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Sexwork as a form of empowerment
Šteklová, Kateřina ; Fafejta, Martin (advisor) ; Dudová, Radka (referee)
(in English): This diploma thesis deals with the everyday experiences of women who work as indoor prostitutes. This research aims to discover how they experience different aspects of their work and what their lived experience is comprised of. The thesis differs from other studies from a field of prostitution - prostitution, as dealt with in my thesis, is not approached as pathology or social deviance. Instead, my approach is congruent with liberal feminism, in which prostitution is viewed as a place of freedom. The theoretical approach is based on social constructivism and post-structuralism, qualitative methodology, specifically episodic interview and thematic analysis. Several themes were discovered in participants' interviews, namely: freedom, money, empowerment, experiences of sexual pleasure, and their relationships with customers, descriptions of a job as psychologically demanding and different personal experiences with a job.
Trust of young adult third-country nationals in the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy in Prague
Antonenko, Polina ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Malvotová, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is devoted to exploration of the topic of trust of young adult third-country nationals in the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy in Prague. Theoretical part offers a demographic overview for migrants, discussion about connection between migration policies and attitudes towards migrants from the host society. It delves into the topic of institutional trust in the context of legal consciousness and migration in the Czech Republic. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to collect primary data in order to identify the factors that contribute to the trust in the Department. Then the data was analyzed using thematic analysis.The main conclusion suggests that the following factors influence the trust: discrimination, the treatment received from staff, their language competence and communication, complications encountered throughout the process, system of government, process transparency, clarity of information, efficiency and speed. Moreover, the thesis offers practical solutions that can help to increase institutional trust. Ultimately, the thesis also suggests further research topics that can deepen the understanding of the complex reality related to institutional trust and legal consciousness of third-country nationals in the Czech Republic. Keywords: third-country...
Prevention of drug use among adolescents from complete and incomplete families
Brož, Ondřej ; Paloušová, Viktorie (advisor) ; Dudová, Radka (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of drug addicted adolescents from complete and incomplete families and the prevention of further drug use. The aim of the thesis is to determine whether adolescents from incomplete families respond differently to therapists' prevention strategies than adolescents from complete families. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews with prevention experts and then analyzed using thematic analysis. Both therapists' prevention strategies and individual protective and risk factors were analyzed. It is concluded that therapists do not pay increased attention to adolescents from single-parent families and thus do not use different prevention strategies. Since adolescents from incomplete families respond identically to the same prevention strategies as adolescents from complete families, it is not necessary to pay special attention to family structure in prevention practice.
Transmission of masculinities' patterns in leisure time organizations
Profous, Tomáš ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Lupač, Petr (referee)
(in English): In my bachelor thesis I deal with the attitude towards masculinities of young male scoutmasters in the leisure organization Junák - český skaut z.s.. The aim of my work is to use interviews with six male scoutmasters to conduct a qualitative probe that reveals some of the ways in which they think about masculinities and how these ways are subsequently translated into practice in the Scout troop. To do this, I used Jean-Claude Kauffman's method of insightful interviewing and the method of deductive thematic analysis. The analysis revealed that some scoutmasters take an essentialist approach to masculinities while others take a deregulated approach, which has implications for the gender socialisation of children in their troop. I further proposed a hypothesis that men in Scouting maintain their masculinities despite caregivig by framing it as a problem to be solved. The theme of coeducated troops and the possibility of coming-out in the Boy Scout troop also emerged inductively in the analysis. The resulting findings can serve as a springboard for further exploration of masculinities in leisure organizations, while also contributing to the development of Junák - český skaut z.s. as an organization that welcomes all regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.
Stigmatization of voluntarily childfree women
Bergmannová, Lucie ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Malvotová, Pavla (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of women's reproductive strategies with a focus on the stigmatization of voluntary childlessness. Research to date suggests that pronatalist norms continue to exist in society that stigmatize individuals who voluntarily choose not to have children. The aim of this study was to investigate what behavioural and communication strategies voluntarily childless women use to negotiate their stigmatized identity and maintain their positive identity in the Czech Republic. Semi-structured interviews with five female participants of different ages ranging from 30-45 were used to explore these strategies. Subsequent data analysis revealed one central theme common to all participants, namely the (dis)acceptance of decisions by parents and loved ones. Then there were six strategies: passing; silence, non-shared and cautious; honesty - I don't want is also the answer; redefining the situation; proactivity in relationships and (un)willingness to compromise in relationships. The conclusion of this thesis suggests that further research on the subject would be useful to confirm the strategies identified in the research for this thesis and possibly identify other communication and behavioural strategies used by voluntarily childless women.
Extension of Working Lives in the Czech Republic: Employee Situation. Policy brief DAISIE project
Křížková, Alena ; Dudová, Radka ; Pospíšilová, Marie ; Heřmanová, Marie
This policy brief summarises research project results examining ageing conditions across three sectors: transport, healthcare and banking. It aims to respond to the still insufficient discussion on the needs and opportunities of women and men of pre-retirement age and in the process of retirement in the Czech labour market. Gender and age inequalities accumulate over the life course resulting in significantly lower pensions for women compared to men or making it impossible to retire with a decent pension. Uniform retirement ages does not suit everyone equally. The organisation of work in specific occupations has specific negative effects on the health of older women and men. Changes in profession, position or working time in pre-retirement age is not easily obtainable. The policy brief suggests recommendations for state and policy makers, employers as well as good practice examples. Also published in Czech:
Fathers'motivations for the presence at childbirth and their experiences in the sociological perspective
Krajíčková, Michaela ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Lupač, Petr (referee)
This theses focuses on finding out the reasons for fathers to be present at childbirth and how they experience childbirth. These goals are viewed from a sociological point of view and therefore the topic is connected with sociological theories and also society's view of the father at birth. The theoretical part also mentions the development of society in terms of fathers at childbirth and related changes in society in connection with intensive fatherhood. The empirical part uses an interpretive phenomenological analysis in the form of a qualitative interview, which is important for a better understanding of respondents. It was found out what are the motives of fathers to go to birth, how they perceive the presence of fathers and how they experience the birth itself. The thesis discusses the influence of personality characteristics on the motives and experiences of fathers based on the information obtained. This research is exploratory and is perceived as a preliminary research for, in the future, quantitative research, which will develop the obtained information and results and thus it will be possible to find out possible connections between the motives for presence at birth and personality characteristics. Based on the information obtained from the interviews, we could say that the most common...
Gender barriers carried out while using shared mobility services
Housová, Viktorie ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Sládek, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on questions of gender inequalities in the field of shared mobility. From statistics of the companies, which run such services is evident, that the users are mostly men. Aim of this thesis was to find out, which barriers do women have to face while using these services. Qualitative research was used as a method to find out these barriers. These interviews were carried out as half-structured and were done with five participants of different ages, education and different opinions on shared mobility and transportation around the city. From the data analysis came out individual topics, that represent barriers for using shared scooters by women. Under these topics fall (non)experience with driving single-track vehicles, care, mobile application, transport in Prague, ownership of a vehicle and availability of the scooter in vicinity. The conclusion of this study is, there is a need of more researches to be carried out. These researches should help confirm the existing barriers which have been identified and also identify new gender barriers in the field of shared mobility and mikromobility.
Menstruation in the area of paid work
Poncarová, Petra ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Lupač, Petr (referee)
(in English) This thesis deals with how women experience and interpret menstruation in the world of paid work. First, the theoretical basis concerning menstruating bodies in society and the position of women in the workplace in connection with menstruation is presented. Through exploratory research and grounded theory method, the work seeks to capture, primarily on the basis of answers obtained from qualitative interviews, how Czech women cope with menstruation in the workplace. The main research question is "How do women experience and interpret menstruation in the world of paid work?" Secondary research questions are "Do women experience discrimination during work because of menstruation?" and "Do women think that menstruation limits their work performance?" The responses from the communication partners show that women face a number of obstacles in doing their paid work, which can discriminate them. Furthermore, it has been found that menstruation more or less restricts women in their work performance. And the thesis focuses, among other things, on how women talk about menstruation in their work environments.

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