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The construction of motherhood and femininity from the point of view of three generations
Marková Volejníčková, Romana ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Vidovičová, Lucie (referee) ; Nešporová, Olga (referee)
dissertation thesis: Construction of motherhood and feminity in the three generations Author: Mgr. Romana Marková Volejníčková This dissertation aims to analyze the norms of "good" motherhood, discourses, and social practices related to these norms, and their connection and interrelationship with the issue of agency and women's/mothers' free choice under specific conditions over the course of three defined periods. In particular, in this study, I focused on the prevalent conditions (be it legislation, i.e. family and social policies, expert discourses in the field of psychology, demography, pediatrics, etc., but also societal expectations of women within family and employment) during the three defined periods. I analyzed how individual standards of "good" motherhood and "proper" child care are defined and conceived under these circumstances, in which the interviewed mothers carried out their motherhood projects. Furthermore, I focused on what choices mothers could make in these normative conditions, what choices they considered available to them and realistic in each one period, and whether some of the mothers' personal traits may have bolstered or diminished their ability to make informed choices concerning their motherhood project. In the three periods examined, the manifestations of biopower...
Reflection of the Impacts of Social Change After the Velvet Revolution in Biographical Narratives
Corradi, Veronika ; Mlynář, Jakub (advisor) ; Dudová, Radka (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the reflection of social changes after the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Data were collected by a combination of a biographical and problem- oriented interview. This thesis has a total of 10 interviews, all with women. Two main characteristics and conditions of this group of women are: 1. born between the years 1965 and 1972 in Prague, 2. live in Prague during the Velvet Revolution. Subsequent analysis of the interview was conducted in two steps. The first one was creating a story map. The second step was coding, which is used in grounded theory. Structural reading was also used during the analysis of the interviews. The outcome of the analysis is identification of six main impacts. Most of the impacts were connected to changes in personal life. Other impacts were related to the labour market and tech development.
Menstrual stigma in advertising of menstrual products
Poncarová, Petra ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Mazák, Jaromír (referee)
(in English): This thesis deals with menstrual stigma in advertising of menstrual products. First, the theoretical basis for stigma associated with menstruation is presented and then several articles are described that dealt with the analysis of advertisements for menstrual products. With the use of exploration method, the thesis tries to capture the phenomenon of menstrual-related stigma, where the main question is: "How do advertisements advertise different types of menstrual products and how do they work with menstrual stigma?" It is further divided into individual sub-questions, which are: "Can any differences in work with stigma be identified for different types of products, especially in the comparison of traditional and alternative menstrual products?", "In what ways is stigma used, maintained or abolished in advertising?" and "Are these ways of work related to the type of product and the target audience?" With the help of theory, certain categories were established, according to which the advertisements were subsequently analysed. Further categories were discovered in the analysis of advertising itself, with the proviso that they relate to the menstrual stigma, the analysis of which is the main goal of this work. The qualitative analysis of the advertisements showed that most of the...
The Experience of New Social Media
Farrier, Ellie ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Německý, Marek (referee)
-The Experience of New Social Media Communication with friends and family around the world is something that American expats in Prague have much experience with. Throughout this study, the author has attempted to relate in-depth user experiences with social media to both new media and historical sociology concepts, in order to better understand how social media is used and understood. The phenomenological research conducted focuses on varied user experiences of four Americans expats currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. The experiences explored begin with the respondents' adolescent experiences with social media and the internet, and continue through their current age as young adults. The sources used to interpret and understand these user experiences range from Erving Goffman and Pierre Bourdieu, to Marshall McLuhan and Karl Marx. The author's goal in the study was to test how both historical and new media theories hold true to concrete user experiences with social media and the internet. Keywords: user experience, media, technology, phenomenological research, social media, communication
Same-sex registered partnership in the Czech Republic - institutionalization and changing attitudes of the society
Keltošová, Jana ; Vávra, Martin (advisor) ; Dudová, Radka (referee)
5 Abstract This master's thesis analyzes a family as a crucial element of each society. It also depicts its functions and presents possible forms of interpersonal relationships. The Czech Republic is one of the countries in which it is possible to identify existence of several forms of interpersonal relationships - a concubinage of heterosexual and same- sex couples, married couples and people in a registered partnership. Personal attitudes have been evolving over time and the Czech Republic is no exception. The change of attitudes and points of view towards homosexuality and its gradual acceptance have been present within the Czech society for decades. These changes finally led to legalization of the registered partnership in 2006. Even though the Czech modern society is trying to eliminate discriminating attitudes, homoparental families still do not have the same legal certainty and social security as heterosexual families with children do. Inequality as per current Czech laws exists even between a marriage and a registered partnership. The Czech Republic needs to take steps in order to guarantee equality of all family forms. The empirical part of the thesis provides an analysis of the Czech sociological surveys in order to identify to what degree the Czech heterosexual majority tolerates and accepts the...
Adult day care center
Špetlíková, Barbora ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Jirkovská, Blanka (referee)
5 Abstract This thesis is focused on the research of adult day care centers. Its aim is to answer the question how the the day care centers define the care from the point of view of different stakeholders; how are the centers specific to other social services and what are the possible problems and obstacles. Theoretical part describes the current situation of elderly care and deals with topics such as the demographic development of the Czech Republic, the media image of the elderly, new trends in the area of care, active aging, social services etc. Empirical research deals with two day care centers from the points of view of different stakeholders. The research, which results in two case studies and their comparisons, is carried out using qualitative methods - semi-structured interviews, analysis of documents and survey. Data analysis shows that the main function of day care centers is "relief service" for families who provide care to the frail seniors. The distinctive feature of day care centers is emphasizing differnces with other social services for elderly, especially the residential ones. This is why the great emphasis is placed on individual care in a small environment and on intergenerational encounters. The analysis also shows the day care centers as a female environment. Women prevail among...

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