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Coverage of mauammar gaddafi's death in selected czech and foreign daily newspapers
Moravcová, Ivana ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Teplá, Jana (referee)
The Bachelor thesis "Coverage of Muammar Gaddadi's Death In Selected Czech and Foreign Daily Newspapers" deals with the complex issue of the ethics of depiction of death in newspapers. The aim of this thesis is to compare the ways in which different Czech and foreign daily newspapers covered the death of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in October 2011. The theoretical part aims to explain the importance of news values, which are important factors in defining news in media, as well as it describes the ways in which death or suffering is illustrated in photography, what effects those photographs can have on the readers, why media publish such images and what are the rules for publication of pictures concerning suffering in the codes of individual media. In the second part, visual material of five Czech and five foreign media is analysed, using he content analysis for pictures related to Gaddafi's death. Selected Czech newspapers are Mladá fronta DNES, Lidové noviny, Hospodářské noviny, Právo, Pražský deník; selected foreign newspapers are USA Today, Financial Times, Le Monde, Frankurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutche Zeitung. Each case is described in detail, the most important findings are then summed up in the conclusion.
Media Portrayal of Older Adults in Czech Senior Magazines
Sikorová, Renáta ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis deals with portrayal of elderly people in media. Thesis use a visual analysis of content to examine five Czech magazines for seniors: Doba seniorů, Grand Generace, Revue 50 plus, Spokojený domov and Vital Plus, year 2015. First part of the thesis explains theoretical concepts, which are related to this issue. It defines the concept of "oldness", the term "senior" and determines the limits of old age according to different authors. Next subchapter defines representation of reality in media and describes the difference between media reality and social reality. In the chapter Representation of old age in media we introduce the results of Czech and foreign studies, from which we have drawn not only in theory, but also in the preparation of our research plan. Fourth subchapter refers to stereotypes and myths about old age, ageing and seniors. Above that, the thesis also includes image analysis of photo content. Its main object are photographs with people over 50 years old. These images has are analyzed using several variables that we have created from Czech and foreign research. The data is mainly draw from the Czech study from 2007, whose results we compare with ours. The research was aiming to answer the research questions, make an image of seniors, who appear in "senior magazines", and to...
Changes of the form and content of photography due to growth of mobile photography and social media
Shupikova, Alina ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Štefaniková, Sandra (referee)
This thesis attempts to answer the question whether there has been a change in photography due to the growth of mobile photography and social media. The initial assumption is that the growth has influenced changes within photography's form, function and perception. In an aim to narrow this relatively broad topic, the thesis is focused on professional photojournalism and the usage of the social network Instagram as a platform for the publication of photographic reportage. The practical part of the work is a case study of a photoreportage by TIME magazine on Instagram which captured hurricane Sandy in 2012. This innovative photojournalistic method is compared with reportages done on similar events in 2005 and 2011.
The comparison of the Prague squaterš media image in national newspaper Mladá fronta DNES during years 2000 and 2009
Vorlová, Hana ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Křeček, Jan (referee)
Bachelor thesis named The comparison of the Prague squatter's media image in national newspaper Mladá fronta DNES during years 2000 and 2009 informs about squatter's subculture. The Quantitative Content Analysis describes, how is this subculture represented in newspaper Mladá fronta DNES. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to compare squater's media image during years 2000 and 2009.
Problems of post production in photojournalism on the example of the World Press Photo competition
Šedivá, Pavla ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Lábová, Alena (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe problem of digital postproduction on the example of the pictures from World Press Photo contest. Theoretical part of this thesis deals with the redefinition of standard of photojournalism and with the perception of digital postproduction by media consumers. Practical part contains case studies of photographs that have been disqualified or have become the subject of controversy and an interview with Mark E. Johnson from NPPA. This part also includes two questionnaires, which examine the perception of digital postproduction by media consumers and winners of World Press Photo contest.
Analysis of Jiri Ovcacek's Posts on Twitter
Kůsová, Lucie ; Podzimek, Jan (advisor) ; Láb, Filip (referee)
Since his appointment as the spokesperson of the President of the Czech Republic in December 2013, Jiří Ovčáček has been criticized by journalists, politicians, experts on ethics, and the public for his non-standard approach to the post. Particularly, Jiří Ovčáček has been reproached for his communication on the @PREZIDENTmluvci Twitter account. This thesis was working with the hypothesis claiming that Jiří Ovčáček does not behave in a standard way on the social network and does not use refined and serious language. The aim of this thesis was to analyse Jiří Ovčáček's Twitter communication style in terms of the acknowledged standards of a spokesperson. The thesis did not aim to verify the truth in Jiří Ovčáček's tweets, but it aimed to analyse to what extent the spokesperson's Twitter communication met the standards of the post. A sample of 300 tweets from 8th January to 19th February 2018 was analysed by means of the content analysis, particularly by the analytic-comparative method of stylistic analysis. Under the perspective of stylistics, the analysis aimed to identify expression differences in the choice of style, specifically the function of the message, the form of the national language, markedness with a focus on expression, the use of figurative language, irony and sarcasm. Additionally, the thesis...
Typography of the Literary Magazine Plamen (1959 - 1969)
Prentis, Adam ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Láb, Filip (referee)
The thesis "Typography of the literary magazine Plamen (1959-1969)" concerns itself with the overall graphical appearance of the important Czech literary magazine Plamen, published in the years 1959 to 1969. It notes the various elements of the types and the typesetting - the fonts used for texts and for titles, the typesetting of prose, poetry and entertainment pages. The paper describes, analyses and categorises myriad typographical solutions of titles and of the magazine's covers. An important part of the research is the list of artists whose work was published during the magazine's existance and the conclusions drawn from this list that show Plamen's attitude towards the visual arts. The paper further notes the physical characteristics of the magazine and the limitations caused most of all by the technological possibilities of the period, including the quality of paper, the page format and the use of coloured printing. It gives a perspective of the magazine's appearance by comparing it with other contemporary literary magazines. The paper offers an overview of the graphical appearance of Plamen from all the assessed components, it builds an understanding of the magazine's development and it shows the conceptional unity of the main typographer Oldřich Hlavsa's design and compares the difference of...
The photo editor as a gatekeeper
Vodáková, Lucie ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with the work of Czech photo editors in a daily and weekly papers. The work analyzes what their function in media is, what their common day looks like, who they are speaking with and then what their daily decisions about photographs are. The first chapters describe the role of photo editors as gatekeepers. I try to compare what was their job earlier, when the time of technological convergence didn't exist. I deal with a photo editing practicies like searching, selection and gathering materials too. The second analytic part consist of the deep interviews with photo editors and other members of newsroom. I compare their information with the information of foreign media books. The object of the thesis is to show on six chosen important Czech daily and weekly papers how the photo editors work, what is their leading role and whether they are important for the organization or not.

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