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Laboraty Pulse Power Supply Using Output Linear Stabilization
Lednický, Marek ; Dušek, Martin (referee) ; Šebesta, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with switched mode power supplies. The theoretic part of the thesis consists of historical development and the elementary schemes of switched mode power supplies. It also includes the comparing with linear regulators. Next, it contains the description of individuals parts switched mode power supplies as a rectifiers, power supplies and stabilizers. There is a proposal and fixing of laboratory pulse power supply using output linear stabilization in the practical part of the paper.
Development of local roads in Přibyslavice
Dušek, Martin ; Halodová, Klára (referee) ; Všetečka, Martin (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to help the town of Přibyslavice with the development of local communications. This includes project work based on the current needs of the town and related consultations with local representatives and building authority. First, a passportization of local communications was drawn and subsequently, widening of the communication network by three new roads was suggested. This will enable creation of new building plots. New sewage and rainwater drainage, together with water conduit, were designed. Emphasis was put on avoiding interference with plots not owned by the town, on comfortable access to currently used plots, safe connection to the existing regional road no. III/3798, and sufficient radius for passage of firefighters and a garbage truck.
Clinicopathological aspects and differential diagnostics of Lynch syndrome
Dušek, Martin ; Daum, Ondřej (advisor) ; Zámečník, Josef (referee) ; Šíma, Radek (referee)
Lynch syndrome (LS), formerly known as hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC) is a familial cancer syndrome with an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern. Its genetic basis is most commonly a germline mutation in one of the mismatch repair (MMR) genes, that are responsible for correction of errors ocurring during DNA replication. Dysfunction of this repairing system leads to the formation and progression of tumors, especially colorectal cancer (CRC). According to the literature LS represents 3-5 % of all CRC. Additional extracolonic tumors associated with LS include endometrium, ovary, stomach, small bowel, pancreas, hepatobiliary tract, upper uroepithelial tract, brain and cutaneous sebaceous tumors. Early age of onset is a typical feature of LS-associated tumors, in comparison with general population. Malignancy is often the first manifestation, therefore the LS diagnosis is important not only for the individual patient and his next management, but also for his family members. An exception is represented by the formation of cutaneous sebaceous tumors prior to internal malignancy in one of LS phenotypic variant, called Muir-Torre syndrome. Properly selected screening methods can prevent the formation of malignant tumors by early detection of their premalignant lesions, or at least early...
Microwave Modulators Based on Sixports
Dušek, Martin ; Bezoušek, Pavel (referee) ; Galajda, Pavol (referee) ; Šebesta, Jiří (advisor)
This doctoral thesis is focused on problems of modulators based on six-ports. It begins with description of current state of the art of six-ports used like modulators, their transfer functions and SIW technology. A design part of this thesis consists from experimental six-port based on substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology. There is presented step-by-step development of this six-port using this technology and also there is introduced micro-strip technology based six-port. Final design of six-ports and variable impedances were measured, the results are discussed and compared with expected ones in next chapters. Second part of this thesis deals with influences of internal parameters of six-ports to final signal transmission and derives theirs transfer functions for more than one reflection in structure. The computation results are compared with experimental measurements for fixed loads. With using of ideal loads sweeps, modulations with shaped input signals were calculated. For designed variables impedances, there was founded the optimal biasing points for demanded IQ diagram and discussed which from tested active circuit is suitable. In the last part there are shown results of experiment with these variable loads connected to both types of designed six-ports.
Self-Test for Automatic Industrial Tester
Kyselý, Tomáš ; Dušek, Martin (referee) ; Povalač, Aleš (advisor)
Work discusses about the test station in NXP Semiconductors Company in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. It describes first the test station itself and its possibilities in software libraries testing. Second it describes automatic selftest of this station and sub-steps of this selftest. This work is also used as a documentation for company needs. KEYWORDS
The effect of selected parameters of stream water on gill morphology of brook charr and the structure of ichthyofauna of the Jizera Mountains
Hušek, Jiří ; Dušek, Martin (referee) ; Švátora, Miroslav (advisor)
The occurrence of ichthyofauna on the territory of the Jizera Mountains (Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic) is limited, besides other factors, by the water chemistry. pH value and pH-related concentration of inorganic monomeric aluminum (Ali) are crucial parameters of the water, determining the survival of fish in streams. Low pH and high concentrations of Ali cause severe damages to fish gills. The thesis deals with the influence of the water chemistry on distribution of ichthyofauna in the Jizera Mts and gill morphology in brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis), a dominant fish species of the upper plateau of the mountains. The results show that the species diversity of fish in acidified streams is lower than that in streams without meaningful acidic episodes. Histopathological analyses of gills of brook charr individuals from an acidified stream confirm, that low pH values and high concentrations of Ali have a cummulative effect and lead to degenerative changes on gills. Key words: The Jizera Mountains, ichthyofauna, brook charr, gill morphology, water chemistry, toxic aluminium, acidification
Moving information system in the cloud.
Dušek, Martin ; Šebesta, Michal (advisor) ; Osif, Michal (referee)
This thesis deals with the theme Moving information system in the cloud. The paper first describes the issue theoretically. It is defined and characterized by cloud computing as the current major trend in the implementation of information technology. A description of individual actors and models emerging in cloud computing, its brief history, related technology underlying or expand cloud computing, client issues and reference architecture model. It also includes an analysis of the current state offered cloud services, compared to open source and proprietary solutions, and was implemented insight into the upcoming National Strategy for Cloud Computing The case study move e-mail system to a hosted private cloud is demonstrated by the complexity of the entire process and the rugged environment of government institutions. On the basis of theoretical knowledge and case studies in the last chapter proposes a model that would in general help in deciding whether the institutions of government information systems migrate to cloud computing, which is also in line with the forthcoming national strategy.
Intersection of highway I/42 and path along Svitava (river)
Dušek, Martin ; Novák, Martin (referee) ; Všetečka, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor thesis project deals with the problematic part of bycicle path along Svitava river, around the crossing with Hladíkova street. A safe pedestrian crossing for a path frequented by cyclists, skaters and pedestrians is missing, which results in unsafe crossings of busy four-lane road l/42. The bycicle path in the project is designed on the west side of the river under the road bridge to avoid any kind of contact between the cyclists/skaters/pedestrians with road l/42 and to ensure the fastest and safest possible transit of both cyclists and cars. Emphasis was put on the stability of construction in precipice, tolerance of the construction against water and effective longitudinal slope and length of path ratio, to ensure safe concurrent passage of both cyclists and pedestrians.
Studium a hodnocení rezistentních odrůd jabloní vůči houbovým chorobám
Dušek, Martin
This thesis includes experimental period 2014. In this work were evaluated 13 genotypes and 9 varieties of apple hybrids which was bred on Research and Breeding Institute of Pomology Holovousy Ltd. In this case was evaluated resistance against two diseases: apple scab (Venturia inequalis Cke. Wint.) and Powdery mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha Ewerk). Most of the genotypes and the varieties were moderately damaged strupovitostí Apple, thanks to the high average annual precipitation. The most susceptible genotypes and species were HL 18, HL 91, HL 204, HL 384, ' Flordika ' and ' Dima '. Apple powdery mildew is the most effect for genotype HL 204, HL 211, HL 623, HL 1132, 'Mivibe','Pidi' and 'Zita'. On growth and forage were evaluated by the characters. At the next step were evaluated growth and harvesting characters. At the end were assesed the organoleptic characters by tasting.

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