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Diagnosis of PTSD - A contribution to validization per interview and questionnaire methods
Králová, Michaela ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Dymešová, Gabriela (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to contribute to the validation of diagnostic methods Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist-5 and Life Events Checklist-5 intended for PTSD diagnostics. For this purpose, the practical part of this work focused on finding differences between the group of respondents from the general population (N = 303) and the clinical group of people exposed to trauma (N = 28). As part of the research of this work, a clinical group of persons who were assigned PTSD criteria according to DSM-5 and DSM-IV for posttraumatic stress disorder was created. The clinical group of persons was divided into the groups "diagnosed with PTSD" and "at risk of diagnosed with PTSD" according to the fulfilled DSM- 5 criteria. The results of statistical data analysis verify the validity of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist-5 method, in which the clinical group of people diagnosed with PTSD achieves statistically higher results than the control group, as well as the group of people exposed to trauma at risk of PTSD. A statistically significant difference was also found between the control group of people diagnosed with PTSD and the group of people from the general population in methods measuring the rate of anxiety and depressive symptoms, confirming the convergent validity of the...
Academic dishonesty and its relationship to work ethics
Horák, Lukáš ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Krámský, David (referee)
The thesis is concerned with possible relationship between the rate and kinds of academic dishonesty and work ethics. In the first segment of the theoretical section of the thesis, the extent of present research concerned with the reciprocal relationship of breaking of the rules in the context of school and work and the possibility of predicting aspects of work ethics on the basis of having knowledge about the rate of academic dishonesty of a given individual, is summarized. The second theoretical segment is a descripitiona and discussion of research of factors which affect both dishonesty in the school context and aspects of work ethics. On the basis of identification of these factors are in the empirical section analysed data, which were acquired through surveying of university level and high school students. Significant difference betwen the rates of dishonesty in high school and university level context, which is contradictory to some of the previous research literature.Relationship of the students to their grades and to some extent, gender, were shown to be significant influence on rate of academic dishonesty. The analysis of the direczt relationship between academic dishonesty and work ethics has yielded mixed results, suggesting, that the relationship si more complex than previously suspected
The influence of depression on cognitive functions in the remission period. What changes can be observed in cognitive functions during the course of mood improvement until the remission period?
Dušánková, Erika ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (referee)
The aim of this study is to summarize a research on cognitive functions and depressive disorder with focus on the remission period and to map, on this background, using a longitudinal design, changes in cognitive performance of the depressive patients during the course of mood improvement until the remission period. We set together a test battery consisting of two cognitive functions measures (AVLT, Letter-number sequencing), two mood rating instruments (BDI, MADRS) and two additional questionnaires (Unfavourable-events questionnaire and Social support Survey - MOS). We included an interview, as well. The research took place in Prague psychiatric centre. The sample consisted of 10 inpatients with unipolar depressive disorder according to ICD-10. 4 of the patients were excluded - 2 of them for deeper mood impairment and other 2 for early discharge from the clinic. Only 2 of the remaining 6 patients achieved remission. We present their case studies in this thesis. The conclusion of this study is that the image of cognitive performance in depressed patients can be various. All patients experienced subjective cognitive performance impairment and work ability impairment. We didn't observe, in some of the patients, cognitive performance impairment in the neuropsychological measures used. When cognitive impairment...
Boston Naming Test in preoperative examination in patients with pharmacoresistant temporal lobe epilepsy
Libertínová, Jana ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
Theoretical part of this thesis concems Pharmacoresistant Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Epilepsy surgery as an important option of the treatment of these patients. lt introduces respective methods used in complex preoperative diagnostics stressing the neuropsychological preoperative examination. Majority of basic cognitive functions - memory, speech and IQ - are lateralised. Functionality of temporallobe is reflected by ability of naming. We introduce the Boston Naming Test (BNT) used in preoperative diagnostics of pharmacoresistant epilepsy patients to locate the epileptogenic region. Empirical part concems Czech adaptation and standardisation of BNT and describes pivotal study with 38 healthy persons and 38 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy. Main objective was to check criterial validity ofBNT" Statistical analysis shows highly significant differencies between scores of healthy controls and epilepsy patients. (p < 0,000). Test shows 80% sensitivity and 92% specificity.
Validation of Stroop color and word test on Czech population
Krivá, Ľuba ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Niederlová, Markéta (referee)
Due to the fact that attention is a central issue in cognitive sciences, there is a growing need for robust tools for assessing attentional functioning in individuals from clinical, as well as non-clinical populations: the Stroop Color and Word Test (SCWT) is one of the standard measures. The thesis provides material intended for construction of the Czech version of the SCWT manual. In addition to discussion of theoretical issues of the Stroop eect, the thesis includes review of studies on psychometric characteristics of the test and discusses the in uence of demographic characteristics on the performance in the SCWT. Furthermore, administration and scoring procedures, as well as possibilities of clinical interpretation of the test scores are described. In the second part of the thesis, we present results of research project aimed at collecting Czech normative data for the SCWT. The in uence of sex, age and education on the performance in the test was examined in a non-clinical sample aged 20 to 79 years (N = 420; 166 M, 254 F; M = 46:7 yrs, SD = 16:8 yrs). Norms for the test scores were developed separately for subjects from three age subgroups and two education subgroups. Correlational analysis of the Stroop test with two other measures of attentional and executive functioning (Verbal uency and Trail...
The effect of cognitive training for schizofrenia or schizoaffective disorder
Nondek, Michal ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee)
The dissertation deals with effects of cognitive training on a group of 41 probands suffering with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. The twelve months research has covered several psychiatric facilities, where the cognitive training is carried out regularly. Trial method has been based upon a set of three questionnaires filled in by probands: DEX - (Dysexecutive Questionnaire), CFQ - (Cognitive Failures Questionnaire), EMQ - (Everyday Memory Questionnaire) and variant DEX and CFQ questionnaires, which has been filled in via phone interviews with family members or other significant persons. Experimental design test-retest has been applied. Subsequent statistical analysis of the data collected reveals a significant improvement after the training. This statistically significant positive effect has been shown by four of the five questionnaires used. As for the demographic characteristics, only the age of proband at the manifestation of illness correlates significantly with the positive effect of training (the latter age, the greater effect). Age, sex or education has no relationship with the effect of training for a given group of probands.
Wechsler memory scale - third edition, abbreviated
Jenčová, Adéla ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Niederlová, Markéta (referee)
This thesis is about Wechsler Memory Scale-III Abbreviated (WMS-IIIa). WMS-IIIa is a screening test for measuring memory functioning. It contains measures of visual and verbal memory, immediate and delayed memory. Theoretical part of the thesis is an attempt of a Czech version of the test manual. It summarizes information about its original development, structure, purpose, administration, scoring and possibilities of interpretation. The empirical part is a research targeted on acquisition of Czech norms on representative sample of nonclinical population at the age of 20 to 39 years. Statistical analysis was computed from data of 154 individuals. Demografic characteristics of research group was compared with characteristics of Czech population at the age of 20 to 39 years as described by Czech Statistical Institute.

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