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Design of single-wheel mobile robot
Šustek, David ; Szabari, Mikuláš (referee) ; Kočiš, Petr (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the issue of a single-wheeled robot, especially its construction and movement in more difficult terrain with the possibility of collecting samples. A variant of the robot balanced by a pair of gyroscopes was chosen as the most suitable construction. The robot is able to move in a space with an inclination of up to 24° and is equipped with its own manipulator design.
Design of robotized workplace for assembly of drill chucks
Koutňák, Jan ; Szabari, Mikuláš (referee) ; Kočiš, Petr (advisor)
Master's thesis is focused on design of robotized workplace for assembly of drill chucks. In the first part the fundamental issue is described. The next part contains an analysis of selected chuck, which continues with design of robotized workplace including components. The thesis is also focused on a work cycle design, risk analysis and economic evaluation. Drawing documentation, 3D workplace model and work cycle simulation video is attached.
Design of robotic lower limb prosthesis
Remiš, Matúš ; Kočiš, Petr (referee) ; Szabari, Mikuláš (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is to design powered ankle-foot prothesis. Theoretical part aims on gait analysis, research in the field of prosthetics and an overview of commercially available prostheses. In the practical part, after the multicriteria analysis of design variants, technical calculations of the parameters of selected components follow, supplemented by economic evaluation and drawing documentation.
Design of tool changer for robotic arm
Ress, Vilém ; Knoflíček, Radek (referee) ; Szabari, Mikuláš (advisor)
Theoretical part of the bachelor thesis deals with research about changing end effectors for robots. The subject of practical part is to design two construction variants of the end effector changing mechanism and their comparison based on multicriterial analysis. Thesis also includes detail construction of the selected variant with necessary calculations and drawings of specific parts.
Design of robotic arm module
Machala, Lukáš ; Kočiš, Petr (referee) ; Szabari, Mikuláš (advisor)
Robots of modular concept have each module functionally independent. They are continuously getting bigger representation on the market nowadays. This thesis contains research in the field of robotic arms and modular concepts. In the next part of the thesis, based on the calculations of structural nodes, were created modules in three sizes, which can be assembled into robotic arm.
Design of robotic workstation for automatic assembly of extruders for 3D printers
Pulicar, Roman ; Szabari, Mikuláš (referee) ; Kočiš, Petr (advisor)
Thesis is dealing with the creation of robotic worplace and its periphery. The paper is discrabing the robotic function and kinematics. The practical part of the paper shows several types of suggested robotic workplaces followed by solution processing of one selected type, where technical documentation and the calculation of production is made. The end of the paper shows economical and technological evaluation of the selected type of workplace including the price returns.
Design of end effector of industrial robot for folding carton boxes
Závodský, Martin ; Szabari, Mikuláš (referee) ; Kočiš, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor`s thesis deals with the issue of folding and sealing cardboard boxes in industry. The first part of the thesis is a processed overview and division of folding and sealing machines available on the market. In the second part, the thesis focuses on the design of the end-effector, which, after being attached on the industrial robot, will be able to continuously fold and seal the bottom of cardboard boxes of various sizes without the need for manual adjustment. The optimal design came up from two design variants that were properly evaluated by multi-criteria analysis. The result of this work is a 3D model of the end-effector, complemented by technical calculations and drawing documentation of selected parts and assembly. A possible design of a robotic workstation with brief economic evaluation is also elaborated.
Design of end effector of industrial robot for folding carton boxes
Gábik, Jaroslav ; Szabari, Mikuláš (referee) ; Kočiš, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the design of an end effector for folding and stapling cardboard boxes of various sizes without the need for manual settings of the device. It also proposes the design of the entire folding process and the related workplace. The entire device is designed to be adaptable to current production requirements. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to the description of the actual state of folding boxes. In the next section, two variants are designed and analysed in more detail. After selecting a suitable variant by the multicriterial analysis, corresponding design is suggested and necessary calculations are performed. The mentioned design straightens the boxes with a movable wall. This is followed by an economic evaluation that takes into account calculation of material costs, purchased parts, assembly and necessary equipment. Result of this work is simplification of the already used end effectors for folding boxes and related design of slightly different workplace style.
Industry 4.0 in according Design and Application of Production Machines
Serykh, Pavel ; Szabari, Mikuláš (referee) ; Knoflíček, Radek (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis is focused on the theme of CNC manufacturing machines and their use in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0. The first part is a search of the current state in the field of the most frequently used CNC production machines in engineering according to their design and application. In the second part described principles, basic attributes and key technologies of Industry 4.0, defined concept. The last part is on top of the project conceptual workplace with CNC manufacturing machines in the premises of the technical high school VUTBR in accordance with the principles and tenets of Industry 4.0 and the evaluation of the results achieved.
Design of walking mobile robot
Szabari, Mikuláš ; Knoflíček, Radek (referee) ; Kočiš, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the construction of a walking mobile robot, which is intended for passing through a rugged or forest terrain, whose task is to collect the sample. The first part is devoted to the review of walking robots. Follow-up an analysis of two-legged and four-leg walking robot technologies and a brief overview of drives. The second part is devoted to problem analysis and design variant. The work contains 4 design variants in the form of schemes. Using the multi-criteria analysis, the variants were evaluated and the optimal variant was chosen taking into account the representative parameters. The third part is devoted to the construction of the chosen variant, it is divided into body and leg construction. The overall design is processed in the form of a virtual 3D model. In the leg construction, the design itself, but also the calculations of drives, shafts, gears and belt transmissions are solved. The end of the thesis is devoted to drawing documentation based on 3D model and economic evaluation. Follow-up and discussion with possible continuation and use in practice.

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