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Compensation for damage caused by wild animals
Tichý, Ján ; Fabšíková, Tereza (advisor) ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (referee)
Compensation for damage caused by wild animals Abstract This thesis deals with the comparison of the institutes of compensation for damages caused by wild animals within the legislation of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. The common denominator of these institutes is the fact that the object that caused the damage (i.e. the wild animal) has no legal owner, it is res nullius. Therefore, the legislators in the compared legal systems created these institutes in order to avoid the 'unregulated' hunting of the animals in question. The thesis consists of four main parts, in the first part I discuss the theoretical background, definitions used in different legal systems and their equivalents. In turn, I define terms such as animal, animal, game, wild animal, specially protected animal, designated animal, and so on, depending on which term is used by which legislator. The first part is thus the theoretical basis for the following parts of the thesis The second and third parts are largely similar, as I have kept their system of treatment as similar as possible. The second part contains a detailed analysis of the Act on the Provision of Compensation for Damages and the Hunting Act (to the extent that it regulates compensation for damage caused by game). In this part, I analyse the legal regulation of these...
The Compact City in Theory and in Practice
Čuntalová, Karolína ; Májek, Jan (referee) ; Tichý, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the concept of a compact city in theory and its practical application to a selected housing estate of 500 apartments in Bratislava. The aim of the thesis is to define the concept of a compact city and analyse the selected area based on a methodology developed by the city of Bratislava for analysing public spaces that primarily adhere to the principles of a compact city. The outcome of the thesis will be an assessment of whether the 500-apartment locality is a suitable example of a compact area in Bratislava.
Settlements in the Czech Republic and abroad
Rucká, Veronika ; Tichý, Jan (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor)
The first theoretical part of the thesis deals with the definition of basic concepts and the history of Czech housing estates. Then it focuses on private and public spaces in housing estates and on the typology of public spaces in housing estates. In the practical part, the bachelor thesis deals with six housing estates, three foreign and three from the Czech Republic, each time a pair of housing estates from the Czech Republic and from abroad from the same time period is selected, these housing estates are then analysed. The individual housing estates are first briefly introduced and then analysed in terms of transport accessibility, amenities, public space, floor space and green space. At the end of the thesis, all the settlements are evaluated, and from the knowledge gained from the analyses, one most suitable settlement for the current needs of the population is selected. Finally, the future possible development of the selected settlement is described.
The development of the urban structure of the Czech city
Kučová, Zuzana ; Tichý, Jan (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal for this bachelor thesis is to introduce historical developmnet of the town Přerov. The thesis analyze the impact of important historical moments on the development of the town. The next topic is spatial planning in terms of the whole republic, region, town and analyzed locations. The thesis also introduce pros and cons and possible application of low-rise high-density housing.
Post-processing of scanned documents
Tichý, Jan ; Mareš, Martin (advisor) ; Böhm, Martin (referee)
The subject of this work is to propose a method for post-processing of scanned documents containing text and non-text elements. In this work, this problem is analyzed and divided into smaller sub- problems, which are solved. Main problems we propose solutions to are pre-processing of an input image to suppress scanning defects such as poor contrast or rotation of an input image, segmentation to characters, lines and images and finally compression of output document by clustering text elements. We will implement this proposed method as a program processing scanned images into PDF document. Powered by TCPDF (
Commented Translation of Chapter IX. "The Rise of Terrorism" from The Crisis of Islam
Tichý, Jan ; Abdallaova, Naděžda (advisor) ; Tobrmanová, Šárka (referee)
The aim of the present thesis is to translate Chapter IX. "The Rise of Terrorism" from Bernard Lewis's The Crisis of Islam from English into Czech and to lay out an analysis of the translation and the source text. The theoretical part includes source text analysis, typology of translation problems, typology of translation shifts and description of the selected translation method. A copy of the source text is attached.
The urban engineer and his role in construction practice
Tlamková, Anna ; Tichý, Jan (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The diploma thesis in its introductory descriptive part defines all the theoretical foundations and contexts associated with the concepts of urban engineering and urban engineer. The theoretical information is followed by the analytical part of the work, which contains interviews with real authorized urban engineers. With the help of the respondents' professional experience, the real role of the urban engineer in construction practice and the activities he should perform in such a role is subsequently formed. In the end, the obtained information is transformed into a practical example, which demonstrates the illustrative implementation of the knowledge of an urban engineer within the real functioning of the practice.
The panel housing estate Brno Bohunice - public space and its sustainability
Spilková, Klára ; Tichý, Jan (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
This Diploma Thesis deals with the panel housing estate Brno Bohunice built in 1972 – 1989. A special attention is devoted to public space between the Moldavska and Ukrajinska streets. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis outlines the history of panel housing estates from their inception to the present. Further, it deals with public space and regeneration of panel housing estates. There follows an overview of the panel housing estate Bohunice and its brief development. The practical part focuses on an analysis of the selected area. On this basis the urban concept of regeneration of the defined area is articulated. The aim of the proposal is to create functional and sustainable public space in the area of the panel housing estate Bohunice. Ideally, this work could become a basis and impulse for the regeneration of public spaces in the Bohunice housing estate, as well as in other panel housing estates in the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to outline the complex issues of public spaces of panel housing estates and the possibilities of their improvement.
Ecological trends in xylem production of woody plants
Tichý, Jan ; Treml, Václav (advisor) ; Schnablová, Renata (referee)
Xylogenesis (wood formation) is one of the most important biological processes on Earth. Woody plants store atmospheric carbon during this process and are thus an essential player in the carbon cycle, and therefore in the interactions of the biosphere and the Earth's climate system. The course of xylogenesis is affected by many factors, the main factors include photoperiod, temperature and water availability. The significance and impact of individual factors on xylogenesis changes with time and place on Earth. The cambium, which by its division forms wood, enters the dormant and active phase during the year. As part of the changes in the activity of the cambium, rings are formed from which it is possible to read the conditions in which the tree was located during the formation of the given tree ring. This characteristic feature of wood is the subject of many studies and can be used to investigate the effects of climate change on xylogenesis.
An Analysis of Urban Amenities in Housing Estate Inner Courtyards in Bratislava
Demovičová, Tatiana ; Májek, Jan (referee) ; Tichý, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on an analysis of urban amenities in inner courtyards of housing estates with a special focus on playgrounds. It includes a description of the history of housing estates in Bratislava and especially the Trávniky estate, which was further analysed. This estate is analysed from both a general perspective and urban composition. The theoretical part discusses the area of public amenities in general. The practical part includes a comprehensive analysis of selected courtyards with a focus on playgrounds and their user experience, amenities and security. Collected data were analysed and a simplified SWOT analysis created. For the most pressing issues, changes and possible improvements were proposed.

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