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Coaching and it's impact on performace of sales representants
Fabianová, Ivana ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
Diploma thesis is devoted to an analysis of psychological coaching as a method promoting the use of human resources and human potential to the performance improvement and employee development. The theoretical part provides a definition of coaching. It deals with the principles and techniques of coaching, perception of reality, finding solutions and by setting and achieving goals. It discusses human potential as a layout of assumptions to human performance and its exploitation. It describes ways to improve the performance and life satisfaction through coaching. The work also presents an overview of psychological approaches in coaching. The second part consists of a quantitative research, in which they analyzed the results of sales representatives, who took coaching sessions, before and after coaching. Based on the results of the research part of the thesis, there is a statistically significant difference (p< .001) between the performance of sales consultants before coaching and in three other measurements after coaching. Key words Coaching, self-coaching, goals, coaching principles, effectivity, sales person, performance, potential.
Harmonization of work and family life in women in the managerial positions
Kučerová, Jana ; Michalík, David (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with thema of harmonization of family and working duties in women at managerial positions. Background is drawn from the area of psychology of work and organization in theoretical part and from personal experiences of manager women in empirical part. The thesis analyzes the meaning of work in nowdays society, its changes and raising work demands in each individual. Next there are underlined themes of woman in management and social expectations from woman. Used strategies in 7 women were investigated with hep of qualitative research with usage of semistructured interview in real conditions. The thesis draws conclusion that spousal support, supportive family background, a need of self-fulfillment at work, use of flexible working time arrangements and the use of modern technologies are crucial points. Discovered data were recorded and women feelings emerging from building their careers and gaining work success as well. Keywords work, woman, management, harmonization of work and family life, leadership, children
Work-related stress - causes, effects and possibilities of prevention
Benda, René ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Štikar, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of work-related load and stress in psychological context. Its theoretical part brings a review of general default and recent information on work-related load and stress and related phenomena. It focuses on primary models and defines the terms of work-related load and stress refering to ambiguity of their comprehension within the literature. Using the theorethical models it explains the principals of origin and effects of work- related load and stress and the role of other factors in this process. It mentions the causes and consequences of work-related load and stress on health, social relationships and performance of employees. The thesis further focuses on phenomena related to work-related load and stress. It brings the information on employee well-being, burnout, engagement and workaholism. It looks at these phenomena within the context of job demands and resources. At the end it concentrates on the possibilities of coping and prevention. The practical part of the thesis contains the proposal of a research project designed to study correlations of selected job demands and resources with burnout, engagement and workaholism in psychologists.
Reactivity in stress situation as a factor of recruitment
Šléglová, Vanda ; Čáp, David (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with a theme of reactivity in a stress situation with a main focus on its testing in the frame of recruitment process in organizations. After the introduction to the theory of stress and dimensions of personality, that play role during the process of stress coping, the text presents more or less comprehensive compendium of psychodiagnostic tools used in personal practice for testing a stress resilience. Principles of these methods are described. Besides the most common methods, such as interview, observing and anamnesis, some multidimensional questionnaires, where one of the dimensions involves stress resilience, are presented. Unidimensional tests, particularly aimed at this quality, follow. This review constitutes rather possibilities than methods really used in practice. Empirical survey would need to be done to reveal their actual usage. Survey design is suggested that would enable assessing possible usage of Rosenzweig's picture frustration test during recruitment process. The survey would consist of a pilot part, that would be based on interviews with HR recruitment specialists and a main, quantitative part that would assume a questionnaire distribution among higher number of HR specialists. Powered by TCPDF (
Mobbing - its manifestations and impacts
Čápová, Tereza ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Kirovová, Iva (referee)
The thesis focuses on the topic of mobbing in the context of psychology and connects theoretical knowledge of the applied field of work and organizational psychology. The theoretical part is devoted to defining problematic issues of mobbing, primarily terminological definition and the history of the concept, and then maps of the origin and evolution of this issue. The thesis also describes mobbing from the initial causes of origin and stages, which occurs in the process of mobbing, through manifestations and practices of participants to the impacts and possible prevention. The largest section is devoted to the manifestations and practices of the participants of mobbing; mainly there are described participants of the process and strategies, which they are using during the mobbing process. Furthermore, work focuses on the impacts especially for the victim but also for the work team and the organization, and then to the prevention of this phenomenon. The second part of this thesis presents a proposal for a research project whose aim is to find out whether mobbing occurred in the selected workplace and thoroughly investigates its manifestations and impacts. It is about a proposal for a quantitative-qualitative research.
Conflicts within the working groups and teams
Kotek, Martin ; Michalík, David (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
The author aims at the topic of working groups and teams. He focused concretely on the conflicts that can arise within them. The first part of paper is devoted to the explanation of basic concepts, on which is based this work. The author introduce step by step with the issue of conflicts and their basic typology, defining the working group compared to the team and the role of both in human life, as well as communication and interpersonal interactions as integral parts of two previous concepts. In the core of the work are mentioned the basic causes of conflict in the labour collectives in the form of group composition, relationships, and interactions, methods of management or leadership, and also personal settings. At the conclusion of this crucial part of paper are discussed and presented modern phenomena of bullying in the workplace called mobbing and bossing. The last part of theory is devoted to the consequences and implications that these conflicts can cause not only for humans but for the whole group, hence the organization. The whole work is finished by a list of possible methods to investigate this issue and also the specific research proposals.
A comparison of two developmental methods and their impact on behaviour
Štěpánová, Irena ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
The goal of my thesis is to compare the impact of two developmental methods (role playing and discussion about a video specially recorded for the developmental activity). In theoretical part I introduce employee development area from a psychological point of view and I describe psychological concepts in the background of concrete skills as leadership, self-management, communication and influencing. I strive for deeper understanding of ways we use to absorb these skills and understanding of possibilities to be used to enhance employees' development whether we mean the concrete developmental methods or training and development process management as a whole. This knowledge is applicable in training and development, which is an area, where my research is conducted. In empirical part I made two researches. In qualitative research I was identifying target group developmental needs to be able to set relevant developmental goals and chose developmental methods corresponding with actual needs of employees which is an important premise of influencing behaviour. In the main research part I conducted quasi-experiment where I compare the target group score before and after the developmental intervention. I compared statistically significant differences between scores in experimental groups and in control group....
Works stress and coping strategies in relations to human immune system
Pospíchal, Martin ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Šolcová, Iva (referee) ; Letovancová, Eva (referee)
Úvod ABSTRACT Work stress and coping strategies in relation to the state of the human immune system Research in recent decades has shown that not only purely biological factors have an effect on the immune system and the possible development of disease. It is becoming increasingly clear that psychological factors must also be taken into account. The topic of our research is to try to clarify, at least partly, how coping with work and life worries (or mental stress) affects a person's health, mainly the activity of immune system, especially in relation to the possible progression of cancer. In the presented research we focus on three basic research areas, being the possible connection between the experienced number of demanding life and work events and the increased chance for the development of oncological disease. Furthermore, we look to identifying the possible difference in the use of strategies for overcoming stress in sick people and those who do not get sick. In the last part of the research, the possible connection between the experience of cancer and the perceived positive benefits of this challenging life experience. We try to answer these (first two) research areas by comparing the two researched groups: groups of people without cancer and groups of people after cancer treatment and then a...
Job loss and its social and health consequences
Christovová, Denisa ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Kirovová, Iva (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with unemployment and its social and health consequences. The objective is to capture the reaction to the loss of employment which are common phenomenon. The work contains chapters for the issue of unemployment, it's subjective and objective causes and significance of work in human life. More attention is devoted to the psychological, somatic and psychosocial consequences associated with unemployment. Conclusion of the theoretical part is focused on strategies coping with job loss. The second part of the thesis presents a research project focusing on the experience and satisfaction of people after job loss in two time periods. Powered by TCPDF (
Virtual teams cooperation in the work context
Štěpánková, Dana ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Bahbouh, Radvan (referee)
This diploma thesis is outlining the topic of virtual teams in the work context dealing with cooperation in virtual teams. In this frame it focuses mainly on communication, trust, motivation and performance. The theoretical part is devoted to the differences between the working group and a team, group cooperation in the work environment and multicultural cooperation specifics. It defines the social psychological work aspects in the context of virtuality and draws nearer up-to date findings of the vitual teamwork area. The leadership and coordination of virtual teams and the role of a leader are also touched. The empirical part of the thesis introduces a research of mapping the topic of cooperation within virtual teams using the methodological triangulation. The issue of virtual teams is seen in the organizational context from virtual team leaders' point of view. A point of view of other team members is also noticed. In the mapping study are investigated the most frequently occuring themes of communication, trust, motivation and performance or virtual teams leadership, respectively. This study also indicates the possible advantages offered by this way of work organization and similarly, it presents possible risks, which may be encountered when working with geographically distributed teams. Keywords...

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