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Comparison of organizational architecture of small and medium companies in the financial consulting sector
Král, Dorian ; Dědina, Jiří (advisor) ; Cejthamr, Václav (referee)
The thesis is focused on the comparison of organizational architecture of selected companies-OVB Allfinanz, a.s., Partners Financial Services, a.s. and Broker Trust, a.s. The aim of the thesis is to examine individual elements of organizational architectures in relation to the overall performance of selected organizations. Based on the theoretical and practical knowledge, the basic elements of organizational architecture will be presented for each of the selected companies. In the practical part was set up a questionnaire focused on the recognition of executive management styles. At the end of the thesis the results are confronted with the theoretical background.
The Impact of Management Styles on Employee Efficiency
Stasa, Michele ; Dědina, Jiří (advisor) ; Cejthamr, Václav (referee)
The subject of the thesis is an analysis of management styles used in different departments and the impact of these styles on the employee efficiency in the concrete company. First theoretical part describes the main terms and definitions from leadership and management styles with regard to the employee efficiency. Defining the term efficiency and its factors such as motivation, satisfaction or turnover is one of the problematic areas of this work. Second practical part consists of the presentation of the company, analysis of the current problems and analysis of the management styles used in the company and its impact on the company culture and the employee efficiency. Summary is based on recommendations for the management regarding the efficiency of employees and the whole company.
The influence of the applied leadership and management styles on employee performance
Tokár, Adam ; Dědina, Jiří (advisor) ; Cejthamr, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of the leadership and management styles on the determinants of employee performance. The main goal of the thesis is to broaden the horizons in the field of leadership and management approaches, and to point out the impact of specific styles on performance. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts of leadership and management, summarizes the styles of leadership, concentrates also on the issues of performance and its determinants. The practical part includes analysis of expert articles and comparison of selected countries based of performance factors. Each research has its own assumptions, model, specific saving and presentation of results. Finally, recommendations are set for use in a practical environment.
Electronic Communication in Organisations
Cejthamr, Václav ; Kabele, Jiří (advisor) ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (referee) ; Nový, Ivan (referee)
The work explores the theoretical knowledge of the effects of electronic communication on the fuctioning of the working team on trust, member satisfaction, self evaluation through empowerment and cohesion. To verify the obtained results the explorative study in the natural environment of the working team, intensively using electronic communications, were done. The main methodwas the analysis of theories of electronic communication and the functioning of teams under working environment conditions. For explorative study the method of observations was used, as well as unstructured interviews and questionnaires. After analysing the current theoretical knowledge and the definition of main directions of the exploration, the work focuses on the exploration study of the team in the natural working environment with higher levels of virtualization. In addition to several theories of rational choice and theories of the impact of communication technology on social relations the concept of Human Relations was used as an crucial explanatory apparatus for findings, obtained in the exploratory study. A key finding was the dominance of social relations in communication, which outweighed the rational theory of choice and technological determinism. An additional finding was how the contextual situations determines...
The analysis of selected industrial sectors in the Czech republic and Germany and the comparison of their competitiveness as a base for strategic decision making
Rybička, Miloš ; Kukliš, Igor (advisor) ; Cejthamr, Václav (referee)
The goal of this Masters Thesis is to analyze three selected industry sectors in the Czech Republic and in Germany. Concretely the industries in focus are engineering, motor vehicle manufacturing and finally pharmacy along with bio- and nanotechnology. Furthermore, factors limiting but also supporting the industry development are identified and described in the Thesis. In the Thesis, analytical instruments will be used, especially the SWOT analysis and benchmarking. The Thesis is mainly intended for managers, employees, consultants and all other direct or indirect interest groups of both Czech and German industry companies and their suppliers but also for potential investors who are deciding whether to enter a market in the CEE region.
Comparative analysis of (selected) managerial styles
Vojtová, Eva ; Cejthamr, Václav (advisor) ; Dědina, Jiří (referee)
This paper discusses selected managerial styles, their mutual comparison and applies the theories of management styles to several model situations in order to compare which particular style the theories recommend for different organizations. The first part deals with basic concepts relevant to management of employees and briefly describes selected theories of management styles. The second part aims at mutual comparison of the managerial styles according to three criteria (employee orientation, orientation to the task and the recommended management style according to individual theories). Furthermore, recommendations of the most appropriate style proposed by various theories for different model companies (factory, advertising agency, hospital) are compared. In developing this work, literature review, analysis and summarisation of findings and proposed solutions to model situations were used.
Founding of Franchise Restaurant VAPIANO
Holeček, Václav ; Cejthamr, Václav (advisor) ; Krause, Josef (referee)
The main goal of this diploma thesis is to create a business plan for setting up a franchise restaurant Vapiano in the Czech Republic. Theoretical part of this thesis is dedicated to entrepreneurship in general, where we will define basic terms. In the next part, we will show what a business plan should look like and what requisites it should have. In the third chapter, we will introduce chosen legislative aspects concerning doing business in the Czech Republic. That will concern especially the conditions necessary for doing business and the choice of the right legal form of the company. In the fourth chapter, we will show what the possibilities of financing the business are. Fifth chapter is dedicated to the franchising as a specific form of business. Practical part of this thesis is going to be the business plan itself, namely business plan of Norwega, LLC, the intention of which is to set up the Vapiano restaurant in Prague.
Organizational enterprise architecture
Dančišínová, Mária ; Cejthamr, Václav (advisor) ; Dědina, Jiří (referee)
Diploma thesis in its theoretical part deals with the information about architecture of organization in general, also individually about each of four important parts of organization and defines theory of mergers. The practical part is about particular firm, which was part of the merger, and its architecture. It characterized changes in the firm and is completed by opinions and attitudes of employees with whom I did the interview.
Usage of time management tools in practice
Smilnická, Martina ; Cejthamr, Václav (advisor) ; Dědina, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the available time management tools to evaluate the market and that are used in practice and most popular. The first part describes the existing principles of time and perception of time in terms of individuals and groups. A separate subsection is devoted to defining the concept of time management and description of the generations of time management. The second part is no longer specifically mentioned time management tools available on the Czech market. They are divided into two categories, and the devices used to control the time and the methods and principles of time management. The third part focuses on the evaluation questionnaires, which aimed to determine the use and popularity of time management tools. Specific findings and evaluation are summarized in the final part of the work.
National cultures research and their comparison
Jaroš, Jakub ; Dědina, Jiří (advisor) ; Cejthamr, Václav (referee)
This thesis focuses on intercultural comparison issue. In the first part, essential parts of cultural comparison are discussed, as the consideration of future way and meaning of national cultures. Next, the relationship between national and organizational culture is described and recent intercultural researches are assessed. On this theoretical framework, the Swedish culture research is based. The main benefit of the research is the subjective comparison method that describe in detail position of Swedish culture compared with another. At the end, the Swedish national culture results are gently transferred to organizational culture. The goal of this paper is contemporary assessment of Swedish culture and topics suggested for next research.

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