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Physical Simulation in Virtual Reality
Grünseisen, Vojtěch ; Navrátil, Jan (referee) ; Pečiva, Jan (advisor)
This work describes using of SDL, OSG and ODE as tools in game development and how they can be integrated to work together. Theory about collision detection and its role in physics engine is also described. Used libraries are described as well. With this engine a game scene is created and driven. This scene contains bodies connected by ODE Joints. Scene content and application controls are meant to resemble first person shooter game style.
Wing design of competition aircraft
Jurda, Martin ; Navrátil, Jan (referee) ; Katrňák, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with wing design of the new competition aircraft for the SAE Aero Design East 2020 competition. Introduction of the thesis is focused on explanation and analysis of the rules taking into account wing design with the following analysis of the scoring equation. Following chapter deals with a research study on the concept of wing and the design of conceptual wing possibilities. Thesis continues with computational chapters containing calculations of the characteristics of designed wing and flight envelope load together with the wing load. The last part is a chapter including structural design of the wing and attachment of the wing to the aircraft.
Influence of wing design modification on aircraft polar curve
Mixová, Alexandra ; Matějů, Jiří (referee) ; Navrátil, Jan (advisor)
This thesis focuses on determining the polar curve of Roko NG aircraft, its evaluation and design of possible wing modification; on the influence of said modification on the polar curve and determination of basic flight performance. The introduction explains basic concepts and problems of aerodynamics. The following part discusses the particular type in comparison with similar ultralight aircrafts. Measurement determines the actual polar curve which can be compared to the analytically determined polar curve of the existing airplane, and to the analytically determined polar curve of the plane with modified wing. From this newly defined polar curve, the basic flight performance is expressed and compared with the flight performance of the existing aircraft.
Shadow Rendering from Omnidirectional Light Sources
Mikulica, Tomáš ; Kobrtek, Jozef (referee) ; Navrátil, Jan (advisor)
This work discusses the possibilities for shadow rendering from omnidirectional light sources using OpenGL library. In this work the Cube map shadow mapping and the Dual paraboloid shadow mapping algorithms are described. Further more, this work contains the results of a comparison of these two methods in a way of time required for shadow map creation and a comparison of visual quality of resulting shadows.
Numerical analysis of bio-mimetic concept for active flow control on wing surface
Čermák, Jakub ; Navrátil, Jan (referee) ; Popela, Robert (advisor)
V této diplomové práci je provedena optimalizace profilu křídla vybaveného elastickou klapkou umístěnou na horní straně profilu. Optimalizační proces je proveden s vyžitím CFD prostředků, konkrétně URANS metody. V prvních kapitolách je popsána historie vývoje křídla vybaveného pohyblivými klapkami. Práce pokračuje popisem a zdůvodněním volby numerické metody. Vytvoření geometrie a výpočetní sítě je krátce popsáno. V práci je také prezentována validace a verifikace dané výpočetní metody. Případová studie je zaměřena na profil LS(1)-0417mod vybavený 20%, 30% a 40% dlouhou, pevnou kalpkou na různých úhlech náběhu. Aerodynamická účinnost společně s proudovým polem je analyzována. Je provedena nelineární pevnostní analýza s využitím MKP programu za účelem vyhodnocení ohybové tuhosti a deformovaného tvaru elastické klapky tak, aby byly splněný podmínky nutné pro automatické vychýlení.
Design of a wing model for flutter testing
Zíka, Jakub ; Šplíchal, Jan (referee) ; Navrátil, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with the design of a wing model for testing the dynamic aeroelastic phenomenon of flutter. The first two chapters of the thesis present theoretical introduction to aeroelastic phenomena and scaling relationships. The third part describes the whole model designing process based on similitude requirements to a real wing. Bending and torsional stiffness along with mass distribution are the most important wing properties where similitude should be attained.
Aerodynamic analysis of low orbit launcher
Fojtl, Michal ; Navrátil, Jan (referee) ; Popela, Robert (advisor)
Master’s thesis deals with aerodynamic heating of launch vehicle during ascent phase by using CFD simulation. Ascent trajectory and payload fairing geometry is design using data of existing small launch vehicles. Critical flight regimes are identified using 2D calculations, and in these regimes analysis is performed by axially symmetric simulations. Simulation results are compared to values obtained from theoretical and semi-empirical calculations.
Space mission design
Koziel, David ; Navrátil, Jan (referee) ; Zikmund, Pavel (advisor)
In this work, there are basic laws and knowledge relating to space flights into an orbit around the Earth. Also, there are instructions for beginners, who want to work with the GMAT program (General Mission Analysis Tool), which is the program used for designing space missions. In the final part of the work, there is also a use of the program demonstrated on a specific mission of a satellite (CubeSat) into the Geostationary Earth Orbit. In this section, there is a described method of work, individual relevant functions of the program and possibilities, and a way of work in it. Finally, graphical and data outputs of the simulation are evaluated. Therefore, the output of the work is complex characteristics of the basics of problems of space mission design and a brief GMAT software guide, which could be used in the future to teach.
License Plate Recognition
Mrhač, Ondřej ; Sochor, Jakub (referee) ; Navrátil, Jan (advisor)
This thesis talks about problematics of licence plate detection, licence plate recognitionand my implementation for device i.MX 6 Series of NXP semiconductors s.r.o company. Model program for licence plate detection and recognition is written with help of OpenCV library and engine Tesseract and it’s successfully put into operation on this device. Afterwards program was measured his runtime on PC and i.MX6 Series device and those measurements were compared. At the end of this thesis were found the most demanding parts of the program. Future changes and improvements were proposed.
Interactive Application Using UnrealScript
Musil, Miloš ; Pečiva, Jan (referee) ; Navrátil, Jan (advisor)
This work is focused on the creating of projects in Unreal Developement Kit, mainly on their programming in language UnrealScript. There are shortly discused tools, integrated into UDK for creating scenes and operating their inner logic, same as some more significant classes of UnrealScript for work with game camera, HUD, elaborating user inputs and others. In the end, there is joined comparasion between UnrealScript and some other languages, usable for creation of user interfaces and evaluation of user tests, executed on final project in UDK.

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