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Míškovice bypass - location study
Prokůpek, Kamil ; Matuszková, Radka (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find three possible bypass options of the village Míškovice. A longtudinal profile is made for each bypass. By comparing the designed routing variants, one is then selected and processed with regard to the width layout and design speed of the former II/438 road. The bypass is designed as S7.5/90. By building the bypass of the urban area, the traffic in the village will be calmed down and transit traffic will be diverted
Vracov – Bzenec bypass - location study
Oulehla, Štěpán ; Bijok, Petr (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the design of a search study of the bypass around the villages Vracov – Vlkoš – Bzenec, the road I/54. Villages are located in the South Moravian Region, Hodonín district. They are located near the future D55 motorway, to which the bypass will be connected. Three variants have been developed, from which the most suitable and safest one is selected and elaborated in detail. The proposed road is intended as a S9,5/90 category road. The directional and height solution is made in accordance with the applicable standard. The design is made due to the increasing intensity of vehicles.
Níhov residential zone - Study
Tomek, Marek ; Matuszková, Radka (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the design of a residential area in the village of Níhov in a detailed study. The design includes three alternative solutions. Each alternative includes proposals for roads within functional group D1, including connections to existing roads, parking spaces, and driveways to individual plots. The area of interest covers 30,000 square meters.
General barrier-free routes in Jihlava
Navrátil, Jan ; Radimský, Michal (referee) ; Matuszková, Radka (advisor)
This thesis deals with the development of a master plan for barrier-free modifications of individual routes in the city of Jihlava. The work is divided into two parts. The first part is theoretical and describes the elements and requirements for barrier-free use of roads. The second part is practical and contains proposals for improving the quality of routes in terms of barrier-free accessibility. This part also analyses the surfaces, gradients and existing treatments of the individual routes.
Relocation of the road III/42510 in Rajhrad - Study
Kubík, Peter ; Pěknica, Martin (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to design realignment of road III/42510 Stara Posta in Rajhrad, where there will be an intersection with the planned construction of a high-speed railway. The road serves as a bypass of the Rajhrad for trucks, and therefore it is required to maintain traffic even during the construction of the VRT. The study is to find the optimal option and further develop it into drawings of situations, profiles and sample cross-sections.
Crossroads I / 49 and I / 69 in Vizovice
Novotný, Martin ; Radimský, Michal (referee) ; Matuszková, Radka (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the elaboration of a search study of the intersection of roads I / 49 and I / 69 on Palackého náměstí in Vizovice. The reason for the elaboration of the study is the unsatisfactory current state of the junction from the engineering - technical point of view and also the unsatisfactory capacity of the junction. Of the three processed variants, the one that best meets the requirements was selected and was further processed in more detail.
Acoustic properties of road markings
Drnovský, Ondřej ; Caudr, Michal (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
The thesis deals with verifying the acoustic properties of road markings in real conditions the vehicle travels. It contains basic information about the acoustics of the sources of traffic noise and methods of measuring noise. Below are the main information about the horizontal signposts and its impact on safety. The practical part contains descriptions of results, estimation of measurement and subsequently implemented economic assessment.
Analysis and solution of transport in Námestovo
Dendisová, Terézia ; Radimský, Michal (referee) ; Matuszková, Radka (advisor)
The master's thesis focuses on the analysis and solution of selected modes of transportation in the town of Námestovo in the Žilina region. The thesis includes an analysis of transport modes, especially road transport, parking, cycling, and pedestrian transport, proposing their optimization to enhance safety, smoothness, or comfort for the town's residents. The first part describes the current state of road, static, cycling, railway, and public transportation. The second part focuses on road transport, evaluated in terms of traffic safety and compliance with legislative requirements, along with proposed solutions. It further addresses static traffic, where the town was divided into functional zones based on usage, identifying shortcomings in selected areas and proposing solutions. The final section of the thesis tackles pedestrian and cycling traffic, outlining shortcomings and potential solutions.
Optimization of Transport in the City of Brno - district Medlánky
Halodová, Klára ; Simandl, Arnošt (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is solving the problems of transport in the city of Brno - Medlánky. In particular the traffic calming, optimization of width configuration, solve the static traffic etc., towards sustainable transport security. The objective of optimization is to improve the quality of life settlements in the city of Brno - Medlánky
Hrochův Týnec Bypass - Location Study
Bárta, Jan ; Valentová, Veronika (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
Subject of bachelor’s thesis is a research study of a bypass of the village Hrochův Týnec. The bypass will be designed as a road of category S 9,5/80 and will follow the existing road I/17, which passes through the village. The first connection of the bypass to existing communication will be before the village Hrochův Týnec and the second connection to existing communication will be behind the village Čankovice. The Reason of making a bypass is to increase the safety in village, decrease intension of traffic.

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