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Software-defined antenna array
Sedláček, David ; Prokopec, Jan (referee) ; Maršálek, Roman (advisor)
Hlavným cieľom tejto práce bolo vyvinúť demonštračnú platformu pre implementáciu algoritmov na odhad smeru príchodu signálu. Celkovo bolo opísaných šesť techník, ktoré boli následne implementované v Pythone spolu so simuláciami príchodu signálov. Bola vykonaná štúdia dostupného hardvéru, v ktorej boli porovnané rozdiely medzi na mieru prispôsobenými a voľne dostupnými riešeniami. Navrhli sa konkrétne hardvérové a softvérové konfigurácie pre praktickú implementáciu metód odhadu príchodu signálu. Na záver boli navrhnuté experimentálne merania na overenie účinnosti implementovaných metód. Vykonali sa testovacie merania a ich výsledky boli kriticky zhodnotené.
Altitmeter for RC aircraft models
Švec, Jan ; Frýza, Tomáš (referee) ; Prokopec, Jan (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor thesis is to design a altimeter, who uses to record the attitude of the model "RC plane" evaluation of the current atmospheric pressure. The data are storaged during the flight into memory. Data can be after the recording through the USB transferred to the PC store. The software on the PC communicates with the device and ensuring the conversion of recorded pressure to altitude RC model.
Measurement of the 802.11n standard properties
Halm, Martin ; Šebela, Radek (referee) ; Prokopec, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is bent on peruse standard 802.11n and inquest diversity from standard 802.11b, g. Standard 802.11b was, first used for wireless net „WLAN”. This standard was extensive standard 802.11g that the has bigger temporary carrier rate. This acceleration is incurred modulation OFDM. Next successor after these standards is standard 802.11n.
ZigBee implementation for Automotive Industry
Zatloukal, Martin ; Maršálek, Roman (referee) ; Prokopec, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis describes possibilities of usage of ZigBee communication protocol in automotive industry, transport and logistics. Thesis also deals with ways of practical implementation of ZigBee protocol including typical cases solutions, designing and realization of necessary electrotechnical devices and modules followed by compilation of control software and experimental measurements of these devices in real traffic flow. In the first part of thesis, there are some basic features and parameters of ZigBee reminded, followed by ways of ZigBee communicator usage description and adumbrating how to perform integration with existing practical systems. The second part is about analysis of ZigBee data system construction, communication system scheme design and pre-projection of block schemes of its particular cells. The third part concretizes requested functions and features of these cells and describes ways of its hardware realization. The fourth section describes controlling software design, connection and controll of functions using PC and additional programs, using of X-CTU software offered by MaxStream Company to set up XBee parameters and using of AVR Studio 4 offered by Atmel Company to set up ATmega16 processor. The last part is taken by completation of hardware and software, tests with a few of XBee chips and network nodes in laboratory conditions and examples from the real traffic range measurement.
Altitmeter for RC aircraft models
Švec, Jan ; Frýza, Tomáš (referee) ; Prokopec, Jan (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor thesis is to design an altimeter, who uses to record the attitude of the model "RC plane" evaluation of the current atmospheric pressure. The data are saved during the flight into the memory.The data can be transferred to PC after recording through the USB . The software on PC communicates with the device and ensuring the conversion of recorded pressure to altitude RC model.
Wireless Security and Surveillance System
Výborný, Jiří ; Frýza, Tomáš (referee) ; Prokopec, Jan (advisor)
This Master’s thesis deals with design and construction of a wireless security and surveillance system in ZigBee wireless networks (IEEE802.15.4). The design consists of creating a star network topology with intended monitoring of home area via end device boards paired with coordinator board, which provides basic networking functionality. End device is used to send data from a temperature sensor DS1631 and magnetic reed switches to coordinator. ZigBee module ZDM-A1281-A2 made by MeshNetics company embedded on each board contains a micro controller ATMega1281 and a transceiver AT86RF230 working in a 2,4GHz frequency band. System is able to notice of any door or window move actions and too high temperature. The non-fully functional ZigBee stack, which is called an Open MAC software, based on MAC (Media Access Control ) layer and PHY (Physical) layer from MeshNetics, has been used to develop the user software. Open MAC consists of three application samples in C code. One of them was modified by the user for an application of communication between the module and sensors. The same design with module RC2204AT made by Radiocrafts company was tested as well, but it couldn’t be executed. All developed boards have been constructed and tested via Terminal PC program.
Alphanumerical external wireless display device for PC
Veverka, Vítězslav ; Prokopec, Jan (referee) ; Beneš, Jan (advisor)
In this work was created the basic description and theoretical design of alphanumeric extern wireless module which could be connected to PC by the USB. This work includes the basic description of some alphanumerical visual modules connectable to PC, the charecterization of general used electrical networks and components, the basic parameters of high frequency modules and wireless transmision. On the basis of theoretical studies are described the oppotrunities of the project of complete alfanumerical extern wireless display and reasons of selected options. Next the creation of circuit diagrams and printed circuit boards. The result of this work is a functional prototype of the equipment including software for microprocessors and computer control. Verification of functionality and usability is part of the project.
Control of wireless ZigBee network
Fuchs, Michal ; Prokopec, Jan (referee) ; Frýza, Tomáš (advisor)
The Master’s Thesis deals with a ZigBee technology and its devices working each other in wireless personal area network. The ZigBee and its advantages are compared with other wireless protocols working in ISM bands. A first part deals with a topology of IEEE 802.4.15 WPAN and the ZigBee features. Types and format of the ZigBee data-frame are mentioned. A Second part of this thesis describes a design and testing of the ZigBee devices. Results of this thesis are demonstrated on ZMU (ZigBee Modules Utility) program that has been developed for the testing of this technology.
Barometric altitude meter for RC plane models
Dujíček, Martin ; Klozar, Lukáš (referee) ; Prokopec, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design barometric altimeter for RC plane models. During the flight the value from sensing element is stored in memory. After the flight and connect to computer it is possible to read or erase data from memory. Received data si possible to proces for example to graph.

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