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Exploring the influence of pressure on the life of lead acid batteries for hybrid electric vehicles
Pospíchal, Martin ; Tošer, Pavel (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
The lead-acid batteries used in hybrid electronic vehicles HEV operate in high-rate mode in a state of partial charge PSoC. It occurs when the degradation mechanisms related to irreversible sulphation and negative electrodes are a limiting factor in the life of lead-acid batteries. The electrode system was applied to experimental pressure cells of different sizes. Exp. cells were subjected to measurement and evaluation of potential negative electrode, a negative active mass resistance, contact resistance of transition collector - the active mass with the evaluation and measurement of pressure fluctuations within four PSoC runs.
Digital terrestrial television broadcasting DVB-T/H and DVB-T2
Pospíchal, Martin ; Ulovec,, Karel (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Tomáš (advisor)
Master's thesis compares the standard for digital terrestrial television broadcasting of the first generation DVB-T/H and the second generation DVB-T2 with particular emphasis on the modulator, a security channel interference, the signal from the transmitting environment itself and the modulation signal. The following description of specific models of transmission channels for fixed, portable and mobile reception of digital terrestrial signal. Comparison with the particular relates of the transmission parameters for different types of reception of digital terrestrial television with achieving efficiency and effectiveness of transmission at the level of laboratory measurements and computer simulation.
Digital television broadcasting according to standard DVB-H
Pospíchal, Martin ; Prokopec, Jan (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Tomáš (advisor)
The bachelor work deals with problems of digital broadcast based on the standard DVB-H. It contains of the theoretic part and than there is the experimental part. The theoretic part compares the standard DVB-T with DVB-H in the introduction. Then comes after the theoretic explanatinon of the source coding of the picture and the standard for the coding the sound, channel coding and the modulation of the signal. Then it describes a scheme for metering the norm of DVB-H composed of a laboratory qauqing apparatuses and its brief describtion. Then comes after the description of the several metered and biased parameters and its impression on the quality and level of the recieved signal. The experimental part deals with the metering of the several parameters, that contains the description of the laid metering constellation diagrams, tables of the measured values, graphics dependences and evaluation of the concrete metering. The metering deals with the influence of the amplitude of the screened signal, phasic error, suppression carrier, amplitude imbalance, convolution code, guard interval and with the using the several modulations on a bit error rate BER, modulation error rate MER (S/N), the quality and the level of the received signal for the several TV channels.
Works stress and coping strategies in relations to human immune system
Pospíchal, Martin ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Šolcová, Iva (referee) ; Letovancová, Eva (referee)
Úvod ABSTRACT Work stress and coping strategies in relation to the state of the human immune system Research in recent decades has shown that not only purely biological factors have an effect on the immune system and the possible development of disease. It is becoming increasingly clear that psychological factors must also be taken into account. The topic of our research is to try to clarify, at least partly, how coping with work and life worries (or mental stress) affects a person's health, mainly the activity of immune system, especially in relation to the possible progression of cancer. In the presented research we focus on three basic research areas, being the possible connection between the experienced number of demanding life and work events and the increased chance for the development of oncological disease. Furthermore, we look to identifying the possible difference in the use of strategies for overcoming stress in sick people and those who do not get sick. In the last part of the research, the possible connection between the experience of cancer and the perceived positive benefits of this challenging life experience. We try to answer these (first two) research areas by comparing the two researched groups: groups of people without cancer and groups of people after cancer treatment and then a...
Pospíchal, Martin ; Michalík, David (referee) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
Mental load of top management - coping with stress Ing.Mgr.Martin Pospíchal, The Faculty of Arts of Charel University in Prague, 2013 The topic of this thesis is the issue of mental load, respectively mental load in professions that are increasingly exposed to its influence. From a myriad of professions in which people are under intense mental load, this thesis examines the group of top managers, particularly in companies involved in the sale of information technologies. The objective of this thesis is primarily to capture the methods and strategies for coping with stress in this target group. From a methodological perspective, the semi-structured interview and standardized questionnaire research methods were used to identify strategies for coping with stress. The conducted research confirmed with certain degree of probability that intense mental load is an integral part of the performance of the top manager profession. Its impact is assessed as more stressful in comparison with lower job titles, particularly from the perspective of a wider range of active forms of mental load. The research has shown that the predominant types of coping with mental load are mainly active methods of coping with stress, such as control and management of the situation itself, control of your responses in the given...
Key competencies and skills of the marketing manager
Pospíchal, Martin ; Riegel, Karel (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
The topic of this diploma work is the area of managing competencies and skills. The aim of this paper is to identify key competencies and skills which are crucial for successful performance in the position of the Marketing Manager. We are focusing especially on an international corporation in an information-technology market environment. Based on our research, the key skills to perform sucessfully in the Marketing Manager position are creativity, with focus on originality, and ability of new interpretation. High inteligence, in the analytic area mainly, focus on ability to work well with numbers and strategic thinking. Communication and social skills, with close focus on presentation skills, ability to delegate responsibilities and teamworking. Last, but not least, ability to learn, be open and overall proactive responsivness to changes and adaptability.
Possible post-traumatic growth of an individual after recovering from a cancer
Šifaldová, Adéla ; Pospíchal, Martin (advisor) ; Nikolai, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with possible post-traumatic growth of an individual after recovering from a cancer. Emphasis is put on the question whether going through an illness that is the cause of various difficult and stressful experiences also brings anything positive and valuable into the next phase of the individual's life. The literature review part focuses on defining cancer as a trauma with its specifics. Next, the phenomenon of post-traumatic growth is defined and its basic characteristics are described. The attention is paid to select theoretical models of post-traumatic growth and describe every important variable. The goal of the proposed research is to determine whether the phenomenon of post-traumatic growth occurs in an individual after recovering from a cancer, and whether the individual perceives any positive effects on their life after a year or more have passed since the successful completion of the acute phase of treatment. Keywords Post-traumatic growth; Cancer; Doctor-patient communication; Models of post-traumatic growth; Resilience; Rumination; Social support
Psychological aspects of injury rehabilitation in athletes
Chmelíková, Petra ; Pospíchal, Martin (advisor) ; Macháček, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the so far neglected area of sports psychology, specifically the postinjury rehabilitation period in athletes, with a focus on the effect of stress. The literary review part is divided into two chapters. At the beginning of the first chapter, models of psychological response to sports injury are briefly described. Next, there is devoted space to the role of stress in the context of the immune system and wound healing. Important stressors during postinjury rehabilitation are also described. Subsequently, the work provides an introduction to the issue of adherence to rehabilitation and emotions in postinjury rehabilitation. The second chapter describes some psychological interventions suitable for the period of postinjury rehabilitation in athletes. In connection with stress reduction, more space is devoted to relaxation techniques. The research project proposal aims to explore the relationship between athletes' perceived stress in the first month after injury and the length of rehabilitation. At the same time, its goal is to obtain basic information about the familiarity of Czech athletes with psychological interventions suitable for the period of postinjury rehabilitation. Keywords Sports psychology; Sport injury; Rehabilitation; Stress; Immune system; Adherence;...
The role of a psychologist in the care of pediatric and adolescent oncology patients
Janda, Tadeáš ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Pospíchal, Martin (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to present the role of psychologist in the care of children and adolescents oncology patients. The literary briefing section is divided into two chapters. The first chapter presents the general characteristics of childhood malignancies and the principles of treating pediatric oncology diseases in the psychological context. The second chapter offers a selection of topics of children's oncopsychology - psychosocial interventions, work with pain, palliative care and issues of former patients. The design of qualitative research deals with the attitudes of parents of former paediatric cancer patients and psychologists to the treatment and possibilities of using psychological interventions during its course. Keywords Oncology disease, pediatric patient, adolescent patient, pediatric oncopsycho
Workplace aggression: coping strategies and their effectiveness
Jiroutová, Markéta ; Zábrodská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Pospíchal, Martin (referee)
This thesis focuses on the workplace aggression (mobbing) and the coping strategies of the victims of mobbing. The first part introduces a view to a variability of the possible forms of the workplace aggression, the definition of mobbing is provided and also are mentioned the specific stages of mobbing. The second part of the thesis contains the detailed review of the issues how the victims cope with the mobbing as with the stress issue in their lives. Based on the scientific research, single models of coping strategies are discussed and their effectiveness as well. Coping strategies are explained also considering the BIG 5 personality traits. In the final part of the thesis is propounded the research project which is focused on the mapping of coping strategies of the victims of mobbing, the link between personality traits and their effectiveness. Keywords: workplace aggression, mobbing, coping strategies

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