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Lifetime measurement of current carriers in silicon solar cells structures
Macháček, Martin ; Hégr, Ondřej (referee) ; Boušek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with a lifetime measurement of current carriers in silicon solar cell structures. In the first chapter there is a description of several recombination models and their participation at a final effective lifetime value. By using these recombination models in a computer simulation it is possible to receive approximate evaluation of some important silicon solar cell structure parameters. The PC1D simulation program was used for this thesis. For the lifetime measurement of real test-wafers two methods were used: QSSPC (quasi-steady-state photoconductance) and MW-PCD (microwave photoconductance decay). There is a detail description of these methods, used measurements machines and differences between both of them in the chapter four. The main objective of the thesis is mentioned in the last chapter, which is mainly focused on a chemical passivation of silicon wafers and deals with a problem of post-passivation wafer cleaning. There are three passivation techniques mentioned: the iodine in ethanol solution, the iodine and polymer in ethanol solution and the quinhydron in methanol solution. In two cases a results, that are adequate to return the tested wafers in the manufacture process, were achieved.
Interactive Guide for Zoological Gardens
Macháček, Martin ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Hynek, Jiří (advisor)
Even though a large number of zoological gardens fall under CSZOO union, there has been no unified way of presenting and managing this information. This project solves this problem by creating a unifying information system for any zoological garden, together with a modern mobile application, which serves as a pocket guide and a clear source of information from this system. In addition to functionalities such as events calendar, species, exhibitions or announcements, an interactive map is a very important part. Implemented system together with public stateless API is based on the Lumen framework. Mobile application is cross-platform and is based on Cordova technology. In order to establish certain form of frontend architecture, both the information system web interface and mobile application use framework Vue.js. Interactive maps are implemented through library called Leaflet in combination with Mapbox technologies. The created solutions exist as basic building blocks for future expansions and development.
Implementing SPC in the Production Process
Dostál, Petr ; Macháček, Martin (referee) ; Bartes, František (advisor)
The thesis deals with implementing of statistical process control (SPC) on CNC cut center into the mechanic production. One part of the project is engaged in theoretical information gathering, process monitoring and data collection. Second part deals with stabilization, regulation and improvement of the process using right statistical instruments. As a result is implementing measuring station from where will be the process data transferred to a server and evaluated. On the basis of that is possible to implement a correction in the right time if the process isn´t stabilized. The main objectives of the thesiss are cost reduction, scrap reduction and modernization of the process.
Organic semiconductors
Tebich, Ivan ; Macháček, Martin (referee) ; Boušek, Jaroslav (advisor)
My final thesis treats of usage photovoltaic phenomenon to production electric energy by solar cells. It inquires into this phenomenon in organic structures. Further it mentions basic types of constructions organic solar cells and evaluates their properties. In experimental part zhe thesis is focused on characterization thin-film structures made out of photoconductiv organic materials.
Longtime Video
Macháček, Martin ; Beran, Vítězslav (referee) ; Juránková, Markéta (advisor)
This thesis describes methods used for making time-lapse video from a set of photographs and tools, which make it easier. It suggests and evaluates different approaches useful for elimination of frames, which differ from the rest of the set, application of digital image filters and other useful features. Practical part of this work is a computer program implementing these methods and features.
Happiness at work in organizations-causes, contributors and consequences
Macháček, Martin ; Höschlová, Eva (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on the topic of happiness at work and organizations. First part shortly illustrates the importance of the happiness for a relatively new discipline of positive psychology. The happiness is presented as an interculturally valuable emotion. Several definitions are further summarised as well as compared with the similar terms such as well-being or satisfaction. Moreover, some of the methods used for the happiness measurement are described. In the main part of the thesis, the happiness at work is presented as part of the current approach focussing on the positive aspects of the work environment. The next three subsections discuss the causes, contributors and consequences of happiness at work. Briefly, the related topic of employee engagement is mentioned as well. The last part of the thesis concludes how to measure happiness at work and organizations. The empirical part presents a research proposal which compares the levels of experienced happiness between the sport professionals and general population.
Burnout as a result of early specialization in ice hockey players
Fixová, Eliška ; Mudrák, Jiří (advisor) ; Macháček, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on relationship between burnout syndrome and early specialization in ice hockey players of categories U16 to U23, year of birth 2000 to 2007. The literature section of thesis describes burnout syndrome, both generally and specially in sport, concept of early specialization, its risks, and alternatives. The thesis focuses on possible moderators - motivation factors, team cohesion, coach's personal characteristics and his climate, and perfectionism. The research part has a quantitative character, and its main goal is to explore the relationship between burnout syndrome and early specialization and factors that are may play role of moderator. The main research question is determined: Exists relationships between early specialization and burnout syndrome in ice hockey players? For research was created online questionnaire. The questionnaire had six parts. Realizes analysis were performed on final sample 112 respondents. . Final sample consists of ice hockey players of categories U16 to U23. There was found statistically significant negative relationship between burnout syndrome and early specialization, (r (112) = -0,200; p = 0,034; 95 % CI [-0,015, -0,372]. That's mean highest score in Index of early specialization predict lower score of burnout. The results of analysis...
Diagnostic methods of pre-competitive mental states of athletes in aesthetic-coordination sports
Mrázová, Tereza ; Macháček, Martin (advisor) ; Bezdíček, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis is devoted to the topic of pre-competitive states in sport and the possibilities of their diagnosis and use for practice in aesthetic-coordination sports. The aim of the thesis is to introduce the tools for diagnosis of mental states of athletes before competition. There are many types of these diagnostic tools, and the thesis presents a range of them, from methods developed specifically for the sporting environment, to biochemical and physiological methods, to methods that are not sport-specific and are used in routine diagnostics outside of sport as well as in sport. The bachelor thesis also introduces the psychological pre-competitive states that are the target of measurement of the described diagnostic methods. These topics are specifically discussed with regard to their action in aesthetic-coordination sports. The thesis focuses on the practical application of diagnosis in sport and working with pre-competition states specifically for the specific needs of aesthetic-coordination sports. The empirical part of the thesis is a research design that reflects these specific needs and focuses on perfectionism, which is one of the important topics in aesthetic-coordination sports, and its influence on precompetition mental states. This part of the thesis applies the methods...
Laser surface cleaning
Macháček, Martin ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (referee) ; Sigmund, Marian (advisor)
This thesis covers feasibility of laser cleaning applied to various types of surface contaminations and treatments. In theoretical part of the theses are described basic principles of laser, a machine used in practical section (M200 by 4Jet) is introduced and corrosion and surface treatments are depicted. In practical part of the theses is described the preparation process of testing samples, the cleaning procedure and the results thereof are evaluated with emphasis on feasibility of the operation. The last section of the thesis focuses on comparison between conventional cleaning technologies and that of laser cleaning. Conclusion of the thesis summarises gained insights.
Ekologická likvidace autovraku
The aim of this diploma thesis is the implementation of ecological disposal of a selected car wreck with a description of the procedure of dismantling the car wreck, expressing the weight shares of its individual parts, stating the method of their recycling or disposal and expressing the financial side of disposal. In the chapter dealing with the literature review, the work focuses on the current legislation that regulates the disposal of car wrecks, the material composition of car wrecks, the use of car wrecks and possible disposal processes and the possibility of recycling individual components. The practical part is focused on the physical and administrative liquidation of a particular car wreck, with a description of the process of its further processing, the financial aspects of liquidation and evaluation of the results with published literature.

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