a specification of the research for the given robotic workplace. The practical part describes the research of the model task of the workplace. ABB RobotStudio was used for the implementation of digital commissioning, and the robotic workplace was commissioned.

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