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Deleuze: Virtual Differential Fields and their Actualization
Tůma, Martin ; Petříček, Miroslav (advisor) ; De Santis, Daniele (referee)
This thesis is divided into two parts, each of which corresponds to a particular line of inquiry. The first asks about the general character of Deleuze's philosophy. What kind of philosopher is he? What are the chief defining features of his philosophy? How does his work fit into the larger context of the history of ideas? We proceed by discussing Deleuze's relation to some of his main influences, namely Plato, Nietzsche, and Kant, but also certain areas of mathematics, gradually sharpening our understanding of Deleuze's own views in the process. The second part then asks, against the background of this general characterization, after the specific form of Deleuze's ontology. What is the Deleuzian world like? What are its constitutive moments? What are the relations between these moments? We begin with the most general outline and gradually complicate it by introducing more of Deleuze's terminology. In particular, what interests us in this second part is Deleuze's concept of the virtual and his mechanism of immanent genesis through which psychical, biological, social, material, as well as all other forms come to be constituted, that is, the process of indi-different/ciation. In order to do this, we use Deleuze's relation to Kant to frame his ontological project, and rely on mathematics to ground the enquiry....
The analysis of the playing performance of the line players on European Championship in Brno 2008
Václavek, Ondřej ; Tůma, Martin (advisor) ; Táborský, František (referee)
Name: The analysis of the playing performance of the line players on European Championship in Brno 2008 Object of the work: We would like to analyse playing action of the line players 2008 Men's 18 European Handball Championship in Brno, define indivudual action and tendency of the performance of the line players on the previous Men's 18 ECh. We define the most used individual technics and combinations on Men's 18 ECh in Brno. Methods: We used non participating and non structured observing and qualitative analyse. Data was generated by Hand Ball Stat 1.7 for quantitative analyses and we chose the most important statistic data, which describe playing performance of the pivots on ECh in Brno. Results: Shot efficiency of the pivots rise from the previous Men's 18 ECh. The same trends are followed also in the physical conditions and technical skills of the line players in this age. Key words: handball, line player, analyse, youth, Brno 2008
Qualitative analysis of cooperation of back court player and line player on the 9th Men's European Championship in Brno
Václavek, Ondřej ; Tůma, Martin (advisor) ; Velenský, Michael (referee)
Title: Qualitative analysis of cooperation of back court player and line player on the 9th Men's "18" European Championship in Brno. Objectives: Qualitative analysis of the attacking combinations between back court player and line player on the 9th Men's "18" European Championship 2008 in Brno, finding out the space distribution of these combinations and compare the trend analysis of Men's "18", Men's "20" and Men's European Championship. Methods: Qualitative Analysis of the matches on DVD with using non participating and non structured observing connected with quantitative analysis based on the statistical program Handball Stat. We used own form for recording the observed data. Results: The teams used combination based on passing mostly. The distribution of co-operation probably depended on physical, technical and tactical preparation of the back court players and through that the line player very often co-operated with left and middle back. Key words: handball, combination, co-operation, back court player, line player, qualitative analysis, 9th Men's "18"ECh 2008 Brno
Younger Junior Woman's Movement Output in Handball with Selected Team SCM
Kastnerová, Eva ; Tůma, Martin (advisor) ; Velenský, Michael (referee)
Title: Younger Junior Women's Movement Output in Handball with a Selected Team SCM. Objectives : The Aim of the thesis is a result analysis of SCM member's compulsory testing of movement output in handball together with considering the effectivity of the load. Methods: We used methods of analysis and comparison in our work. The method of analysis was applied when analysing each of the disciplines, and the method of comparison was used in the part where we compared the disciplines of the testing set, and in the part where we compared the members. The comparison was also applied in the part where average values needed to be compared. Results: We have found out that the influence of the training did not cause expected rise of physical condition. We have concluded from the results of the training set. During the two-year cycle in which we monitored the amount of load of the training unit the physical condition fell. Keywords: movement abilities, condition, junior age, diagnosis in handball, testing unit.
The organization of tournament within the scope of handball education at primary school
Jahnová, Veronika ; Tůma, Martin (advisor) ; Buchtel, Jaroslav (referee)
Title: The organization of tournament within the scope of handball education at primary school. Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is to verify how different organization of handball tournament affects the efficiency of teaching or what type of tournament is more interesting for pupils and which one they would prefer themselves. Another objective is to determine whether the pupils would be interested in annual organizing of tournament. Our task is to organize two different tournaments, knock-out tournament and group tournament. By using the questionnaire method we get the information which consequently evaluate and use for determining of the conclusion of this thesis. Methods: We used questionnaire method and comparison method in this thesis. We applied questionnaire method in analysis of particular tournaments and comparison method in comparing of tournament responses. Results: We discovered that the tournament organized by group method is more efficient for pupils then the knock-out tournament. We observed the same result by organizing the annual tournament where the pupils were also more interested in group tournament. Keywords: Education unit, handball, knock-out tournament, group tournament
Coaching the coach in the game
Šmirkl, Jan ; Buzek, Mario (advisor) ; Tůma, Martin (referee)
Title: Coaching the coach in the game Aims: To diagnose coaching performance in two competitive matches of youth category. In the following, I will focus on the forms of coach behavior and postural activity. Research questions: How and in what form should the coach motivate his players in a match? What influence will the match and its result have on the coach and his postural activity in the monitored matches? How does the coach give instructions and feedback? Methods: To achieve the goals I use the method of observation, audio and video recording method and the method of teaching interaction (ADI) Results: The objective of this work was accomplished. The research questions were answered. Recommendations were presented for coaches. Keywords: coaching, coach, trainer, feedback information, instruction
Comparing of teaching methods of children in tennis schools
Tvrzníková, Michaela ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Tůma, Martin (referee)
Název: Porovnání postupů výuky dětí v tenisových školách. Comparing ofteaching methods of childem in tenis schools. Cíl práce: Cílem výzkumu je porovnat odlišné postupy při výuce tenisu u dětí, se zaměřením na věkovou kategorii 6-1 Olet a posoudit přednosti a nevýhody těchto odlišných způsobů. Metoda: Základní použitou metodou bylo pozorování s osobní přítomností na jednotlivých tréninkových jednotkách. Hodnocení bylo zaměřeno na porovnání rozdílných způsobů tenisové výuky, a také na porovnání techniky základních úderů u dvou skupin dětí, které se učí tenis odlišným typem výuky. Další použitou metodou byl strukturovaný rozhovor s otevřenými otázkami. Výsledky: Ukazují rozdíly ve výuce a v technice provádění základních úderů a shrnují výhody a nevýhody jednotlivých postupů tenisové výuky dětí. Klíčová slova: Tenisová výuka, děti, minitenis, vybavení, porovnání výhod a nevýhod, odlišnost výuky. 2
Training Programme for Beginner in Body Building Exercise in Age 15-18 Years
Tůma, Martin ; Kuhnová, Věra (advisor) ; Hájek, Jeroným (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with a total fitness bodybuilding training program for beginners aged 15 to 18 years. The work is divided into a theoretical part dealing with general information on fitness training and practical one in which the previous knowledge is applied individually to a particular exerciser.

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