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Comparison of photographer Nan Goldin's work with Instagram's users generated photography
Valentová, Marie ; Hrůzová, Andrea (advisor) ; Láb, Filip (referee)
Contemporary constantly expanding content of social media like Instagram brings the medium of photography to new contexts. Photography becomes an instrument of immediate communication and its historically defined functions are an object of change. The continuity of Instagram content creating, the personal perspective of its users, the constant presence of camera accompanying them are aspects analogous to the artwork of Nan Goldin. Goldin's photo essay ​The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (1986)​has a character of visual diary that captures the life of her community with almost obsessive continuity. It's also captured from deeply personal perspective depicting intimate moments and describing Goldin's personal relationships. Publishing of ​The Ballad​and formation of Instagram is divided by more than twenty-five years and both events and its meanings are profoundly different. This thesis nevertheless presumes that comparison of these, in many aspects alike phenomenons can help describe the change of the function of the media of photography, explore contemporary tendencies in photography aesthetics, the meaning of instagram's content to its users and provide general understanding of the role of shared photography in social and historical context. The methods of comparison are semiotic visual analysis,...
Instant photography on social sites
Valentová, Marie ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis concentrates on Instagram, social network wich follows on tradition of Instant photography as well as on content of this network. Instagram globally has expanded very widely in quite a short period of time. It is a phenomenon wich affects objects of photography, redefines the pictureworthy and overall aesthethics. The number of photos uploaded on Instagram increases by millions everyday and photographs here acquire specific functions and follow specific trends. This thesis defines the network itself, its genesis, principles on wich this network works, Czech enviroment of Instagram and types of users. To help with definition of this networked photography Instagram here is anchored in the history of technical evolvement of photopraphy. Secondly this thesis exmines content of Instagram both on general basis and practicaly. With the method of content analysis this thesis determines the most common objects of Instagram photography and it follows with defining general aesthetics with quantitative method of research.
Availability of physical activities for children with disabilities in their leisure time in Prachatice area.
This thesis deals with current availability of physical activity for children with disability age 8-15 in Prachatice region in their leisure time. It is divided into two main parts. The theoretical section is focused on specific terms regarding mental, visual and hearing disability. Practical part is concentrating on main research. The questionnaires were introduced to school masters, sport instructors, children with disability as well as intact children and disability children's parents. The research focused on availability of leisure time physical activity, which is quite extensive for children with hearing and mental disability compare to ones offered to children with visual disability. Through the survey was discovered that 35% of the instructors are without professional sport education, 65% instructors are trainer license holders or physiotherapist. Research also studied possibility of integration children with disability.

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