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The needs of callers to the emergency number 155 in the event of an acute deterioration of the condition of a patient with an advanced incurable, life-threatening or life-shortening disease
Brýdlová, Helena ; Bosá, Monika (advisor) ; Mertl, Jiří (referee)
The graduation thesis looks at the interconnection of parts of the health and social systems in areas that are linked by palliative care. The palliative care patient, and with them the informal carer, uses different trajectories through the health and social systems, looking for moments that are empowering or, conversely, limiting in good practice in the delivery of palliative care. The theoretical part looks at the different areas of the health and social care system, which should work very closely together and be intertwined, but it turns out that even the separate disciplines have their shortcomings, making it even more difficult to link these systems together. The aim of the theoretical part is to introduce the different segments in the social and health fields, with a link to palliative care. The aim of the empirical part was to investigate, through qualitative research, the reasons for relatives or close friends of the patient (i.e., informal caregivers) to call the emergency medical services (EMS) for their loved ones who were terminally ill, to identify their needs. The resulting findings led to two outcomes from a social and a health care perspective. From the social perspective, the importance of engaging communication and how information is delivered to informal caregivers and supporting...
Evaluation Tool for Working with Sexuality of the Elderly in Social Care Services
Frühbauerová, Martina ; Lejsal, Matěj (advisor) ; Bosá, Monika (referee)
Sexuality and intimacy of the elderly have been the focus of increasing attention of international research and everyday care in recent years, and as such it more commonly appears even in Czech institutionalized aged care. This thesis aims to create a tool that may be used for the evaluation of the as-is state regarding sexuality the of the elderly. It focuses mainly on the attitudes, and competencies of the staff of aged care, and their support in the organizational structure. The tool is based on factors identified in the literature review and may be used by different organizations providing aged care to evaluate itself and identify possible interventions regarding the sexuality of its clients. Key words: active ageing, aged care, evaluation tool, person-centered approach, quality of life, sexuality of the elderly
Creating of local network of community midwives (Action research)
Zachová, Tereza ; Hájková Klíčová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Bosá, Monika (referee)
This thesis is based on action research which sits at the interface of midwifery and the management of health and social organizations. It maps the development of a local network of community midwives in Brno between 2021 and 2022. In the beginning, a Brno community midwife had a dream to work in a birthing house (midwifery unit). However, as this is currently impossible in the Czech Republic, she looked for different ways to work with her colleagues to provide accessible and quality care to women who demanded it. Thanks to a grant from the Brno-Centre district, five facilitated meetings of midwives were held. These meetings explored the motives and needs of midwives, the obstacles they face and their experiences in their practice. In this way, a service was being gradually designed that could provide women with individualised comprehensive support and care during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, provided by midwives. Today, the original dream has taken concrete form - Nest. It is a (for now informal) group of midwives who meet regularly, have a defined common vision, shared values and principles of care, collect statistics from births, have regular supervision and gradually implement a system of substitution. They are becoming recognised among other professionals in their locality and...
Work-life balance in the social services on the background of the coronavirus crisis
Opletalová, Berenika ; Bosá, Monika (advisor) ; Mertl, Jiří (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of work and life balance in the field of social services. The text explores the problematic from the point of view of social organizations and their employees, and focuses at the gender aspects of the problem from the perspective of feminist social work. The goal of this text is to identify and describe management tools, which would prove themselves to be functional and helpful. It also aims to describe the process of implementing personal policies for improving the work and life balance of the employees of social organisations. The practical part focuses on exploring the experinces of the employees and management of social organisations with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, and its impact on their work and personal lives.
Employee care in the Home for the Elderly Mladá Boleslav
Ondráčková, Iveta ; Bosá, Monika (advisor) ; Brnula, Peter (referee)
field of social work and methods of social work according to Matoušek (2008, 201 or theoretical background in the field of sociology of work according to Buriánek (2008), focused on man according to Armstrong (2015) or Čéšková (2009) and also fo theoretical basis in the field of work psychology and systems theory according to Bedrnová aim of the work was to find out how the workers in the Home for the Elderly Mladá Boleslav
Introduction of a new social service - community housing for multiple-problem clients "KOMUBYT" into the law on social services with the support of an advocacy campaign
Kocmánková, Dagmar ; Lejsal, Matěj (advisor) ; Bosá, Monika (referee)
IN ENGLISH The Thesis Introduction of a new social service - community housing for multiple-problem clients "KOMUBYT" into the law on social services with the support of an advocacy campaign deals with the creation of an argumentative basis for creating an advocacy campaign that will create a legislative space for KOMUBYT to enter the law on social services. The advocacy campaign is designed on the basis of qualitative research between current and former politicians (municipal and parliamentary), stakeholders whose task is to set social policy, and social services.
The influence of psychological safety on the motivation and personal engagement of workers in social services in Domov Maxov
Stříbrný, Martin ; Krejčí, Jiří (advisor) ; Bosá, Monika (referee)
Diplomová práce cílí na klima psychické bezpečnosti a možnou souvislost s motivací a osobní angažovaností pracovníků v sociálních službách v jedné organizaci poskytující sociální služby dospělým lidem se zdravotním handicapem. Hlavní text diplomové práce je tvořen teoretickou a praktickou částí, přičemž teoretická část se zaměřuje na definování a vymezení pracovních uskupení a návazně pak klimatu psychické bezpečnosti ve spojitosti s pracovním prostředím, dále pak vymezení pojmů motivace a osobní angažovanost. V praktické části diplomové práce jsou vyhodnocena data získaná prostřednictvím kvantitativního dotazníkového šetření v organizaci poskytující čtyři druhy sociálních služeb. Sociální službu Chráněné bydlení, Sociálně terapeutické dílny, Domov pro osoby se zdravotním postižením a Domov se zvláštním režimem. Dotazníkového šetření se účastnilo celkem 29 pracovníků v sociálních službách této organizace. Dotazník zkoumal klima psychické bezpečnosti v daných sociálních službách. Polostrukturované rozhovory se zaměřují na odhalení souvislostí mezi klimatem psychické bezpečnosti, motivací a angažovaností zaměstnanců pracujících v sociálních službách v rámci jedné organizace. Rozhovorů se účastnili vždy dva zástupci z každé sociální služby. Výsledky výzkumného šetření poukázaly na souvislost mezi...
Supervision as a prevention of burnout syndrome in professional staff of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic
Martinová, Alima ; Mertl, Jiří (advisor) ; Bosá, Monika (referee)
According to their specific professional orientation, the professional staff of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic provides comprehensive care for convicts. The aim is to complete their treatment programs and achieve success in the rehabilitation process of prisoners so that they can return to normal life in society without committing any crimes after serving their sentences. Assisting workers who are in close contact with convicts is professionally and mentally demanding for them. Supervision is a valuable tool in supporting the quality of the services they provide, especially when it comes to mental health. The qualitative research of this diploma thesis summarizes data on the effectiveness of supervision in the prevention of burnout syndrome in the professional staff of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. It analyzes what support staff perceives as the most emotionally demanding in their work with prisoners. It addresses the differences between internal and external supervision that professionals can draw on. It discusses the pros and cons of regular supervision. It maps the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the work of professionals. At the same time, it summarizes how the system of supervision for the professional and other staff of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic could...
Social worker within the organizational structure of a medical facility
Svoboda, Marian ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Bosá, Monika (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the work of social and health-social workers in a selected medical facility. The paper is designed as a theoretical introduction to the issue of social work in health care, especially focused on the position of the social or health-social worker at a healthcare facility. Furthermore, there are described competencies of social workers, and the specifics of cooperation in multidisciplinary teams of medical facilities. The theoretical part also consists of chapters focused on human motivation and stress, which social workers may experience during the performance of their work. The empiric part of this diploma thesis presents the research, which aim is to describe the position of social workers in the selected medical facility, characterize the limits in the work of social workers resulting from this position and define their satisfaction with their current position within the organizational structure of the selected medical facility. The research was carried out using the method of a semi-structured interview. The informants of the research were social and health-social workers from a specific medical facility. Among other things, the work answers the question of whether social workers feel themselves to be a part of multidisciplinary teams or still see reserves at...

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