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Pendulum table in the bodywork shop for automotive
Lehman, Branislav ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Zeizinger, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis is about designing a pendulum table for the bodywork shop in the Automotive area. The aim of the work is to achieve a search from which the information necessary for the design, drawing the necessary dimensions and performance calculations is drawn. The main goal is to create a conceptual design, select components and perform control strength calculations. The last task is to create drawing documentation for the pendulum table assembly and workshop drawings.
Suggestion of a mobile workshop lift for a motor vehicle
Košťál, Radovan ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Hloušek, David (advisor)
This bachelor thesis concentrates on mobile lifts for vehicles. It consists of critical research, in which the existing mobile lifts are compared, an original design of a mobile vehicle lift, calculations of overall dimensions and strength, choosing of materials and components and technical drawings.
Two-axle trailer for a truck
Novotný, Tomáš ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Zeizinger, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the conceptual design of a two-axle trailer for a truck. The first part contains a research analysis of trailers and subsequent legislation. In the next part is in detail analyzed construction of the trailer concept and then the calculation of the axle loads. The last part consists of strength analysis with its evaluation and partial drawing documentation.
Spiral conveyor
Ploc, Jakub ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Malášek, Jiří (advisor)
Spiral screw conveyors, as conveyors without a traction element, use the effects of rotating spiral for transport. To ensure correct operation during upward transport, a prerequisite for functionality is created in this work. Furthermore, the selection of a suitable material for which the dried sewage sludge was selected is made. In the following parts, the design calculation, and the choice of the conveyor construction for the specified dimensional and performance parameters are performed. Finally, a strength check of the functional parts such as gutter deflection is performed. Part of the thesis is also drawing documentation, which is based on the text part.
Topological optimization of a crane jib
Machara, Marcel ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Zeizinger, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of topology optimization in the design of structures and machine parts. The first part of the thesis consists of a theoretical summary of the current state of knowledge of crane jibs and their basic categorization. The second part consists of theoretical knowledge about optimization problems and the method of topology optimization. In the third part, an example of the implementation of topology optimization on a cantilever crane is processed using the Ansys Workbench software. The parameters of optimized jib designs are compared with the parameters of their basic models. At the end of this chapter, an evaluation of the results of topology optimization is performed.
Crane crab traverse mechanism load 25 t
Zicho, Jan ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the construction concept of the crane crab travel mechanism for a bridge crane with a load capacity of 25 000 kg. The research section deals with construction solutions used on the travel mechanism of crane crab. The thesis contains a construction concept of individual components of the travel mechanism which include wheels, motor and transmission, brake, driveshafts, bearings, and frame. Subsequently, this thesis contains a calculation of these components and their check-up. The output of the thesis is a technical documentation containing the drawing of selected components and assembly drawing.
Chain shifter for rail cars
Halásek, Dominik ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Malášek, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals about the design of a chain shifter for brick or ceramic production line. The theoretical part describes the basic characteristics of chain transmissions and their general using. The next part describes calculations of the chain drive. The design of the shifter is processed regarding to realizing the assignment and the good functionality of the device. The output of the thesis is a technical report describing the design theory and calculations. The drawings of the main assemblies of the device are attached.
Belt conveyor for brown coal
Bezděk, Marek ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Malášek, Jiří (advisor)
The main key in this bachelor thesis is to calculate and design conveyor belt for transport of brown coal for the transport capacity of 140,000 kg per hour and the height difference of 10,5 m and axial distance between the drums at the both ends of 50 m. First part of the work is focused on the main parts of the conveyor belt construction. Then follows the part with the calculation of conveyor belt according to norm ČSN ISO 5048, which is then used for designing of the main parts of the conveyor belt and its dimensions. The thesis is extended by the required technical drawings.
Stacking palletizer of the food crates
Bajdich, Matej ; Jorda, Vladimír (referee) ; Pokorný, Přemysl (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the food crates stacking palletizer construction design according to required values. In the first part of diploma thesis, it looks at the definitions and basic information about palletization, types of palletizers and describes analogous construction solutions of the given machine from other manufacturers. The second part, the diploma thesis deals with the designs of the own machine, their evaluation and designing of the own palletizer. Part of the palletizer design are calculations and numerical simulation of stress and deformation of the main frame of the machine at maximum load using the finite element method. The last part of the thesis deals with the evaluation of created palletizer design. The diploma thesis contains drawing documentation of selected sections.
Pillar jib crane
Remer, Lukáš ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Malášek, Jiří (advisor)
Content of this bachelor´s thesis is a conceptual design of an atypical pillar jib crane with load capacity of 1500 kg, lift height 7600 mm and jib length of 3200 mm. Part of work includes calculations of supporting elements, selection of chain hoist and detailed drawing of the assembly and column.

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